As the days roll by, we have come to the final article of our Minzy Birthday Special. We travelled back in time and visited several memories from Pre-debut Minggki up until soon-to-be 19/18 Minzy! So, for the last day of EROMAKNAE’s Special, we go back to about just a year ago (- one day), January 18 2011, the day Minzy joined Twitterverse.

Birth of the Twitter Addict

“Yes, I’m Twitter-addicted.”

On 18th January last year, Gong Minzy of 2NE1 didn’t only receive presents, but also gave Blackjacks and Minjas alike a wonderful present of her own as she joined the rest of the K-Pop celebrities on Twitter under her username mingkki21! Fans all over the world rejoiced and spazzed on every social networking sites and microblogs! The excitement of having a 2NE1 member joining the Twitterverse was palpable and for the entire day, thousands and thousands of tweets were sent in to her all over the world, welcoming her and celebrating her birthday at the same time!

Her first few tweets were about figuring out how to use Twitter, tweeting presents and birthday cakes from fans for her 18th birthday, informing all her manager oppas and friends that she’s on Twitterverse and even spazzing her little heart out about Secret Garden. At first we were quite unsure of the authenticity of Minzy’s Twitter account, but after seeing all the YG-related staff following her back, it was no doubt confirmed that @mingkki21 was indeed our sweet adorable ero maknae. Blackjacks didn’t hesitate in following our maknae as she quickly garnered followers in just a few minutes after the news spread out.

 And for even further confirmation, Blackjacks tweeted the honorary 5th member of 2NE1, Remy Oppar a.k.a. Jeremy Scott! Jeremy Scott a renowned fashion designer and a close friend of 2NE1, asked our maknae about something the only two of them would know. And it was great when Minzy replied correctly in English, marking the first ever English convo of Minzy on Twitter. And it was an adorable conversation no doubt.

Speaking of Minzy’s Twitter convos, just recently Minzy often tweets in English. She loves having them English convos with Jeremy Scott, YGE’s former trainee Han Hyunsoo, YGE’s new Producer Lydia Paek, Movement Lifestyle’s Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga who have been possibly helping her out with her English as 2NE1 prepares for their impending US debut (which we all are crazy excited about!)

Twitter Chingus

Twitter is useful for one thing – that is catching up with our friends online if we can’t meet them face-to-face. And that is exactly what Minzy does. Our Social butterfly often keeps up with her friends on Twitter. She would have random convos with Big Bang’s Taeyang, JinuSean’s SeanSe7enMnet PDs, her friends from Crazy & HITECH, her fashion designer friends and the YG Staff just to name a few out of the 114 people she follows. Their random teasings and funny bickering are always fun to read. Moreover, Minzy also shows her love for the YG family. Just like a good dongsaeng, Mingkki would never fail to tweet support for her Big Bang oppas, Psy and Se7en oppa for their comeback stages and award shows. YG Family love ❤ And since then, Twitter has become her home.

Furthermore, Minzy also follows other artists on Twitter aside from the YG Family. Minzy follows Dalmatian’s Youngwon on Twitter and vice versa.  Minzy also managed to find May Doni on Twitter – whom she was supposed to debut with in Japan – and followed her too. Jay Park, who once said on a TV show that our maknae is his favorite 2NE1 member, got lucky when Minzy first tweeted him on Chuseok day and since then, they have been exchanging cute, short conversations like this one below:

Fanservice, Minzy’s TV, MIN-fucius and SelCas

In addition, Minzy shows a lot of fan service on Twitter, especially in the early days when she first started out using Twitter. She would answer her curious fans’ questions in various languages and she frequently greets and thanks her fans. It is even through a Q&A with one of the fans that we found out that her favourite colour had been changed to purple (from pink previously).

And recently, one of her ultimate fanservice is her very own self directed and produced webisodes , Minzy’s TV! First and foremost, what we love about Minzy’s TV is that she takes the time to take her own videos, uploads it, remixes it, edits it and she does all of that in spite of their very, very, very hectic schedule. Don’t you just love her? She values her fans so much that she takes the time to give us Minzy’s TV ❤

Minzy uploaded the first episode featuring Dougie! This episode showed shots of Dougie from when she was a little puppy up until she’s older. Cute Minzy compiled videos of her baby girl ❤ Minzy at first had trouble uploading this video when she first attempted to use Twitpic to upload it, and even cutely whined about how the video got cut off kk. But after several fans’ recommendation to use Twitvid instead, Minzy successfully uploaded her first episode of Minzy’s TV ^^

On the second episode of Minzy’s TV, Minzy wowed us with her superb cover of Chrisette Michele’s “What You Do” which showed maknae’s powerful vocals. She perhaps got the idea to first upload this cover of hers after she got amazing wow-ing response to this short video of her randomly singing along to this song in the dance studio while wheeling herself around in a chair (Everybody, and it was really everybody, went spazzing their heads out when they heard her angelic voice in the video. Crazy response it was). And then treated us to the full version of it. With the black and white setting, her simply dressed in a black suit with the hat, there could only be one word to describe the cover: Perfect.

