Minzy, The YG Family’s Real Maknae

“Annyeonghaesaeyo, I’m Minzy, the real maknae of YG Family”. This was how Minzy introduced herself at the recent 2011 YG Family Concert. Whether or not she purposely emphasized on the “real” because her maknae spot was recently stolen by PSY and Tablo who are the last two to join the YG Family as of late, we’re not quite sure, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. If we can find a way to reassure her, we would reach out to her and tell her not to worry so much about her maknae spot, cause up till now, Mingkki, you are still the real maknae of the family.

Being the youngest kid to debut in a male-dominated entertainment agency, Minji needs to be a tough maknae to stand out. I mean, the feeling of being the youngest, of fearing to approach an elder simply because you know you’ll be embarrassed at some point by their teasing, is not unknown to Minji. Despite all the teasings and bullying by her unnies and oppas, she’s also loved and doted upon by her seniors. So, let’s take a look at how Minji’s oppas and unnies play with the maknae.

Just recently, Bommie answered in the RUDO magazine interview that she would choose to be Minzy if she could switch to be someone else in 2NE1, cause she’d like to be pampered by all the oppas. Doesn’t that say much about how Minzy’s treated in the company? Hehe. But I would have to agree with her. It does seem like Minji is pampered by her oppas (and unnies) in the family, aside from all the bullying that is.

We’ll start off with Big Bang, the playful oppas of YG Entertainment. These men are 5 very charismatic men, but if you think they are going to leave out on teasing and bullying on Minji, you’re oh so wrong. These oppas of Minji’s have a key role in keeping her feeling like the maknae. In 2NE1TV Seasons 1-3, we could see how they interact with our maknae, complete with teasing and caring in equal parts.

First up, Kwon Jiyong, (aka G-Dragon), is Minji’s ultimate oppa bully (Am I allowed to call him that? LOL) Before Minji debuted, she was known to fans as GD’s pet (as said in yesterday’s write-up) and with the debut of 2NE1TV, us fans were given an insight into this relationship of theirs. Now, seeing as how Minzy is supposedly GD’s pet, one would think that you’d see Jiyong doting on Minji like crazy. But did we? Lol, no…not exactly. Right from the start of 2NE1TV, we saw Jiyong fully revelling in teasing Minji with comments such as, “You look like a countryside girl, oh you are right?”, copying the way she dances in “Can’t Nobody”, imitating the way she speaks or by simply irking her with his randomness. Even when they were filming for a skit together for GD’s Shine A Light concert, he purposely made Minji blush by going up close to her face (probably knowing that Minji’s never had a guy doing that to her lol)

However, underneath the teasing, Jiyong really dotes on Mingkki like a real oppa, as if she was his own sister. He ruffled Mingkki’s hair when she cried when 2NE1 won their first Inki mutizen and told her not to cry. He let her play with his puppy Gaho because he knew how much she wanted a dog (unlike his response to Bom, whom he told Gaho to stay away from). He allowed Minji to buy Gaho some dog clothes from Gwangju and even dress Gaho up. And we even saw just how close the two are from this neoprint that Dara uploaded to her me2DAY.

Also, during the YGEX Press Conference, when Minji was nervous, he says and I really love to quote this one, “On stage she dances unprohibited like this (imitates her) and then tonight, she goes up and says, ‘I’m nervous.’ That’s a woman for ya.” Also, don’t forget that she wore GD’s sunglasses during her pre-debut days and being called as “the child adored more than SeungRi.” These two share an adorable oppaxdongasaeng relationship, don’t you agree?

Next, we have the two Seunghyuns: Big Seunghyun, TOP and Little Seunghyun, SeungRi. Of course, these two won’t lose to Jiyong when it comes to acting like an oppa to Minzy. TOP is known for being childish to the people he’s close with, and he’s shown his closeness with Minzy previously. For example, in 2NE1TV Season 3, when the maknae was innocently playing with the iPad, he randomly went to her side to distract her. Well, not exactly distract, but rather he took the iPad away and made Minji fail the game. (If I were Minji, I would’ve punched him, what if I was winning? Lol nvm) But we’ve got to thank TOP actually, because if it’s not for him, we’d never have been able to see or hear Minji squealing out “oppppaa~~~!” in such a cute way even though she was frustrated.

Big Bang maknae SeungRi knows how it feels to be the youngest (and be bullied by CL). However, that doesn’t stop him from pestering Minji in his own way. Remember, when he said, “I love you” to our maknae during the behind the scenes of his mini-album? Our maknae, who probably didn’t know how to reply, just shot back a loud “Hul~~!” in which Seungri took astride him and left the room gleefully at her response.

