D-3 Minzy the Social Butterfly

Continuing off from where we last left off yesterday, EM Writers are now bringing you the next chapter to the MINZY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL. This time round, we will be touching on our maknae’s social life. You may not know it, but we will tell you now. Our maknae is quite the social butterfly even if she might appear shy at times. In fact, out of the 2NE1 girls, it would appear that Minzy is the one out of the four who knows the most people in the same idol circle.

A lot of people say that 2NE1 appears to be reserved and not interactive with all the other idols in the entertainment industry, probably because of their shy nature, so imagine Blackjacks’ surprise everytime we discover that Minji actually do know, and talk (probably not a lot though) to all these other idols in the industry.

Minzy’s To Anyone Album “Thanks To” (Credits: YGLadies)

First to be mentioned, f(x)’s Amber. Amber’s friendship with Minji was first brought known to fans when Minji thanked her and f(x)’s Luna in her ”Thanks To” section in the To Anyone album. We are assuming that they met each other through the bible study group, Moon-Mi-En’ (Munhwa Media Entertainment), that Minji is in. This bible study group is a Christian gathering for Korean celebrities inclusive of actors Jung Jun, Kim JungHwa, Yang DongGeun, Kim SooHyun, and Jung Ryeowon, Super Junior member Choi Siwon and SNSD’s Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Yoona. Then, when 2011 came, fans were treated to another sight of Amber and Minji’s friendship during the one and only Lonely stage on SBS Inkigayo.

When 2NE1’s Lonely stage ended, sharp-eyed fans spotted Minji and Amber giving each other a bro-handshake as f(x) made their way up onstage. When 2NE1 then won for Lonely, Minji was again spotted giving a thumbs-up in Amber’s direction in which Amber returned, looking all happy for her too. The interaction between Minji and f(x)’s Luna during this stage also has to be pointed out. Just like Amber, Minji was spotted waving to Luna as f(x) entered the stage with Luna waving and smiling widely back at her.

Minji’s friendship with Amber was then again highlighted in Season 3 of 2NE1TV when Amber went to watch the last NOLZA Concert and visited her backstage. It was a pleasant surprise to all the fans when we saw how friendly they were with each other. Minji’s cute aegyo-ish voice when introducing Amber to the camera, Amber’s “my sister” line, and that comfortable aura of friendship around them – it was all really so cute. Of course, both fans of 2NE1 and f(x) spazzed their heart out at this clip. YG-SM interaction – it’s really pretty rare isn’t it?

We also recently discovered that Amber and fellow f(x) member, Sulli, gave a shoutout to Minji in their ‘Thanks To’ section in their Pinocchio album. While we weren’t that surprised at Amber’s mention, Sulli’s mention took us aback. We didn’t know Minji knew Sulli! Yet another discovery of how sociable our maknae is.

Another group of friends whom our maknae is friends with is SNSD. Surprised? Hehe yups, our Minzy is pretty friendly with some of the SNSD girls, particularly Sooyoung, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Yoona and Tiffany. We first discovered about this when Super Junior’s Siwon tweeted a picture of the bible study group members at one of their gatherings.

The picture portrayed a sweet atmosphere  between Minji and the SNSD girls (Sooyoung with her arms around Minji, Yoona with her hand on Minji’s shoulder and Minji with a sweet smile adorning her face).

2NE1 and SNSD may appear as rivals to the general public as both groups are some of Korea’s representative girl groups, but this picture, along with Minji thanking them in her To Anyone album ‘Thanks To’, brought smiles to the fans as we unexpectedly found out that Minji is friends with some of the SNSD girls.

But Minji’s warm relationship with the SNSD girls and f(x) girls did not only stop there. During the 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun, we managed to spot some Minji x SM Artists interactions. They were all really for a very short moment, but it was sweet to see nonetheless.

In this fancam, at around 0:58, you will spot Minji and Sooyoung greeting each other by grabbing on to each other’s hands and pumping it up and down excitedly when SNSD came onto the stage for the ending. LOL. It was really cute to watch.