On Minzy’s TV #3, 2NE1’s maknae then wowed us yet again when we saw her dancing to a more technical choreography. Just before this episode, Minzy had been uploading individual videos of her dance covers (such as the October 19th update of her practice choreography with Sh** Kingz Oguri) but with this episode, Minzy showed us a whole compilation and mix of her dances starring HITECH’s Park Jung Heon and Kwon Yong Deuk.  Minzy also showed her own poppin’ choreography dancing to Usher’s OMG and Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied! This episode sure blasted the critiques that kept saying our maknae only knows ero dances. Lol!

On Minzy’s most recent episode, she gave Blackjacks and Minjas a brilliant Christmas present that impressed us and filled our hearts with endearment. On the beginning of the video, Minzy added some very heart-warming caption that stated:

“The year of 2011 is already coming to an end..

It’s been a year where there were many happy and fun moments with 2NE1,

I believe it’s because of everyone’s love and care.

Thank you so much.

From now on, I will continue to grow and work towards showing the development of 2NE1. To everyone who has encouraged me, I’ve made a small Christmas present for you~^^

This is a song for only Black jacks~ “

Such a sweet and grateful girl, isn’t she? This episode truly rendered everyone speechless and for some, even to tears as it was such a heartwarming present to us all, especially her days of teasing with her countdown to the release of this episode. And we really gotta say, she killed the cover. It was perfection. Even her not-perfect English was perfect cause of the mistakes /coughs We’re Minzy stans afterall. Her imperfections make her even more perfect 😀


Another thing we love about our Twitter- addict Minzy is her sometimes philosophical and cerebral tweets that keep us dumbfounded. Which of you has stumbled upon one of Minzy’s tweets that just leave you speechless? Thinking “What in the world that I just read?” or “Did Minzy really tweet that?” or maybe “….. Wow…. That was deep.” Lol!

 “If you don’t have much interest, then it’s right that you don’t need to hide it. It’s right not to lie, but you always give ambiguous answers. It’s not that I really don’t know.. I’m just pretending I don’t… Disappointment and expectations all fall.. There is a limit to how much I can pretend to be deceived and how nice I can be.”

“The weather remembers many things. Through the weather, memory of those times, even to down to the individual moments, the weather will tell you the stories through the wind. When it asks, “Don’t you remember that time?”, naturally memories of that time will come to mind. I’ve opened the window and the wind is blowing in. Minji-ya, do you remember? …”

“That person’s true character.. and (his/her) current appearance if (one) does not try to understand them, acknowledge them, then (one) cannot say that (one) loves or respects that person, and (one) will not be able to express (one’s) love and respect towards that person. Love and respect will only be recognized (by the other person) when (one) understands and acknowledge that person’s true character, and is not instead judged by oneself.”

Our maknae is such an intellectual girl, isn’t she? No wonder she loves discovering new things. She has a fascination in unfamiliar things and she loves feeding her mind through delving into various media. It is most definitely through Twitter where we could really see just how mature she is, and what her 2NE1 unnies really meant when they say that Minji is really mature for her age and is a really deep-thinker. Sometimes, her tweets worry us, sometimes her tweets make us think as hard she is. But we love it. Her Twitter is her own space, a place where she can type down whatever she wants to, what she feels at that exact moment, and it’s just for her and her only. It is actually comforting to know that she has an outlet where she can pour out what she’s thinking about. Afterall, it’s never good to bottle it all up. We hope she continues doing it, even if it might attract the attention of the media such as the November 13th cryptic tweet that was reported for countless of days by the Kmedia. Let it all out maknae ^^


Posting SelCas on Twitter are also one of Minzy’s fortes. Minzy would time and time again update us with her fresh and a lot of times jaw-dropping SelCas (such as the ones above). Minzy most definitely knows her best angle – all her selcas are absolutely praise-inducing. Her make-up free face and her made-up face have all been shown through her selcas to the delight of us, and all fans alike. Minzy’s a gorgeous girl no doubt, and her selcas accentuate that natural beauty that she has in her. You just can’t help spazzing over it! Not only that, but our maknae would also post pictures of her beloved Dougie, her new hobby, the new stuff that she bought and the ones that she like.

Minzy has really made full use of her Twitter in the almost one year that she’s been on it. She shares what her interests is and what makes her curious by tweeting diverse things in hoping some of her fans or friends would tell her more about it or encourage her to take on the challenge. From simple cute things, deep soliloquys that baffle minds and shot deep in the heart, to just quirky selcas that she shares with us. Through Twitter, we have learned so much about Minzy in just a span of one year. We hope that in the coming years, Minzy would continue keep us updated and show us more of her inspiring and sometimes philosophical tweets, gorgeous selcas and have more adorable and amusing conversations with her friends. ❤ By now, she’s most definitely a Twitter expert, or should we say, a Twitter addict kk.


Gong Mingkki, the Twitter Addict. 

It’s D-1 to Minzy’s 19th Birthday everybody!! Just ONE MORE DAY TO GO and our Minzy will be 19 years old!! And of course, we’re pretty sure this maknae would be on Twitter on this special day of hers, tweeting her heart out too ^^

This is sadly, the end of our MINZY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL WRITE-UP. But don’t fret, on 18th January 2012 at 12AM KST, do join us once again on our Twitter and Tumblr and join us in celebrating Minzy’s 19th Birthday! D-1!! D-1!! See you there!!

Article Written By: EM Writers
Graphics and Pictures compiled by: EM Staff
Credits to translators and youtube users for respective translations and videos


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