The meaning behind the name: EROMINZY / EROMINJI

EROMINZY, or EROMINJI, or EROMAKNAE, is a nickname that fans affectionately call Minzy by. Some of you might not know the story behind this nickname, some of you may know, but we’ll be recounting the story for everyone ^_^

So, how exactly did Minzy get the nickname?

In South Korea, Kpop groups (both boy and girl groups), have a youngest member, and the term, “maknae,” is used to denote the status of the youngest. Most maknaes tend to act cute, act respectfully to elders, and everything else that goes with the “title”. So, where did the term EROMAKNAE come from? It was all because of one maknae who tends to be ero in terms of dancing – and that maknae is no other than 2NE1’s Minzy.

Let’s backtrack to when the name Minzy wasn’t known yet, and there was a young dancer known as Gong Minji. She was discovered when someone uploaded her video to YGE’s homepage, and was immediately recruited. Her love for dance was beyond all bounds, and could easily be seen in various videos on the web. However, despite her young age, when she danced you wouldn’t see her as a child who is spot on with choreographed songs and adds extra oomph in popping or someone who just does body waves that makes one go ohh-la-la. You saw her as a dancer who entrances through both her moves and sexy gaze. Doesn’t seem like your average maknae (especially one so young), right?

In 2009, when 2NE1 went on their very first variety show, SBS’s Strong Heart, Minzy dropped a bombshell on the fans. Strong Heart requires guests to tell a personal story, and Minji – instead of revealing an innocent story (perhaps how she got into YGE, like Dara recounted) – our maknae talked about her nickname, “EroMinji“. With EroMinji as the bold title of her story, she shocked both the guests and the MCs Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong with her bold declaration. But of course, a 15/16 year old Korean female idol talking about a rather provocative nickname on camera would catch anyone off guard. But there was a story behind that bold title on her board then. Minji explained that since she was young, people commented that whenever she danced, there was a “sexy feel” into it. Dara chimed in, saying that every expression and move she does seems sexy when dancing, and that even CEO YG had banned her from being too “ero”. He had given a warning to Minji, saying “You can’t forget that you are the maknae.” LOL.

“How about I show you?” Minzy’s challenging question against Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seunggi after she and Dara explained that when she’s dancing she has this sexy vibe going on without noticing. From Dooly’s theme song, to Lee Seunngi’s Ballad and Korea’s Traditional folk song, she proved the ero essence of her dancing. Who would’ve though a cartoon theme song can be quite seductive? Minzy, you are quite a seductress in training. What now when you are finally legal, how can we protect you from your male fans? (T.T)

But the nickname, “EroMinzy”, didn’t originate within YGE – It was from fans. (Well we can’t blame ourselves, right?) The nickname spins off from a combination of the word “erotic” and her name, and Minzy has embraced the nickname starting then (as has the rest of her fans). From children’s songs to ballads to folk songs, there is no limit for how sexily she can dance – often unconsciously, I might add. That’s just how sexy and ero our maknae is. But that sexiness isn’t over the top sexiness. Somehow, Minzy is able to pull it off without appearing as trying too hard or doing too much. Even fully clothed, her dance moves, expressions and gazes to the audience are smouldering hot.

“You can’t forget that you are the maknae.” That was what YG told her, but Minzy, being the bold and sassy lady that she is, wasn’t one to be controlled, even by YGE. And honestly, we’re not complaining. Minzy herself likes the nickname as she has said before, – “It [the nickname ‘Ero Minzy’] can be a bit risky, but yes, I like it. It has a mature and sexy feel.” As further evidence of her embracing this nickname, in late 2009, Minji revealed a picture of her abs just a day before the MAMAs. Now, when Minzy revealed that picture, she probably just had the intentions of revealing her then developing abs because she’s proud of them. However, fans became worried that it might spark a huge controversy since she is still a minor and that picture was of her upper body in just a sports bra. Thankfully there wasn’t any controversy, and the picture just passed over for us fans to appreciate ^^

In 2010, it seemed as both the YG Family and she really embraced her naturally sexy dance moves. She even wore a spiked halter top and black leather tights in the Can’t Nobody MV while doing her sexy waves. If fans were shocked at her transformation in Can’t Nobody MV, Teddy, 2NE1’s resident producer himself, was shocked too. In the making of Can’t Nobody MV, Teddy was even seen saying “Minji’s not that kind of person. She practiced by herself a lot, by looking in the mirror“.  Her live performances also became even more passionate as she would often run and just shake her head (and booty) to the music and her winking and smiling turned up a notch.

Her unnies, or particularly Dara, is also especially fond of recording Minzy doing sexy dance choreographies in the dance studio and she has treated us fans to many of these hard-to-be-seen videos. In one of the videos in particular, Dara was actually secretly filming EroMinji in action, and when Minji finally discovered her filming, she made a 180 degree turn from EroMinji to adorable shy Minji.

Today, Minzy is still the Eromaknae that she’s always been. Her dance is pretty much still ero, which she can turn up all the way (as in “Can’t Nobody” performance) or slightly tone it down (as in “I Am the Best” performances). As she’s always said, being ero is a part of her and can’t be discarded. Haters might hate on her for her supposed over-the-top sexiness but hey, EroMinji will always be with her whether they like it or not, so they just have to live with it. It’s her personality, it’s simply her. Even when she’s doing a focused choreography, EroMinji still manages to come out with just a simple wink or a purse of her lips or simply by her intense stare. Minji’s sexy to boot, that can’t be denied. Also, Minji’s talent in dancing aside from the sexy dancing can’t be downplayed either. This maknae has the the talent for dance that’s bundled all together with sass, fierceness and eroness. She’s amazing.

Take a look at all her dance cuts. It’s not just simply sexy dancing as haters would love to harp on. Focusing on her dance battle at SBS Inkigayo in 2009, you get her popping and locking (which amazes everyone) and then you also get a dash of her eroness as she pops her booty out and wink to the audience at the end.

And as Minzy matures in age, her sexy vibe is turning up a notch, but in a more focused way. We have that growing sexiness to look out for. Couple that together with her passion in increasing her dancing knowledge, we’d have this amazing sexy young lady on our hands ^^

And so with this topic done, just another reminder of the countdown happening: It’s D-5 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday!!! Join us again tomorrow for the next topic of the MINZY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL COUNTDOWN WRITE-UPS 😀

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Article written by: EM Writers
All credits to GIF makers for the respective GIFs (
내민지and minkkilove Tumblr)
All credits to youtube users for the respective videos.



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