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[SCANS/INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1!” – MINZY Excerpts Part II

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We’re sharing these MINZY excerpts from 2NE1’s Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1” because we were awed by the things that Minzy said in this Photo Essay Book. It’s like we gained an insight into Minzy’s thoughts. So, we thought you guys would want to know what she said too, especially for those of you who are unable to purchase the photobook. It is unfortunately not everything though. So, if you are able to, do get your own copy of the photobook as well and indulge in the wonderful pictures of the 2NE1 girls and all the things that each of them have to say about this trip and to each other. When you get this photobook, you just can’t help but fall in love with the 2NE1 girls even further ♥

People actually call me “PD Kong.” I feel honored that they’ve nicknamed me this, and that’s why I’m disclosing it with pride. The other members love the pictures I take. Maybe it’s because I don’t only consider the person in the picture, but I also take into consideration the background. Both background and the person have to blend in naturally and the angle and the frame have to be just right in order for it to be considered a good picture. Yeah, I guess I am a little bit obsessed. Haha. I need everything to be just right before I press the shutter. I like looking through pictures in magazines and I even clip them in my scrapbook, which is one of my most treasured items. One of these days, I want to take part in the making of 2NE1’s album jacket.

Minzy’s Little Travel Sketch

Small cuts could be impressive, too, you know. Sometimes, you can get a strong image just from a specific part of a body, like your feet. I just think about the emotion and the way it blends with nature. Some people might say it’s too much work for one shot. But that’s what you need to get a good shot! The beach shot of DARA is just pure perfection! Remember, you need to think about the person AND the nature.

It’s me, MINZY! The one who shouted “freedom”, from beginning until the end.

I’ve always wanted to shout “freedom” at the ocean, and the members have always talked about taking a trip like this. But we can’t arrange our schedule the way we want to, so we had pretty much given up on the idea until this amazing opportunity came to us. I brought all these novels I’ve been wanting to read, but I haven’t gotten through a couple of pages before I fell asleep on the plane. Weak! I need to be strong. I love novels! I will recommend a good book to those of you reading this. It’s called About a Boy, written, by Nick Hornby, who also wrote Bridget Jones’ Diary. It has also been adapted into a film, and it’s really good book that has an element of humanism. Since we’ve gotten off to a good start, I’m trying to relax and plan the trip. And the in-flight meal; I’m sure the other members have mentioned bibimbap and ssambap. We usually eat bibimbap on the flight, because we know we won’t get to eat much Korean food when we go abroad. After the meal, I listen to music. The genre depends on my mood. I tend to listen to a variety of genres, but I listened to a lot of quiet music on this trip. It’s the type of music DARA likes to listen to. The tranquility of the melody of the acoustic guitar. All of these things set me in a great mood ahead of the trip. Speaking of the trip, I know I can’t swim, but I’m going to dip my feet at least once before I leave! Haha.

Hello Philippines!

“What was your first impression of the Philippines?”
– It’s humid here. It was cold back home. I liked it because it’s like summer all over again.

“How was the food?”
– There is a specific scent in the food, and I’ve never experienced it before so it was very new to me. I think I’m getting used to it more and more. DARA actually recommended a shrimp dish with spicy chili sauce. It’s like shrimp dipped in ddeokbokki (Korean spicy rice cake). That was really good! (“CL was also talking about shrimp”) Yup, that’s the one! I didn’t get to do much. I heard that CL went swimming, but I can’t swim. I can barely do the dog paddle, haha! I think DARA said that she may do jet skiing today, so I’m thinking of joining her. All the fun starts later today!

Romance? Rule of the Jungle? Either is Fine with me!

“How was your trip getting here? Don’t you think it’s romantic here?”
– I was shocked at how far we have traveled, especially after taking a car ride for over an hour. It felt like a jungle expedition. (“We were actually thinking about shooting that TV show, Rule of the Jungle.”) Hahaha! I would have to get the coconut off the tree and go meet the chief of the tribe, or something like that? As far as romantic feeling, everything here really ought to be romantic, right? But that’s not the case. The bridge was destroyed by the rain as we were coming to the island, and I thought I was on a deserted island or something!

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which member would you want to be with? What three items would you want?”
– One member? Just one? Well, if I could take three things, I will just take the three members. We can dig together, explore caves, and catch cows. Or snakes, if there are no cows. (Very serious all of a sudden.)

