D-2 till Minzy’s 19th birthday! Are you guys excited?

For the past five days, EROMAKNAE has shared five countdown articles about 2NE1’s wonderful maknae, Gong Minzy! The previous articles were: Pre-debut MinzyYG Family’s Real Maknae, The EroMaknae, The Gong Familyand The Social butterfly. Make sure to check out these must-read articles if you missed any!

Now to today’s feature – a fun and breezy article where we will share trivia, stories, and fun facts about Minzy’s interests and hobbies!

Minzy has an eclectic list of interests and hobbies, ranging from remixing songs to knitting scarves to watching anime to watering plants. She delves into various genres of music, movies and literature – you can say that she’s a curious cat who enjoys diversity.

The Lonely Exercise-freak

Let’s start off with a hobby that is also synonymous to EroMinzy: Exercising! From the get go, we’ve seen 2NE1’s maknae hitting the gym in Season 1 of 2NE1TV. Throwing hard punches, running up and down the stairs until the trainer says “STOP”, placing dumbbells on her ankles… These are just some of the (torturously hard) exercises she willingly and routinely did (and most likely still does).

From that point on, she has been dubbed as an “exercise-freak”. Minzy is obsessed with exercising to the point that her body feels unwell if she misses her workouts for just one day. She even works out in Japan in spite of their busy promotions. Her diligence and discipline in staying fit is something we adore about her. Although it may seem that the exercises may be too strenuous for maknae, don’t fret because they are managed and controlled under the watchful eye of Hwang Ssabu a.k.a. Ssabunim!

Ssabunim has been training Minzy since pre-debut and even updates his twitter with pre-debut stretching/splits photos of baby Mingkki (such as those above). She’s often seen exercising at the YG Gym with the YG family, but also all by herself (aka the loneliness of self discipline, per Ssabunim’s own words). No wonder Ssabunim often commends 2NE1’s maknae through tweets about how Minzy is so committed in keeping her body in shape.  Evidently, a great way to enjoy working out is shedding those pounds off while listening to your favorite tunes! Minzy’s favorite song to listen to while working out is listening to her ideal man

“If he asks me out on a date, then I’ll say ‘OK!’ and I’m going to marry him”

Usher with his song Confessions Part II.

DJ Kkong’s music connection

Speaking of Minzy’s favorite songs, we have to talk about her eclectic preference in music!

Minzy has an exceptionally diverse taste in music.  It’s especially evident in her Twitter updates, where she fangirls over Se7en, Usher and Snoop Dogg’s music (actually, she fangirls over pretty much everything about them – from their music to how attractive, hot and, in Minzy’s own words, “flyyyyy”, she finds them). She enjoys the music by Japan’s Sexy Pop Diva, Koda Kumi, whom she’s especially close to. The first CD she ever purchased was Kelis’ Milkshake, and other artists she loves listening to include Jessie J, Estelle, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, Justin Timberlake, Nipsey Hussle, N.W.A. and the Posse and Daft Punk (her favorite Electro group).

Furthermore, she is quite vocal about her fondness in rock music – most recently English bands and the 80’s punk style. On 2NE1TV Season 3, Minzy was so ecstatic the whole time she mentions “Pentaport’s Rock Music Festival” that she couldn’t stop spazzing over it! She was so cute! Minzy even wore a cute yet edgy 80’s rocker chic outfit that made CL, Dara and Bom go all motherly over her.

