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[TWITTER] 110915 “Anyone want to order?”

작년 보라색에 이어, 뜨개질중독!!! 그만해야지하고 또 뜨고 또 뜨고 그러다가 벌써 털뭉치가 줄어들었다..이러다 목도리 장사해야할듯…주문받습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

Like last year’s purple one, this year I am also addicted to knitting!!! Always think I should stop, but I knit again and again and now I already used up most of the bundle..This way I will be able to open a scarf business…Anyone want to order kekeke

Source: Minzy‘s Twitter
Translated by: DC2NE1_translat @ Twitter


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