In the first fancam here, you can spot Minji talking a bit with Luna at around 1:22. And at around 2:25, Hyoyeon greets Minji by grabbing onto her hands while hugging Luna. You can’t actually see whose hand it was that popped out from nowhere to shake Minji’s hand, but if you watch the second fancam, you can see it’s actually Hyoyeon ^^

 In addition, in the recent 2011 MAMAs, Minji’s friendship with the SNSD girls was once again made known to the fans. Apart from her handshake + pat-on-back with Hyoyeon when 2NE1 won Song Of The Year and the fancams of Sooyoung enjoying herself to the max during 2NE1’s performance, one particular interaction stood out – that is Minji and SNSD’s Jessica. Our staff, zeelisious, who got to attend the 2011 MAMAs mentioned in her fanaccount here that Jessica was seen being all sweet and friendly to our maknae during Snoop Dogg’s performance.


Jessica approaches Minji with a short yet adorable back hug at around 2:33 when Minji was partying it up all alone to Snoop Dogg’s performance. It is seriously such a sweet moment even though it turned out awkward after Minji just smiled and bowed back to Jessica before turning back to enjoying Snoop’s performance. (Our maknae was too focused on Snoop’s performance so you gotta forgive her for that)

 Another chingu in the entertainment circle that Minji is friendly with is none other than Korea’s little sister, IU. In one interview, when Minji was asked who in the entertainment circle she’s close with, Minji answered by saying that she keeps in touch with IU. Minji also has thanked IU in her ‘Thanks To, referring to IU as a ‘cute friend’. IU also once gave a mention to Minji in a variety show. It’s a pretty old video considering her hairstyle. We’re not quite sure how Minji and IU got to know each other, but it’s pretty cool knowing that they keep in touch with each other.

IU’s saying that she wishes Minji all the best and that she misses her – jaeXD@YGLadies.com

Who could also forget May Doni, the person whom Minji was supposed to originally debut with? After having trained with each other during the trainee years, and been in the plans of debuting together, I would assume that they do share a friendship. Just recently in 2011, it seems like they reunited once again through the help of twitter. Ever since following each other, they have since then exchanged a few adorable tweets here and there. And before they followed each other on Twitter, May Doni actually also updated her Cyworld with an old trainee picture of the two of them together.

Our Minji is such a socialite that ohmygod, she’s even friendly with the JPop superstar, Koda Kumi. Ever since the trainee days, Minji has always been practicing with Koda Kumi songs and she greatly respects Koda Kumi. Imagine all Blackjacks’ surprise when Koda Kumi revealed that she has a close relationship with Minji during the 2011 MAMAs Press Conference! “I have also spent a lot of time with 2NE1′s Minzy, and I plan on going to their next performance in Japan“ Gong Mingkki, you’ve got the conections eh? Kk.

Starting at 1:07, Koda Kumi said “I have also kept in touch with Minzy from 2NE1 since her visit to Japan. I promised her I will deliver a good performance today and I intend to keep my promise.”

2NE1’s resident fanboy, Jay Park, also seems to have striked up a sort-of cute friendship with Minji via Twitter. After declaring that Minji is his favourite in 2NE1, fans, both Blackjacks and Jaywalkers, have been probing the two of them to interact through Twitter. The day when Jay followed Minji and she followed him back, fans everywhere rejoiced (lol) and tried to push the two of them to tweet each other too. And god bless the reactions when one day, our Minji took the initiative to tweet a “Happy Chuseok Day” to Jay in reply to one of his tweets. Kk our daring, friendly Gong Mingkki. Let’s hope they keep staying in touch with each other via Twitter ^^

But aside from her acquaintances in the entertainment industry, Minjas would wonder if Minji has anyone else that she can turn to if not her 2NE1 unnies or any of the YG Family members. No worries about that because our Minji is pretty close with the YG Dancers, especially the HITECH and CRAZY dancers.

Kim Heeyun, the only female dancer in HITECH, shares a pretty special relationship with Minji. If all their selcas together and tweets to each other give any idea, it would be safe to say that these two are really close with each other. Movies, dinner, lunch, shopping, – these two are always seen hanging out together. There was even once when they went out biking late at night together. It is even through Heeyun that fans managed to get a peek into Minzy’s room even way before it was shown in 2ne1tv S3.