In addition, she listens to British rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Oasis, Radiohead, Snow Patrol and Keane, American rock bands like Nirvana, Kings of Leon and One Republic;, Irish rock bands like U2 and The Script, and the British musician, Aqualung. Aside from R&B, electro pop, hip-hop and rock music, surprisingly she enjoys Trot a.k.a. the oldest form of Korean pop music! She has good taste, doesn’t she? What’s great about this is how she appreciates music from generations before her. Minzy is truly an old soul, isn’t she? Reason No. 88784 why we love Minzy ❤

Unsurprisingly, Minzy is also a huge fan of The Black Eyed Peas. On 2NE1TV Season 2, we saw a tearful Minzy who recorded herself and shared her sentiments on meeting The Black Eyed Peas in person. The ever grateful Minzy ❤

But the one artist that every Minji stan knows this maknae truly idolizes and respects is Michael Jackson. Minzy has acknowledged multiple times that MJ is her inspiration and ultimate favorite artist. She even stated before that she would have liked to have a collaborative stage with MJ, dancing to “You Rock My World”. And like an ultimate fan that she is, Minzy has MJ’s poster on her bedroom wall and owns a wide collection of his DVDs.

With Minzy’s broad taste in music, it’s no wonder she loves remixing songs. She actually has her own quaint personal studio where she remixes and makes her own beats using Garage Band. She loves composing and writing lyrics on her journal as well. Waah – We can’t wait till DJ Ggong releases an album with her own beats and self-written lyrics!

The 42-Year-Old Gundam Master

“Minji is still young but she’s really mature to the extent that sometimes I think of her as mother-like. She takes good care of Dara and me.”Bom.

“She’s mature for her age, like a 42-year-old, but to me, she’s still young and cute!”Dara.

“During practice or in ordinary life, Minzy is the most mature (adult-like)”CL.

Although the youngest in the group, Minzy has often been teased as the “42-year-old Minzy” and sometimes even called the eonnie in the group. Through the way she acts, her wise words and her preference in music, films and literatures, she exudes a maturity beyond her years.  Maknae is quite mature for her age, don’t you think?  Another thing about Minzy is that she’s a film aficionado and she loves watching old films. The Sound of Music, Leon: The Professional, The Boat that Rocked, Real Steel, Justice, Sherlock Holmes, Punch, and Back to the Future are just a few classic films that she enjoys watching.   Not exactly the list of films a young lady normally lists as her favorite films.

Apart from watching flicks, Minzy loves watching anime too — Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Slam Dunk and her current obsession, One Piece.  Minzy has been especially addicted to One Piece’s Chopper.  She loves tweeting fans pictures of Chopper – from his pictures, hats, toys, Dougie Chopper, and the latest addition to her Chopper collection, the Chopper Hot Pink Sakura fitted cap.

In relation to Minzy’s fitted cap, she has also been seen collecting different hats! Apart from her wide collection of fitted caps (like the well-known Mishka “Eyeball” fitted-cap) she also owns a straw hat, character hats, berets, beanies and cowboy hats. Just how many hats does she have?  We may never know…

Along with Chopper, Minzy also adores Stitch and has been since a long time ago. She has Stitch pajamas, Stitch stuff toys, Stitch head gear (popularized by Bom, given by CL-roo), and Stitch key-chains. In addition, she owns a collection of different models of Gundams.

“I want to keep collecting more Gundams. Once you get started, it’s a never ending addiction.”

Minzy is addicted to collecting Gundam models. Some of the models she owns are: 1/144 HG Destiny Gundam, 1/144 MBF-02 Strike Rouge+IWSP , Master Grade Hyaku Shiki, Robot Spirits MSN-06S Sinanju, Robot Damashii (Side MS) Wing Gundam Zero, Robot Damashii: UC Unicorn and a Robot Damashii-V Gundam. 2NE1’s maknae first started collecting Gundams last 2009. She updated her me2day with a photo of her holding a Gundam model, which she assembled together with 2NE1’s Manager-oppa. Since then, her addiction grew and now has almost 20 Gundam models in her collection.

Bookworm Mingkki

 “I want to read a lot of books and not live lazily. I want to become intellectual.”

