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[PHOTOS] Super HQ Scans from WWD ‘HOPE’ Japan Magazine!!

Source: Super-Sonic Japan
Re-uploaded by: EROMAKNAE


3 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Super HQ Scans from WWD ‘HOPE’ Japan Magazine!!”

  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg Lane thanks so much for finding this!!

    Seriously omg BomJi looks uber hot and sexy here! Look at Minzy’s stare and those lips! And Bom’s legs and Minzy holding on to Bom’s waist in that white gold outfits! And omg maknae looks super good in that jumpsuit as well. Her long legs look extra eccentuated in that! (As Ssabunim said, longest leg in YG keke)

    1. kekeke don’t mention it~ this was definitely a lucky find X))

      Spazz comment! lol your comment is A+++++++++ hehehe and I agree! Minzy looks GUH-REAT! All of them rocked their outfits~ oh and IMHO, BomJi stood out in the B/W group shot 😀

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