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[SCANS/INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1!” – MINZY Excerpts Part I

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We’re sharing these MINZY excerpts from 2NE1’s Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1” because we were awed by the things that Minzy said in this Photo Essay Book. It’s like we gained an insight into Minzy’s thoughts. So, we thought you guys would want to know what she said too. It is unfortunately not everything though. So, do get your own copy of the photobook as well and indulge in the wonderful pictures of the 2NE1 girls and all the things that each of them have to say about this trip and to each other. When you get this photobook, you just can’t help but fall in love with the 2NE1 girls even further ♥


Date of Birth: 18 January 1994

MINZY is the youngest of the four members and is just starting to display her feminine side. It seems the older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes. Her smile is worth a million dollars. MINZY is born to dance and is second to none in this aspect. Even Beyonce will fall in love with her once she sees MINZY dance. MINZY loves rock music and maybe that’s why she wears chic rocker-style clothes.

She is thoughtful and respectful to her seniors.
She is such a sweetheart but doesn’t show it much.
She is soft, delicate and innocent.
She is a person who puts her heart to even the smallest of things, while easily managing bigger challenges.

MINZY may be young but her maturity belies her age.

They are sometimes excited and burst into laughter; at other times, they look serious. MINZY is for the most part a very loving, sweet and amenable little sister. Though looking wild on the outside, she is so soft and delicate inside. She is as fresh and sweet as a kiwi shake.

A girl with Prussian blue-colored hair.
Young and cheerful.
Beaming a dazzling smile.

MINZY is a girl who desires freedom and imagines flying off to some distant place someday. Right now, as MINZY shouts “freedom” out to the ocean, it is one of her most liberating moments. MINZY says that she hasn’t even had the chance to think about her own free time because of her busy schedule in Korea and in Japan. The members have all talked about taking a trip like this together, “I was really looking forward to it. Just shouting ‘freedom’ helps relieve my stress.”

MINZY likes to read novels, so she always brings books along whenever she travels. She says travelling is nothing special, and she just packs lightly with items she would normally use. “If I could have a great time, I just want to have fun until I am exhausted. I want to be perfect, both when working and playing. Isn’t that cool?” So then, did she bring the right items? Let’s see what items MINZY has brought with her.

MINZY’s Travel Kit, Must Have Items Revealed!

Hat with ocean blue brim. A simple blue-brimmed hat that blocks the sun while complementing MINZY’s boyish look. It is a unique, young item. It’s not a rare item, but it’s definitely rare on the beach so it stands out~

Checkered shirt with a sensational color combination. The evening breeze actually feels quite chilly against the skin. A nice checkered-print shirt is the perfect item that lightly protects your skin from the wind, and you can just tie it around your waist during the day.

Flower-print skinny pants. No one would have thought that MINZY would own an item like this! MINZY actually enjoys unique and daring fashion items, and this is one of her favorites. The lively colors make the pants look like they were dyed with the colors of a garden, and they are the perfect match with the blue hat! What a great sense of fashion!

Flip flops, a beach favorite! The hottest beach sandals out there, and the cushion on the soles help soothe your feet. The design looks somewhat like grapes and a little bit like glass marbles, but it looks cool and lovely on the beach. The heel is just high enough so that you won’t have to worry about falling or getting the heel buried in the sand.

MINZY’s Favorite Item – “The White Collection”

Snow white sneakers. Blocks the sun completely. Sneakers are best in white. MINZY likes simplicity and demonstrates that the simplest things can also be the most sophisticated. Everyday sneakers could easily be worn on vacations as well. It’s young, fun and hip!

Various types of cool, white t-shirts! If the highlight of your look is a checkered print or bright colored pants, then it’s best to keep the rest simple. The “less is more” philosophy is the very foundation of MINZY’s look. Cool, white t-shirts with simple black print letters or small logos are the very basic items that can be matched with pretty much anything. This young casual look is perfect for the beach!

Excerpts from: 2NE1 Photo Essay Book
Scans by: pab0sarang@EROMAKNAE

P.S. The excerpts in the photobook ARE in English 🙂
P.S.S. Gogo purchase the Photobook as there are many more amazing things written about 2NE1 in there – their thoughts and opinions, messages of love to each other etcetcetc. Not to mention all the gorgeous pictures, so go get it now!!


2 thoughts on “[SCANS/INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1!” – MINZY Excerpts Part I”

  1. Thanks so much for all of the hard work you guys do. I visit this site every single day because I am a huge Minzy fan, and I love our maknae just as much as you guys do. The tremendous amount of work you guys put into this fan site is overwhelming, and as a fan from the USA, I am extremely grateful that there is an English-language site such as this one that is dedicated to giving the best updates and information regarding our wonderful Minzy.

    I haven’t been able to comment as much on this site as I would like to, but please know that all of your hard work is appreciated and I hope you continue to do your very best in bringing all of us fans Minzy-related news. I truly think that she is the most beautiful and talented member of 2NE1 and her overwhelming charisma and her beautiful heart shines above anyone else.

    Again thank you so much,

    Words cannot express how thankful I am for you guys for brightening my day with Minzy news!

    With <3,


    1. Hi Kristen!

      You have no idea what your message has done to us. We all started on eggshells tiptoeing how to manage a site like this. We were all inexperienced at the start. Our goal was, and still is, to spread Minzy news across the world, to all the Minjas who crave more of Minji. It was all due to the fact that we, ourselves were frustrated that we learn so little things about her awesomeness. But because each and everyone of us had something that we can contribute to help other Minjas learn more about our amazing maknae, we came together to try and build upon a holistic Minzy fansite.

      Your message gave us a smile that can be compared to a momwho just delivered a baby & seeing her for the first time after carrying her for nine months. We really are grateful that one of our goals have been reached. With messages from you and fellow Minjas, we strive harder to give you guys everything about Minji. It’s like a pat on our backs, saying “Good Job! You did great!”

      So yea, thank you so much for this wonderful message. It’s really a great motivation ^0^ We will continue to work harder!

      Continue spreading, sharing and showing the Minzy love 24/7! Let others know about Minzy’s amazingness, spazz together about her amazingness! ❤ ^^

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