After the previous write-ups on Minzy’s Pre-Debut days, Real Maknae and EROMINZY, EM Writers are now bringing you a fresh topic about Minzy’s family.

Just a disclaimer before I start on this: I do not claim to know everything about Minzy’s family but this is just based on my observations of Minji’s interactions with her family members and what I know about them.

We all know that Minji is the maknae of 2NE1 and YG Family, but did you guys know that she is also the maknae of her family too? Our Minji is the youngest in her family, and only one older sister, Gong Min Young. Of course, that’s putting aside the recent addition to the family, Gong Dougie (lol).

But we’re not entirely kidding – Dougie really has been treated like an addition to the family, being the latest “maknae”, calling Minji and her sister “unnies” and their mum “umma”. Even in Minji’s sister’s Cyworld, Dougie’s pictures have all been categorized under the album “FAMILY”. You can bet that Dougie has been receiving the best love and care from her unnies, umma and appa 😛

If Dougie wasn’t part of the family, why would Minzy make a whole montage video of Dougie from when she was a baby till now eh? And look at all the captured moments of Minji’s mum playing around with Dougie in 2NE1TV

Now going back to Minji’s real family. As mentioned earlier, Minij’s family consists of her older sister, her, and of course, her parents. Now, her family is, I have to say, EXTREMELY supportive of everything that she does. Did you know that when Minji started her training at YGE, her parents moved from Gwangju to Seoul so that it’d be easier for her to train? And Minji’s passion for dancing could not have been solidified if it wasn’t for her parents allowing her to attend a dance school to learn more about dance. Perhaps it is because her grandmum is a dancer too (we’ll talk more about her later) that her parents have been so supportive of Minji’s decision to pursue her dreams and passion.

Her mum is constantly seen supporting her youngest daughter: she attended the first YG Family Concert that 2NE1 performed at, all three NOLZA in SEOUL concerts (including bringing her own friends and showing Minji off to them, monitoring her on all three days, telling her she has to cry on the last concert), and even flew down to Japan for one of the NOLZA in JAPAN concerts. I’m sure there are many other unseen ways in which her mum has shown her support for her daughter, but from what fans have been allowed to see, her mum is an incredible and important support system. It is no wonder Minji loves her mum so much. Her dad is also supportive of her, even if fans do not often see the actions firsthand. Back in 2009, during an encore stage when 2NE1 won for “I Don’t Care”, Minji could be heard shouting out a loud exuberant “THANKS DAD!” into the mic in the direction of the audience. I’m guessing her dad was present then in the audience, and Minji’s ecstatic voice in thanking her dad showed how grateful she was for his support.

Minji with her mum, dad and older sister.

Minji’s older sister also shows a great amount of support to her dongsaeng. The sisters appear to have a really strong bond, one seen from the way Min Young allows Minji to use her Cyworld account to upload Minji’s own selcas and even has a section dedicated for Minji to use. The amount of dorky selcas these two have together show that they make time for each other amidst Minji’s busy schedules. Minji’s sister also links to videos of Minji (be it fancams, official videos or MINZYTV) on her Cyworld, and sometimes comments on how proud she is of Minji. Also, it should be noted that Min Young often makes the effort to go and support Minji at concerts and events too. Every time all that happens, you just can’t help but feel all envious at their relationship ❤

And, of course, there is also Minji’s grandmother, Gong Ok Jin, who is a legendary folk dancer famous for her “hunchback dance” (and whom CEO YG has praised before). Mrs Gong’s style of dance is completely different from Minji’s, but maybe because it’s in blood, both women share the same passion for dancing. Now, I mentioned previously that Minji’s parents and sister are very supportive of Minji, but Mrs Gong also plays an extremely important role. Minji has mentioned a LOT of times on how supportive her grandmother has been about her passion for dancing and her dreams to become a singer. In fact, in Minji’s own words: “My grandmother likes the fact that I’m dancing and she gives me her support. She did not object when I said I want to be a singer”. Mrs Gong monitors Minji’s performances on stage, often gives advice and even told Minji that “You have to burn your passion first, then you only can feel the passion from the others. You must become an outstanding member in the future”. A family friend also once said that Mrs Gong has always loved to see Minji perform on stage more than anyone else – that’s how supportive she is of Minji. Isn’t it sweet? /tears

Seeing as how supportive Mrs Gong is of Minji and how much love and respect Minji has for her grandmother, it was no surprise that Minji received a huge shock when she learned that Mrs Gong’s health had deteriorated after two stroke attacks and a car accident in 2009. This actually happened during the day of the press conference for 2009 Asia Music Festival. When fans were notified of this, it then occurred to us that Minji did look a bit subdued during the event. Though we haven’t heard much information since, we sincerely hope that Mrs Gong has recovered and can continue seeing her granddaughter on stage, making her proud.

This picture was taken when Minji was able to visit her grandmum after the incident in 2009. It’s such a sweet picture to look at. Mrs Gong Ok Jin with her “puppy” as per what she calls Minji by ^^

Have I also mentioned how Minji has a really supportive extended family too? Once again, it’s probably due to the fact that her grandmum and her uncle (who is a contemporary dancer) are dancers too, but the amount of support they show for Minji is very heartwarming.

2NE1TV S1 EP 11 Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdf6oz_eng-090902-mnet-yg-live-tv-e11-1-3
2NE1TV S1 EP 11 Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdf6zr_eng-090902-mnet-yg-live-tv-e11-2-3
2NE1TV S1 EP 11 Part 3: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdf7ad_eng-090902-mnet-yg-live-tv-e11-3-3
(Credits: RoyalAceSubs)

In 2NE1TTV S1, the last episode showed Minji going on a vaction with her family and extended family, which includes her cousins, uncles and aunts and the scenes of Minji with her family together really touched my heart. There were so many aww-inducing moments, such as when her cousin said, “The whole family is her fan. People ask me for her autographs everytime. I feel very proud of her”, when her uncle cheered her on for her dance battle at SBS Inkigayo by saying “Minji-ah, we’ll cheer for you like crazy on Sunday” and also the scene when her grandmum/aunts/uncles were all praising her like crazy. The scene of her feeding her younger cousins, asking them about schoolwork, her mum and sister teasing her in the car over the sausage and the farewell scene were all really sweet to witness too. It could not be even clearer that Minji dearly loves every single one of them and they in turn reciprocate the same feelings. Minji’s little cousins also came down to 2NE1’s NOLZA to give Minji support as seen in a short scene in the MAKING FILM in the DVD. They’re so cute ❤

With a family like that, it’s no wonder Minji turned out to be such a good kid – talented yet very humble. Minji really has a very supportive family and it’s very comforting to know about that. A family that keeps her grounded, when she’s down she could lean to like a strong pillar and a warm home greeting her when she’s tired. Let’s watch over them as they watch over Minji as well. (^^)

Watch out for the next write up as we reveal the persons Minji is close to rather friends to.Up next [D-3]: Minzy, the social butterfly.

Countdown check: D-4 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday!!

Article written by: EM Writers
Source of Pictures: Minzy’s Sister’s Cyworld


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