But Seungri and Minji go way back. She did afterall go to the same dance school as him in Gwangju and it is known that Seungri often refers to them (and Kara’s Hara who went to the same school too) as Gwangju’s pride. However, in one of her UFO replies, when a fan questioned if she and Seungri was close, our maknae answered with just a “^^”. Although we have no idea what that means, we’re sure they get along well

Next up, there’s Daesung, Mingkki’s YG dubbed male counterpart. It is really funny when Daesung attempts to joke around with Minji because it’s never over the top, and somehow makes it seem as he’s the victim of bullying by the maknae instead. He always teases Minji by saying how sorry he is that people pointed out that she looks like him, and says that if Minji is close to him it’s because there’s a camera filming them. Quite a joker, isn’t he?

At 20:00, take a look at how cutely Minji clung to Daesung and chased after him making him deny that she’s not the type of person who pretends to be close to someone in front of the camera.

Last, but not least, there’s Dong YoungBae (aka TaeYang). Similar in teasing style to Daesung, Taeyang enjoys being more of a childish oppa to Minji. “I’m better than Usher, just you wait.”, were his words to Minji when she chose Usher over him. Their interactions on Twitter are especially adorable, such as when he ask her who filmed her Chrisette Michele’s “What You Do” cover. It was sweet that he was trying to be a protective oppa by finding out who she was with as the bond they share is similar to two siblings. Minji has even said before, not just once, but twice (or could be more), that TaeYang is her favourite Big Bang oppa. Taeyang does dote on Minji as well, and I bet he swelled with pride when Minji sang his song for her solo stage for the Nolza concert.

Who didn’t squeal at this amazingly sweet hug they shared at 2NE1’s 1st NOLZA concert? It was just so adorably sweet and cute.

Then there’s Minzy’s real crush and idol, Choi Dong Wook a.k.a. Se7en. While he does have his fair share of joking around with the maknae, he enjoys making her laugh through his teases. Remember when Minzy and Dara were MC-ing for Music Core? He partnered up with Bom to act out how the two girls were rehearsing. He acted full of aegyo as Mingkki, which made Minji adorably flustered and she kept on saying she wasn’t like that (But she then turned on the aegyo after the show in the van J) And there’s also the moment of teasing in 2NE1TV S2 when he called her out for being Ero-Minzy and also for pretending to be angry. Lol

Credits: forever-2ne1 Tumblr

But you know Se7en really dotes on Minji – as can be seen through their Twitter conversations. Every single convo between them makes any fan turn into mush at their sweetness and cuteness. Check out this latest convo of theirs! And the nickname “Se7en oppa’s hip-hop fairy” will forever now be a nickname that Minji’s going to be stuck with. Let’s also not forget to mention how Minji personally woke up early to make Se7en a lunchbox when he had his comeback in 2010 kk. Such a dedicated fangirl.

And of course, you couldn’t leave out the duo that crack us up in Season 1, Kush and Teddy. Back in 2NE1TV Season 2, Kush and Teddy kinda made fun of Minji by saying Minji’s only asset that can charm their fans is the fact that she’s young. She lazily laughed at that. It was a cute episode of her laughing together with all of them. Teddy, since most of the time he acts as their producer, also knows Minji’s weakness in speaking English. Back in Season 2, he sternly advised the maknae on how to speak some words yet he encouraged her that she can do this cause he knows Minji is a fast learner on things. A cool man, that’s Teddy. (Maybe that’s why CL is mesmerized by him and the maknae just keep teasing CL about it. Ke k eke.) (^^,)

Moving away from the oppas, now it’s time for her unnies, Gummy and 2NE1! They are not to be left out when it comes to Minzy.

Park Jiyeon or much more known as Gummy is one of the ones that dotes on Minzy the most. Despite the 13 year gap between them, they do hit it off. When it was Gummy’s comeback, Minji personally went down to Gummy’s backstage room to support and cheer for her. Minji first called up her unnie but she didn’t feel right doing that, so she went to see her unnie herself. Gummy was overwhelmed that she posted on her me2day a picture of both of them with the caption: “YG’s cutie Minzy came to cheer me on for my performance. When I first saw her, she was a baby, but suddenly she has turned into a woman!”

Dara, the fake maknae of 2NE1. Of course, this beloved fresh faced unnie would also tease Minzy, and her teasing ventures have been endless. Dara loves to tease Minzy by stealing her maknae spot and purposely telling the public that she’s the real maknae instead of Minzy (as she did in the making of their 1st Mini Album), imitating Minji’s way of speaking, revealing the way Minji sleeps, making that “ooooooh~~!” sounds everytime Minji’s asked to talk about guys or love in radio shows and even more. But most of the time, she’s the caring and playful unnie that Minji loves. Dara really seem to care for Mingkki as if she is her own little sister, and being the ever supportive unnie, Dara is always so excited every time Minji has her time to shine in dance solos. Minji is also very affectionate to Dara in return – she loves to randomly hug Dara from behind, giving her a kiss on the cheek and also shops for her things (Remember the toy model of a black Lamborghini back in 2NE1TV S2?) Dara also has mentioned how Minji coaches her in dancing and has even affectionately referred to Minji as “Teacher Gong”. Their relationship is really just so sweet to witness

Park Bom, otherwise known as GD’s counterpart but this time the unnie bully. This 8D alien loves to bully Minji. Though generally, Bom bullies everyone, but Minzy seems to be her ultimate target. Like literally sitting on the maknae and even putting a sock on her face despite Minji whining and struggling to let herself free.

