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[TWITTER] 111022 MINZY & HYUNSOO: “What are you doing not sleeping yet?”

Minzy: What are you doing not sleeping yet?!
Hyunsoo: What am I doing?! lol I’m working~ I just drew on a wall with a highlighter. I got a permission ^^
Minzy: Oooh!! You’re working in this mid o night~ super!!! >_<!!
Hyunsoo: Yeh but I didn’t took a photo, sadly I couldn’t take a good one kk I was satisfied myself anyway lol I’m now home after went through all the forest kk
Minzy: Did lots o work~ You must b tired~ T.T You should go to sleep~!!^^ wash and hurry into bed!!
Hyunsoo: I’m not sleepy kk my heart’s pumping LOL
Minzy: What’s up with Pumping?! pumping?

Source: Minzy’s Twitter
Translated by: HuisuYoon@Twitter


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