One of Minzy’s many hobbies is reading books, such as mystery novels by Haruki Murakami and Choi Jaehoon. Minzy is always updating her Me2day and Twitter with images of books that she finds rather inspiring along with quotes that inspire or are memorable to her. This bookworm has bookshelves full of books she bought or received as presents. Furthermore, when 2NE1 went to The Wallace Collection, Minzy stated that she’s also interested in learning more about Greek mythology. Our maknae really reads up a lot doesn’t she? Smart Minji ^^

Devoted Minji

“The present that God gave us while we walk through life: In order to lean on one another, to give enlightenment to one another, to share happiness between one another, to love one another, he gave us “friends”. If I can become a tool of God who can share these things with someone, then my life will truly have value.”

One book that Minji is extremely devoted to is the Bible.  As a vocal devoted Christian, Minji regularly attends bible studies and Church.  She’s part of Moonmien, which many other K-Pop idols and celebrities are also part of, including Jinusean’s Sean,  Se7en,  1TYM’s Taebin, Masta Wu, Choice 37, Big Bang’s Tae Yang, Super Junior’s Siwon, SNSD’s Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Sooyoung, actress Jung Ryo Won and actor, Kim Soohyun.  Minji’s even tweeted about her deep connection with faith (such as when she tweeted that she was at church during 2NE1’s mini vacation in mid-2010).

Minzy never fails to thank God above all things. She is eternally grateful of all the blessings she has received and will receive. She can often be see saying and Tweeting, “God is good!! All the time!!” and shares inspiring quotes, just like when she tweeted an excerpt from White Night that stated — “I’m not a hero, I’m just a dancer. I only know dancing, dancing is why I live.” From that inspiring quote, Minji then imparted her own motivating words,

“Dancers and singers are really great jobs. I am grateful to God that I am able to sing and dance, and also work with people with great jobs”

Even during the period of time when she seemed to have hit a slump (which led to her tweeting worrying tweets), Minji didn’t forget to seek God for help. Gong Minji is truly a grateful and humble person. Reason No. 129942 why we love Minzy ❤

 Designer Kkong

“I think fashion is also my personality. In order to go on, it’s necessary to freely express yourself in accordance to yourself.”

Minzy loves to draw and can often be found scribbling on a piece of paper or drawing colorful hands, huge eyes, feet and even juice cans. She’ll draw fashion models on catwalks as well. Ever since Minzy saw the episode of Project Runway Korea last year (when CL and Jeremy Scott were guest judges), Minzy started developing an interest in fashion designing. She even stated that instead of judging on the show, she would prefer to participate as a designer.  Jean-Paul Gautier, GIVENCHY, Viva H., and of course Jeremy Scott, are just a few of her favorite fashion brands.

Recently, she posted her own hand-sewn jacket that had chains and safety pins as accessories, which she was extremely proud of. It was pretty well made, don’t you think? Perhaps that’s the reason why Minzy started knitting scarves too! Minzy a.k.a. the professional knitter! 2NE1’s maknae started to really get into this hobby while on vacation by knitting a purple scarf.  Since then, she’s finished knitting scarves for Bom and Dara, but sadly, leader CL has yet to receive hers received hers yet. Minzy’s probably finishing it now. (Haha~)

Mingkki the Photog

Related to her latest bent to the visual arts, Minji is also photo crazy.  Considering she wanted to become a professional photographer someday, she’ll bring her DSLR or her Polaroid camera to take pictures of herself, her surroundings, her eonnies, and her friends – basically anything and anyone around her.

Minzy first uploaded her first DSLR taken photos on her me2day when 2NE1 had their studio recordings in L.A. She then shared her behind-the-scenes photos from their film shoot for “Try to Follow Me”. On Twitter, Minzy is usually uploading photos taken from her Polaroid camera or from her iPhone. She also places her Polaroid pictures on a special place on her wall which is aptly named as her “Creative Wall.” It is quite refreshing to see Minzy’s point of view in her photographs because you can instantly know who and what things matter to her as well as the people or things which create lasting impressions on her.

One of Minzy’s favorite photo subjects are her plants, which she takes great pride in keeping healthy.

