We decided to meet each other on Saturday (Feb.4,2012) to buy gifts for 2ne1.Then my friend and I didn’t went home because 2ne1’s gonna be there tomorrow morning,so we just slept at another friend’s house which is near at NAIA 3.

When we were already at NAIA 3 , we came across other blackjacks. We all had no idea where 2ne1 will be exiting,cause they can also use the VIP exit….

But,they didn’t. They came out like a normal passengers using the ordinary exit.Then,there was a huge chaos.

There were no guards to stop the fans, that’s why many were able to have their signatures , many obtained signatures from Bom and Dara,coz Minzy was really fast,She’s like a ninja! as in While CL, Dara and Bom were still in the terminal, Minzy was already at the van O.O Epic ninja moves right? lol XD. Also,Only a few were able to get CL’s signature because she has a staff with her and she was also holding a big rillakuma .

What I did that time was kept on yelling “Minzy saranghae” “Cl saranghae” “Bom saranghae” “Dara saranghae” “Minzy? Minzyyyyyy!!”

Then,while they were already at the van,we kept on waving and kept on touching the van.

When the van already left, most of the blackjacks were jumping because of happiness. We all spazzed about what happened.

When we were about to go to Resorts World, there was a blackjack who said that Minzy was a snob (maybe because she wasn’t able to get a signature).I yelled at her “hey hey ! No! Minji’s not a snob.” then i showed to her my friend`s photocard that have Minzy`s sign,she apologized and said that it was only a joke.

Guys,Minzy really walks fast, as in she gets out of sight easily , actually she was the one who I looked for when they were about to exit , then I was surprised to see that she was already about to get out of the terminal. Then she just had a poker face reaction that time.My friend ran so fasted towards to minzy that`s why she got Minzy sign.

Anyway, we searched for a “free shuttle” bus . While we were waiting for a bus, the staff and Manager Jjangmae just went out of the terminal. Bringing all of 2ne1’s luggages .There was a blackjack who attempted to get Manager Jjangmae’s signature and the rest of the staff ended up laughing.

While they are busy with 2ne1’s luggages , we raised our banners cause one of the pd’s were taking pictures (or videos).Then,One of my friends asked one staff members to give her gift to Minzy.In my opinion,All the staffs were so nice.

While we were riding the free shuttle going to Resorts World,we labeled the EROMAKNAE gifts , it was a bit dizzying and shaky,Of course, we just met 2ne1 and the bus seems like dancing to “I Am The Best.”  LMAO!

When we already made it to Resorts World , we asked our friend there if she spotted 2ne1,she replied ”yes I saw them,CL and BOM were so cute. CL punched Bom’s corn stuffed toy and Bom tried to get CL’s rillakuma but she failed,they were like children fighting over a candy,they look so cute.”

We stayed at a coffee shop inside Resorts World and waited for updates about their where abouts and what they are doing. After a few moments, someone told us that MINZY and DARA were eating at the 2nd floor,(i forgot the name of that restaurant (?) ) when we were heading towards the 2nd floor, the guard halt us , he sensed that we are fans.

We waited for the proper timing and strategized on how we can make it to the 2nd floor.

What we did was we went up by twos.The first two,made it pass the guards,then when it was already our turn, we also made it because there were some foreigners around us, they even greeted us “Good afternoon.” We acted as if we were high class members of the society so they won’t know that we’re fans.HAHA

We brought all of the EROMAKNAE gifts which has logo and their names , that’s why we felt nervous,but we thought that they (the guards) don’t know the names of all 2ne1 members.

When we made it to the 3rd floor using the escalator,we were so surprised because we can effortlessly see Minzy and Dara eating. Minzy was really cute that time,she kept on laughing while she was talking to one of the staffs.

We went up and down (from 2nd floor up to 3rd floor,3rd floor down to 2nd floor) hihi.Dara also kept on smiling (maybe they were talking about what they did in Albay) .