With the 6 year difference in age, it’s quite surprising that these two are pretty close to each other. Then again, I guess after years of spending time practicing choreography and stages together, they would gain a friendship over time.

Kim Heeyun is also the girl that went to the rock festival with Minji in 2NE1TV S3. With Heeyun teasing Minji that she can’t get into certain places cause she’s still not 19 yet, Minji introducing Heeyun to the camera and the scenes of them enjoying the festival together, you just can’t help the smile that forms on your face, can you?

Aside from Heeyun, Minji is pretty friendly with the other HITECH oppas and CRAZY unnies too. In fact, her HITECH oppas love to tease her too (forever the maknae I tell you). One particular incident was when HITECH’s Jo Sung Min went all out teasing her on twitter about her 42 year old mental age after tweeting a cute polaroid that the two of them took together in Japan. CRAZY’s Kim Ji Hye also once teased her for “knowing too much” at her age. But of course, aside all the teasing, they’re pretty sweet to her too, just like her YG Family unnies and oppas.

HITECH’s Jo Sung Min with Minzy backstage.

We also saw Minzy’s friendly interactions with HITECH’s Kwon Cheol Jun in 2NE1TV S3 when they were practicing for NOLZA. Here at 1:45, Cheol Jun imitated TaeYang’s “pointing” move to Minzy in which Minzy just laughed off and scolded him for failing to copy it properly. And an extra info, Cheol Jun has also been Minzy’s partner in Go Away performances in 2010 and in a few fancams, he has been seen fooling around with Minzy during the “slow-movements” part. They share such a cute oppaxdongsaeng relationship kk (NOTE: Cheol Jun’s attached for the info of those who are even thinking of shipping them…?)

Forming a friendship with the YG Dancers has benefited Minji quite a bit, especially in the area of dancing. Being friends with the dancers means that Minji can expand her dancing experience and she did indeed. She gets to learn choreography from HITECH’s Park Jung Heon (who choreographs quite a number of dances for HITECH’s practices) and even gets to have dance practices with HITECH’s Kwon Young Deuk as we saw from her MINZY TV Episodes.

In fact, Minzy has also gone for dance classes with the HITECH members. One day she was tweeting about wanting to go for dance lessons, and then a few days later, there was a picture of Minzy with HITECH taking a dance lesson with Sh**t Kingz Oguri. It’s nice to know that Minzy spends time with the dancers to improve her dancing.

But Minji, being the social butterfly that she is, isn’t only friends with just HITECH and CRAZY, but also some of the other dance crews that dances for YG every now and then, such as FREEMIND and Sniper Sound.

Han Hyunsoo, or more known as lyrical_drawing on Twitter, is also a constant companion to Minji on Twitter. Mr Han is an ex YG-trainee who is now a fashion designer in London, for those who are wondering who he is and how he and Minji got to know each other. Hyunsoo and Minji often have really cute conversations with each other on Twitter. He even once made her a ring and a specially designed LEGO Minzy too. He also gets Minji talking and conversing in English, and for that, we’re eternally grateful for (Minji’s English convos are daebak~!)

The ‘ROAR’ ring that he made for Minji. 

The Lego Minzy that he made for Minji.

Minji’s really such a socialite. From SNSD to f(x) to IU to Jay Park and May Doni in the entertainment circle and all her dancer friends from all the dance crews and the YG Family connections, she really knows a lot of people. Lol. It is good to know that because we know that at least, Minji does have people to talk to and spend time with if she’s not with her lovable 2NE1 unnies. In years to come, who knows she might probably get even more connections, and her network of friends will probably expand even more.  However, I gotta say that I really love how we’ll always rarely know about Minzy’s friendship with these people (especially those in the entertainment industry), until the other party mentions it. Our Minzy might be a social butterfly, but she’s a quiet one.

With all that said, I will now sign off with yet another countdown reminder. It’s D-3 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday!! Watch out for our next few topics to come as we continue with this MINZY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL COUNTDOWN! ^^

We hope you guys have been enjoying the read thus far, and if you have not read the past few write-ups, here they are:

Article Written by: EM Writers
Graphics and Pictures compiled by: EM Staff
All Credits to Youtube users for respective videos.


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