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[TWITTER] 111019 “Oguri’s lesson!”

1시간 30분동안 진행된 수업^^ 안무외우기의 급급했지만, 그래도 즐거운 시간!! 다음에 기회가 된다면 !! 더 많은 레슨을 꼭!! 안무가… 죽여주잖아~

After 1 hour 30 minutes of practice ^^ Although it feels anxious to keep the choreography in mind.. Despite so, i have a really enjoyable time!! If there’s chance next time!! I want to have more lessons!! Choreography…Awesome~

Check this out!!! Oguri’s lesson! Justin timberlake – worthy off

Source: Minzy’s Twitter 1 | 2
Reuploaded & Translated by: soh0712@EROMAKNAE


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