A few moments later, we fearing that we’ll get noticed,so we thought of going to the 5th floor.We still continued acting as if we were high class members of the society,there was even a guard who greeted us with “Good afternoon Ma’am.”We didn’t even mind him cause in our schema, high class members of the society are meant to be snobs.We continued strutting down to the 4th floor..Hihi 🙂

That moment,I was holding my laughter cause the blackjacks are so cunning.We gave it our best when it comes to acting .We move from one place to another whenever we see that there are also fellow blackjacks crowding at a certain area,LOL.

The only thing on our minds that time was to give the Eromaknae gifts,even if we don’t receive their signatures anymore,giving them the gifts is our first priority .

When we made it to the 2nd floor,Dara was about to left (she’s probably from the restaurant),I waited for her near the elevator,I handed her the gift of Eromaknaefor her,the staff was about to get it but I didn’t let her, I handed the gift to Dara and said “Dara, please…Thank you.” And then she accepted it and smiled at me.

Dara is really petite,I think she’s only as tall as me or only up to my jaw,she’s really beautiful,her skin is so smooth and flawless.

When Dara rode the elevator,that’s the time when we thought to give the gifts of CL and Bom,so it was already too late.-_-

While we were waiting for Minzy to come out , I was practicing what I am going to say to her . What I prepared was ”Minzy , for you, this is from eromaknae, an international site dedicated for you , I hope you like it , I love you .” But what I was able to say when she was already in front of me was “Hi Minzy , please , please, please please ,please.” While looking at her hands , cause if I look at her face, I might even pass out due to her cuteness cause I was really really close to her ,hihi.

Manager Jjangmae attempted to get the gift but I didn’t give it to him, I was really in front of Minzy and I handed her the gifts cause I want to see her holding it and it indeed happened.She thanked us.

Minzy kept a poker face all along but as she was about to ride the elevator,I saw her laughing,maybe because while they were waiting the elevator to open, the fans slowly touched her like a saint/goddess , there`s even one fan wiped her head off with a handkerchief..HAHAHA!.I touched her shoulder area,she smells so good,and my friend Kath, she just poked Minzy using her index finger,good thing Minzy didn’t get tickled .LOLS.

When the elevator doors closed,once again, we forgot to give CL and Bom’s gifts.Then a few moments later, the elevator doors opened again,and Minzy was still there so I ran towards there but I wasn’t able to give CL and Bom’s gifts because there were many fans,so I got pissed off that time and said “What the hell!!, we can’t give our gifts.” …..To our shock , the elevator doors opened again,I ran towards it,the other fans already made a way for me.

I handed the gifts to Manager Jjangmae but he gently hit the gifts but I didn’t give in,I really pleaded for him to accept it and give it to the girls.I found it funny because Manager Jjangmae accepted it before the elevator doors closed,as in the elevator was already closing then he suddenly took the gifts,so i got shocked… TROLL MANAGER x))

There was a huge smile on my face.I recall saying “Yes! we were able to give the gifts! Hooray!” The other blackjacks were also very happy for us .

While we were going down , we were all very talkative.We were also very happy cause we don’t have to pretend to be high class members of the society anymore,haha.We have already succeeded and we met Dara and Minzy again.

Then the guards were staring at us , maybe they were thinking ”Oh snap it! They have deceived us.” BLEH !! haha

When we made it to Game Zoo,we thought that they might be opening the gifts right at that very moment,we also thought if they liked it .

The other blackjacks played at Game Zoo while me and my friend greta bought food at McDonalds. We decided to go on an elevator trip , hoping to make it to the 7th floor where 2ne1’s room was. But we didn’t make it because there was no other passenger who has a card for the 7th floor.

There were a lot of blackjacks who patiently waited for 2ne1 to come out and that’s what my fellow blackjacks and I did.

We explored the place.We went to the basement of Maxim’s hotel,investigating whether 2ne1’s car was there (but it wasn’t),What if 2ne1 suddenly passes to that area while we were there? We might suffocate in no time.