“Always… the feeling of giving water to a plant when it’s about to wither away.”

She keeps a variety of plants in her room, and has tweeted and shown these lovely and healthy plants via 2NE1TV.  In fact, she showcased her plants in 2NE1TV and has talked about them multiple times.  Minji’s love for plants may come from her nurturing personality, which is very adorable, don’t you think? Kk.

The Dancing Machine

“No matter what anyone says, my biggest interest is in my dance. Every time I discover and learn a new dance that I didn’t know about, I feel the greatest happiness in my heart.”

Of all her interests, dance is no doubt one of her main loves – she IS a dancing machine, after all.  From her well-known ero-dances to her poppin’ and locking, she brings her best each time she moves on the dance floor.

Minzy, whose grandmother is a well-known and respected traditional dancer, already had the music beats fueling her veins since she was a little kid. Minzy enjoyed dancing when she was young, and used to watch (and copy) the dance to YG Family’s “Fly Gentleman” music video, which helped her learn more about hip-hop along the way. In elementary school, Minzy even attended a dance academy and learned hip-hop dance first. Furthermore, Minzy kept practicing freestyle constantly for two years by just going into the practice room, turning on the music and dancing.  This passion led to her being scouted into YGE after a netizen uploaded a video of a dance competition online.

One of Minzy’s trademark moves is chest-popping, which was first introduced in 2NE1’s debut song, “Fire”.  Although it was just Minzy’s ad lib while filming the music video, the director included it in the final product, and it has since been integrated in Fire’s final choreography.

Other than her usual ero-dance moves, Minzy dances ballet and jazz, which were showcased in Adidas’ Interactive Online Game.

And who could forget MINZY TV EPISODE 3?

This episode showed Minzy’s uncanny ability to quickly and accurately learn dance moves, such as the choreographies of HI-TECH’s Park Jung Heon to B.E.P.’s Imma Be and HI-TECH’s Kwon Yong Deuk to S*** Kingz’s Sexy Ladies. She even showed her own sexy poppin’ choreography to Usher’s OMG and Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied!

Since then, Minzy has updated fans with a video of her with S**t Kingz’s Moto Oguri dancing to Justin Timberlake’s Worthy Off, which showed her impressive skills in more technical choreography – very different from the usual ero-Minzy dance moves we’re familiar with.

Animal-lover Minzy

 “His wrinkles are really a piece of art.”

What can rival her love for dancing?  It just may be her adoration for animals.  Minzy has always been a dog-lover. Way back in 2009, Minzy would constantly talk about wanting to have her own puppy. But since Dara was scared of dogs, Minzy was left to dream and instead, took care of G-Dragon’s celebrity pup, GaHo. As the sweet girl that she is, Minzy bought new clothes from GwangJu for her new playmate, and although the clothes were a tad too small, they accentuated GaHo’s sexy wrinkles.

A year later, she still wasn’t allowed to have a puppy of her own.  However, Bom took Minzy to a Pet Café just so Minzy could enjoy playing with the dogs. Minzy was able to pet, play and feed the dogs together with Bom. She also had a chance to walk a cute dog named Chowon while strolling around the Hongdae area, which she really loved. Thank you Park Bom! XOXO Minzy fans ❤ (BomJi <3)

Though it might have taken a few years, Minzy’s dream of having her own puppy did come true! Last year, we met a cute little toy poodle named Remi (soon to be Dougie), who was adopted by Minzy from Seize Puppy when she was just two months old. Minzy chose the new name after the famous dance move “Dougie,” which was also part of 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” choreography.

We were then updated on how Minzy first met Dougie on 2NE1TV Season 3. Dougie was so chubby and tiny then, but has grown up fast! Ah~ Just like her mom, Dougie is becoming a beautiful young lady. ❤

Although Dougie seemed quiet and shy at first, she is very playful and had the same temper as Minzy. Following her mother’s footsteps, baby Dougie exercises a lot so she can stay in shape. Like mother, like child, eh?

