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[TWITTER] 111013 MINZY&TAEYANG&HYUNSOO: “Minji don’t expect much ~”

To a designer it is most beneficial when after you see a good design, to make a good design.

@lyrical_drawing I agree. ^______^

@lyrical_drawing Why are you saying something obvious, so obviously (matter of fact.)

@Realtaeyang I did. I said something obvious, so obviously. Now I know.

@lyrical_drawing @Realtaeyang Infinity Challenge…Hyunsoo- oppa you must have watched Infinity Challenge…Now I understand.

@mingkki21 Now I know I should have watched Infinity Challenge, I see now. I know now. I am drawing the faces of those around me because my head hurts ~ I need to draw Youngbae and Mingkki

@lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 Who are you saying is Minji and I? [in the drawing]

@Realtaeyang @mingkki21 I haven’t drawn it yet, Youngbae kekeke I will draw it well. ke

@lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 That’s right…don’t just talk, you Vuvuzela.

@Realtaeyang @mingkki21 I draw when I have time…!! Do you understand it now?

@lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 Minji don’t expect much ~ He is a vuvuzela booboozella.

@Realtaeyang @lyrical_drawing kekekekekekekekekekek vuvuzela keke oh I see, Hyunsoo oppa is a vuvuzela

@mingkki21 I see, that’s why I am a vuvuzela. Now, I know thanks to Mingkki. I’m scared that those calm 258,190 people using social networking will start calling me Mr. Vuvuzela.

Source: Minzy’s Twitter | Taeyang’s Twitter | Hyunsoo’s Twitter
Translated by:

A/N: They are so so so silly rofl.


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