When we went up from the ground floor where the other blackjacks are,someone reported that 2ne1 was in The Fort.

We went to The Fort at around 7pm and we know that they’ll be leaving for NAIA1 at 9pm, so we went to The Fort . When we made it there,2ne1 wasnt there,so we just went back to Resort World instead.

When we made it back to Resorts World , there were still a lot of blackjacks , the looks might have changed,I mean there was a whole new batch of blackjacks, maybe the others already left,coz Majority of the ones who were waiting in the afternoon looked like high school students and the ones who stalked in the evening looked like college students .keke

We waited outside of Resorts World,because if we stayed inside with other blackjacks,we’re sure that there were guards inside who will block us.

A few minutes later, we heard the other blackjacks screaming.We thought 2ne1 was already there,we went inside to be but it was only their luggages.Their luggages were placed inside of one van.

While waiting for 2ne1 , I fangirled over Manager Jjangmae.keke

When 2ne1 finally came out, the scream was even louder.There was a huge chaos in the area,many were attempting to get their signature (including me) for the last time,but because of the huge number of fans and guards as well, I just yelled out the members’ names.

When they already made it to the van,we hurriedly went to the taxi station to follow them to the airport.Good thing there were a lot of taxi cabs around.

When we were riding the taxi , I simply told the driver to follow the van , the hi-ace van where 2ne1 was inside.I said to taxi driver that,We’ve been idolizing them for 3 years,then the driver replied “Okay,we’ll get close to the van so you’d be able to see them.” The taxi driver was really kind,he was trying his best to catch us with the van so we were able to see 2ne1.The van’s tint wasn’t that dark so we saw them.

Minzy was the first person who I saw, she was using her cellphone (?) that’s why I was able to spot her easily , she was wearing a pair of eyeglasses and she was sitting next to CL who was also wearing eyeglasses and hugging a big rillakuma.

On the left part of the van,we saw Dara.She was taking a look outside. She’s still very beautiful even in the dark , she was smiling when we saw her.We wasnt able to saw Bom. 😦

When we made it to NAIA 1,we got shocked because there were still a lot of fans,even it was already 9:30pm that time.

Minzy was the first who came out of the van, followed by CL,then Bom and last Dara. Even they got trapped in a huge sea of fans,they didn’t stop smiling and waving.

BOM was even got drifted towards a food stop at NAIA that’s why a staff member pulled her,that didn’t even stop her from waving as she enters the terminal.

After that, we went to KFC and spazzed about 2ne1.

I was very very happy because I was able to see them even at the last minute.

As we were exiting KFC, I looked back to NAIA 1 at I suddenly cried and cried . There was a blend of emotions,1st because I wasn’t able to believe that I was able to meet them upclose,then (I just want to be honest) I got jealous to one of my friends who were able to get CL, Dara and Minzy’s signature even though she didn’t effort as much as we did,like we were absent in school and didn’t go home for almost 2 days but the rest of my feelings said that I am gonna miss them so much because of the moments since they arrived in The Philippines.

My friends trying to stop me from crying ,they were saying “It’s okay, they will be back .” “You were able to get Minzy’s signature,it’s okay . After all she’s your bias right?” ”Stop crying, seeing you cry also makes me cry, it’s okay . They’ll be back. just BELIEVE.”

What I was replied to them, “huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu , I’m gonna miss them so much.”

I was still crying until were riding the bus,I cannot control myself,it seems like everything is just starting to sink in.I was just very happy reminiscing the moments I had with 2NE1.

I am very thankful to be their fan because they are so very down to earth , there were no blemish of arrogance.They are unlike other celebrities who behave much like VIPs. 

To think of it,they can use all the VIP exit so no one will be able to see them but they preferred to use the all ordinary exit where there are a lot of fans waiting to see them and have their signatures.

After what happened,I am even more HARDCORE THAN A HARDCORE BLACKJACK.

I hope they’ll come back here for NOLZA Philippines.

Fanaccount by : heiizennyraa / erocorn21 @ EROMAKNAE


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