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[PROJECT #4] 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour: United MINZY Fans Support Details!

2NE1’s 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour is just around the corner! Just like how all other fansites are preparing something to support 2NE1 for this concert, MINZY FANS would also like to show our support to Minzy for the upcoming New Evolution Concert in Seoul!

This time round, EROMAKNAE will not be working alone. Together with Minzy’s Korean Fansite, 공민지닷컴 aka KONGDOT, and WeLoveMinzy, us three Minzy sites will be collaborating to show Minzy that both her Korean and international Minzy fans are always behind her and supporting her together.

Take a look at the details of the collaboration below!

#1 Mango Tree Wreath Collaboration Project

In the Kpop fandom, Korean celebrities normally receive ‘Rice Wreaths’ instead of  customary flower bouquets during an event in order to show their support to their idols and at the same time helping to contribute to the less fortunate. Why is this so? It is because the rice bought by fans all goes to charity. (Changed to ‘Mango Tree Wreath’ – scroll down to read details)

As some of you may know, Minzy is a girl who cares deeply for the less fortunate – she is in fact supporting a child in Bangladesh as we found out through a tweet of hers – so let us fans follow in her footsteps in doing a part for the less fortunate too. Through this Rice Wreath support, you will be doing a part for charity while also giving support to Minzy for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert in Seoul.

This year for New Evolution, EROMAKNAE & 공민지닷컴 & WeLoveMinzy will work together to raise donations to get a rice Mango Tree wreath for Minzy. We are planning to make this rice wreath a bit more unique for Minzy by adding in LED lights to the rice wreath. With the LED lights, Minzy will be able to spot the wreath, together with all the rice bags for charity, even in the dark after the concert has ended.

We are targeting for a 100kg rice wreath. Take a look at how a 100kg rice wreath and the LED lights will look like.

(More examples of LED wreaths can be found HERE or HERE.)

One 100kg rice wreath costs about USD $340. The LED lights requires an additional USD $90.


** If we receive extra donations, we will be purchasing more rice/LED wreaths depending on the amount of donations that we can get. 


YGE recently offered fans an alternative wreath project where instead of giving ‘Rice Wreaths’, we will be presenting a ‘Mango Tree Wreath’ instead. This project’s aim is to plant trees and build a forest under 2NE1’s name in South Sudan to support local residents who are suffering from terrible poverty and diseases. (Details from @OMG_SODA)

#UNITEDMINZYFANS are changing to this ‘Mango Tree Wreath’ idea too and we will be getting one big 100 Mango Tree, one 20 Mango Tree and one 10 Mango Tree with the funds that we have 🙂


#2 EROMAKNAE & KONGDOT’s Side Collaboration Project

Adding on to the rice wreath, EROMAKNAE & 공민지닷컴  will also be collaborating to do a side support project. For this part of the project, EM & KONGDOT will be raising money to purchase a few more things for Minzy that she can personally receive and make use of.

  • Personal Flower Basket = USD $86
  • A cute stitch ring that symbolises us fans cheering and supporting her on her ‘hand’ as she goes onto the stage to showcase her prowess = USD $11
  • A Michael Jackson figurine which will be a gift token to remind Minzy to perform her best at the concert just like how her idol, Michael Jackson, always does. May the MJ spirit live through her ♥♥ = USD $60


Under one name as MINZY FANS, these three Minzy sites are hoping that we can represent all Korean and International Minzy fans as we come together to show our support for Minzy for this New Evolution Concert.

If you wish to show your support to Minzy, do donate to us and your donations will go towards this support! Even the littlest amount will help show Minzy that her fans do indeed love and support her. Minjas fighting!!

Donation Methods:


  • Paypal
    *Click on the ‘Donate’ button below to donate to us via Paypal!

  • Meetups (for Singaporeans only)
    *If you do not have Paypal and wish to meetup to pass us your donations, please e-mail us at and we will arrange a time&day for the meetup. Either one of our staff, zeelisious or soh0712, will be the one meeting you. We will help you transfer your money to the Paypal account as per arranged 🙂

Also, as a form of EM tradition, do post on the comments below if you donated so that we can acknowledge everyone who has participated in this project. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can also send in the acknowledgement to

If you have any questions regarding anything about this project, feel free to leave your comments below or email us at with your queries ^^

Let’s do this Minjas!! Spreading the Minzy love 24/7!

EM Staff


18 thoughts on “[PROJECT #4] 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour: United MINZY Fans Support Details!”

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if your fan-site is doing any small projects for the New Jersey concert? I came up with a little something, but unfortunately don’t have funds to get it going. I was thinking of making a red glow stick heart in the audience during the ILY performance. Here is a picture of what it would look like

    There would be 73 seats involved in this so about 73 glow sticks would be needed.

    I’m sending this message to all major 2NE1 fan sites to see if they want to join. I understand that each fan site is doing their own support projects and raising money isn’t easy, but if we could all pitch in to the glow stick cost, only a small amount would be needed.

    If we buy 3 boxes (75pcs all together) of 6″ red glow sticks the cost will be $40.47 so if all 4 member’s fan-sites join, each would have to donate roughly $10 dollars.
    Another website offers the same amount of 10″ red glow sticks for $44.97.
    6″ Premium glow sticks (thicker and much brighter) cost $48 for 75 pieces.

    Please consider this and give me a response as soon as possible because there’s not much time before the concert.

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