Credits: minkkilove Tumblr

She also loves to reveal Minji’s secrets to the public. For example, she told the public how Minzy walks around naked in their dorm, Minzy’s choice in men, the reason behind Minji getting all depressed in London, etc. When they were back in LA, she even tried to force Minji to order room service to train her in English. Poor maknae. Lol. We’re just speculating but maybe the reason why Bom tortures Minzy is because the maknae once thrown Danchoo on the bed when she visited Bom’s home when they were still trainees. Bom might possibly still have a grudge on her then (lmao). But we’ll never know because Bom is really, just a big adorable bully.

I would say that their unnie-dongsaeng relationship is like an abusive husband beating up her wife but afterwards, always goes back to the honeymoon stage. Weird description of their relationship, right? Let’s clear the confusion. You see, even though Minji gets teased by Bom countless times, Bom never fails to spoil Minji. Bringing her to a pet cafe knowing Minji wants to have a puppy, even saying, “I know you want a poodle but still let’s explore your options.”, Thanking Minji in season 1 while playing around in the practice room, and always with Minji when they go out. I could also say that Bom is one of her biggest fans. She was really bummed out when she didn’t catch seeing Minzy’s Inkigayo performance in Season 1 and in season 3 she cheered alongside Dara when Minzy strutting her stuff on stage during the Adidas Concert. She may seem to bully Minji but behind that crazy and playful unnie facade, she dotes and loves Minzy far more than others I have seen. (BomJi FTW!!)

However in Lee Chaerin’s a.k.a. CL’s case, it’s the other way around. Minji is the sole person that bullies CL and can get away with it unscathed. We see Minji bullying CL moments in 2NE1TV – like when she ignores CL in 2NE1TV S1 or when she purposely gave CL a dinosaur toy saying CL looks like it in S2 or when she bragged to CL on the amount of rice wreaths and gifts received during NolCon in S3. But even so, you know Minji adores her Chaerin unnie and that CL doesn’t exactly mind her doing it. Who can get away with doing all that if they’re not close? Lol. Minji made up for the dinosaur toy by giving the leader Rillakuma socks in Season 3. CL also always helps Minji when she’s having a hard time with English lyrics and she’s the unnie who held her close when they won their first mutizen and also when they won the Song Of The Year at MAMAs. Minji also seems to have been influenced by CL in many ways, especially her interest in fashion and designing. Looking at Minji, somehow, you can see a touch of CL in her. ChaeJi ❤

Credits: maker of these gifs

Many people doubt that the maknaes are not close since both are close with their unnies, and rarely show their affection to one another. But that’s not the case. CL and Minzy aren’t exactly the type of people who openly show their love to each other, but behind every action they do for each other, you know they truly care for each other. CL always gets bullied by Minji not because she is easily defeated but since Minji is the maknae and always gets to be teased by their oppas and unnies, she gives way for Minji. A true unnie, we can say.

Minji grew up to be one mature maknae and molded by the people dear to her as stated above. Afterall, she did practically grew up in YG and it won’t be of a surprise if she has been influenced by the YG seniors’ in one way or another. However, even as a mature person, she never forgets to be plafyful and crazy Minzy in the presence of her unnies and oppas. Minzy, is truly the real maknae of YG Family. And having been the maknae of the family for a VERY long while now, it’s of no surprise that she’s so protective of her maknae spot. But with YG’s new girl group and boy group coming out, honestly, Minzy might possibly lose her real maknae spot soon kk. (/hugs Minzy) She might no longer have the luxury to innocently ask President YG himself for New Year’s money in a New Year Message anymore, like what she did in 2010 (Yes, she really did that!), or have Teddy giving her some pocket money every now and then. Lol.

But honestly, to us, Minzy will always be the original maknae of the YG Family. That spot of hers won’t be taken away from her at all and she’ll always be the dearest maknae in our hearts. That has been sealed of course.

Tomorrow, EM Writers will bring you the next topic on our beloved maknae. Once again, do look out for it.

D-6 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday!!!

Article written by: EM Writers
Graphics and Pictures compiled by: EM Staff
All credits to youtube users for the respective videos


5 thoughts on “[WRITE-UP] MINZY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL COUNTDOWN D-6: Minzy – YG Family’s Real Maknae”

  1. Aww, i love this! A lot! Its such a beautiful write-up, thank you so much writers for taking your time writing about minzy and letting the whole world know more about how awesome maknae is. Ohmy, i don’t want the new girl group to have a younger member than minzy… but .. LOL, its okay, minkki will be the Legendary YG Maknae forever~ ❤

    I can't wait to see the surprises she has in store for us in the future.

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