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[TWITTER] 111016 “Confirmation shots of presents!”

스타워즈젓가락,윙건담,beargguy건담,aegis건담,세븐일레븐건담, 건담티셔츠,폴스미스목도리,쵸파수건,쵸파거울,쵸파속옷,마이클잭슨컵등등…선물인증샷!”日本のファン皆さん!本当にありがとうございます♥

Star Wars chopsticks, Wing Gundam, beargguy Gundam, aegis Gundam, 7/11 Gundam, Gundam t-shirt, Paul Smith scarf, Chopper towel, Chopper mirror, Chopper underwear, Michael Jackson cup, etc… Confirmation shot of presents! All the Japanese fans! Thankyou very much ♥

Source: Minzy‘s Twitter
Translated by: aNono


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