Minzy’s Men

Though not really an “interest” per se, one other topic that Minji has discussed several times is her ideal man.  Minzy’s man should be: A reserved person who is manly and cute with long hair, nice butt and lots of muscles.

2NE1’s maknae sure has an interesting and varied taste in men. (Who could she be referring too? Hmm…) Just like teenage girls all over the world, there are some guys that Minji finds “flyyyyy” or attractive.

Let’s start off with Usher! Usher is likely her second favorite ideal guy. Minzy loves gushing about his voice, dance moves, everything! Our maknae has often posted videos and pictures of Usher on Twitter and can be found spazzing her little heart out.

Then there’s Taboo from B.E.P.! During 2NE1’s trip in London, the girls had a chance to meet the members of the band backstage, including Taboo.  After meeting him, Minzy stated how he’s her type because he’s cool and she likes his long hair. (Hahaha so cute!)

Third, we have Nipsey Hussle. Last year, Minzy updated her Twitter with a Nipsey photo and caption: “Nipsey Hussle♥ U Are Attractive ^^“. She’s even followed him on Twitter! Haha Minzy is so cute when fangirling ❤

Then, who could forget Snoop Dogg? Snoop has been on Minzy’s ideal guys list for a while, going back to when Minzy was a little girl learning poppin’ she would listen to his music. She would post on her Twitter a number of times to say how Snoop Dogg is so flyyyyy and hot.  And this little fan girl also made sure to run to the front to watch one of her idols perform during the MAMAs this year.  It’s always adorable to see an idol do her own fangirling.

There are also ideal men within the YG family, the first being Big Bang’s Taeyang. Minzy has mentioned several times that Youngbae is her favorite Big Bang member. Last 2010, Minzy and Dara went to Taeyang’s house for a celebratory party, and Dara revealed that it was Minzy who asked her to go to the party.

“If Youngbae-oppa wins first place today, then we have to go to his surprise party.”

Sweet maknae supporting Taeyang ❤ Not long ago, Minzy even performed a cover of Taeyang’s popular single “Look Only At Me” at 2NE1’s first solo concert!

Another of Minzy’s ideal guys from the YG Family is Sean from JINUSEAN whom she chose based on her personality. (kekeke)

But finally we have the one who’s captured her heart the longest and is little Minzy’s ultimate crush – Se7en! Minzy dubbed herself as Se7en’s “hip-hop fairy” who will be watching over him in the future. She even stayed up to prepare a packed lunch for Se7en on his comeback stage and named Se7en as the “best handsome”! Moreover, she’s done her share of fangirling, like when she stopped everything she was doing and sprinted from the backstage area just to see his Sebong-oppa rehearsing and to cheer for him.

In fact, just looking at Minzy’s tweets to Se7en, you would see how much of a Lucky7 Minzy is.

“Cleaning my room, I found my old notebook in which the photo of SE7EN is attached!!! Old memories~ I was so happy when I got this autograph from SE7EN when I first came to YG at the age of 11. The time has passed and now I’m so happy to be on the same stage w/ him~ forever I’ll be Lucky7~♥

Fangirl Minzy is forever adorable ❤

So there we have it, Minzy’s interests and hobbies. She really has various kinds of interests and we bet that we are forever entertained by her. Who knows? Her interests might broaden as time passes because we know she wants to learn something new every day. As we peel off one shroud of mystery, there’s another one waiting for us to delve into. We hope you feel kind of close now to Minji. Maybe you share some of her interests and you learn something new.  Anyways, this is D-2 for our countdown. We have another topic yet to be unveiled, so wait for it tomorrow.  Go, Minjas!!

D-2 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday!!

Article written by: EM Writers
Graphics and pictures compiled by: EM Staff
Credits to youtube users and GIF makers for respective videos and GIFs


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