“Romantic islands like this one are ideal for honeymoons. What is the honeymoon destination of your dreams?”
– A place like this would be nice. It would be really nice just strolling around on the beach or just listening to music together, or just talking. We went to Singapore this one time for a music awards, and there was a huge pool there. Even though I can’t swim, I remember we had a lot of fun. I want to go back to Singapore, because it was extremely clean there; clean enough to lie down on the streets. No trash anywhere, and smoking is banned everywhere

Tell Me About Your Beach Look~

“What kind of makeup and style look good on a beach like this?”
– Marine look, like the one I was wearing. I also like military styles, or the safari look that reminds you of a jungle. We really should have done a jungle expedition, it’s too bad!

A New Challenge for the inexperienced

“What is your favorite water sport?”
– For some reason, I’ve never done any water activities, so I’m not a huge fan of water sports. I’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding either. I should learn, though. Can someone teach me, please?

Acoustic Inspiration

“You must get a lot of musical inspiration while visiting a new place. Is there any style of music you want to try?”
– A lot of 2NE1’s music has been upbeat, but acoustic music seems to be a better match for a place like this. I want to try acoustic music.

“Do you play an instrument?”
– I really want to learn. But every time I try to learn, some other schedules gets in the way. So I’m just waiting for the perfect opportunity. I really want to learn to play the drums. I think it would be fun. And good for stress relief, just banging on the drums. And it’s fun to feel the beat and the rhythm.

Relaxing Time

“How are you feeling now?”
– Now, I’m relaxed and i don’t want to go back. Haha. I know that when I go back, I’m going to be super busy again.

About the Trip

“What was the most memorable part of the trip?”
– Even though it took a long time to get from one place to the next, it was all worth it. And when else would I get a chance to play in the water like that? In particular, I remember the snorkeling and jet skiing. When else would I get to fall in the water again? (Haha) It was cool to see the fish in the water while snorkeling. CL really wanted to go skin scuba diving, but we didn’t have any time. They also took pictures, too! I really want to come back, and the most important thing is to learn to swim!

Thanks to “The Rider”, I fell into the water yesterday. CL turned and said it was the last time, but jumped eight times! Riding the waves! She was like a flying fish! We both lost our balance and fell. I can’t swim, so I thought I was going to die. I forgot I was wearing a life vest, so I was afloat within moments. And CL is a good swimmer, so even in that moment, she was like a mermaid, diving underwater like an elegant mermaid. So then DARA came and I got on the jet ski, and CL really looked after me. I could tell that she’s a really reliable person.

“Which place do you remember the most?”
– I liked the bungalow. I liked that we could just relax and sip on juice, and that swinging feeling as we listen to what DARA always called “veranda music” in the background. I want one in my house, You know what, instead of going to Singapore for my honeymoon, I want to change it to the Maldives. (Haha)

“Where do you want to visit in the future?”
– I want to go to Europe! I’m interested in ancient remains, architecture, and structures. The magnificence of Spanish architecture! I’ve heard that there is so much to see in Spain. I really want to visit Europe one day.

What did you do on your last day in the Philippines?”
– We all ate together at the bungalow pool, and I felt like I was the king or something. I want this to be my house, so I thought to myself I should work really hard to earn a lot of money. Oh, DARA said she’s gonna build one like this? Well, I guess I can just visit her then! Hahaha!

My book!

“This is the first photo essay by 2NE1. What story do you want it to tell? What do you want to put in there?”
– (Huh?) I want it to be a conversation with our fans, a way to show them a side of 2NE1 they haven’t seen before. Until now, fans have only seen 2NE1 on stage. So they may have thought of us as being tough and unapproachable. But that’s not true, at all. I actually wish there would be a book that’s in pure conversational form, like we’re having a conversation with our fans.

“What would be the title of the book?”
– Freedom! Not that I have a choice, haha.

“What do you want to say to the readers?”
– 2NE1 was able to be very free during the trip, so I hope you will enjoy that freedom with us! A romantic island getaway with 2NE1!

Excerpts from: 2NE1 Photo Essay Book
 Scans By: pab0sarang@EROMAKNAE


2 thoughts on “[SCANS/INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Photo Essay Book “What’s Up We’re 2NE1!” – MINZY Excerpts Part II”

  1. It’s interesting to read about how she takes photographs lol. I wouldn’t call it obsessed Minzy, I’d call it, you doing everything as best as you can haha.

    And hmmm all this romance talk… hmm Mingkki hmm. Lol joking. Come back to Singapore anytime you want 8DD Love this interview. It feels so relax and laidback hehe.

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