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[INTERVIEW] Minzy’s message on Adidas Magazine

Art. The word art. You can freely express yourself without saying it with your mouth. Sometimes, I try to express myself by drawing or taking pictures of what I think is difficult to express through talking. Michael Jackson. His dance, his passion, all of his talents are desirable. Every bit of his actions, even his hand gestures had this aura. His memory, his humanism are  represented in a lot of things I do. When it’s hard, when my eyes are quivering in the morning, I focus my mind, I listen to his music and I can grab everything newly again. Music from the beginning of the day to the end of it; music is my life, disasters and triumphs. If my everything is to be in contact with something, it is of course music. Hip Hop. If music is life, Hip Hop is the best brand. I listen to (all) music regardless of genre. Among them, without a doubt, Hip Hop is the genre I’m most passionate about. The first genre I came in with dance was hip hop too. Since my childhood, I’ve been old friends with hip hop. The Rolling Stones. Their music is a movement inside of me; something mysterious. Now I’m at the point where I find and listen to rock music that was unfamiliar to me when I was younger. Their unique symbol are I guess the flashing hand going up, the urge to delightfully watch genuine rock’n’roll. And they will be incessantly alive through their name. This is a genuine legend. Fashion. Fashion is like personality. It shows one self’s everything in detail and delicately. The person’s values. I sometimes dress tomboyishly and sometimes I dress womanly/femininely. My character is easy-going and abrupt but inside I’m actually womanly/feminine and I have a lot of aegyo. Fashion lets me express myself as I explore it however I want.

Magazine Scans by: KONGMINZY.COM
Translated by: pab0sarang & minfucius@EROMAKNAE 

::Please take this out with FULL & PROPER credits::


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