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[OTHER] Michael David Watt blogs & tweets about Minzy + follows each other on Twitter!

friday, april 13, 2012 


on the internet here… whoa, I stumbled onto this… digging big time this drawing from minzy (maknae for 2ne1, great singer/dancer), d. boon would’ve loved it and reminds me of something he’d kind of d. boon. he was great w/painting and drawing – like w/raymond, I’m into cats who can express themselves this way… damn, I wish I had even a piddly amount of their ability. well, like w/drums, I think the only way is to actually do it but either I’m a coward or too rapped up in bass – or both!


This is an excerpt from Michael David Watt’s tour diary about his gig with fIREHOSE (one of the rock bands that he co-founded). In this entry, he was talking about Minzy’s ‘Dirty Money’ drawing which she tweeted out on April 13th and even linked to Minzy’s upload of MINZY’s TV #5.

Michael David Watt or Mike Watt (born December 20, 1957 in Portsmouth, Virginia) is an American bassist, singer and songwriter. He is best known for co-founding the rock bands Minutemendos, and fIREHOSE. As of 2003, he is also the bassist for the reunited Stooges and a member of the art rock/jazz/punk/improv group Banyan as well as many other post-Minutemen projects.

Recently, on 29th July, sharp-eyed Blackjacks caught him tweeting about 2NE1 being his favourite Kpop Group and where he even ‘quoted’ Minzy’s tweet from 30 June 2012 – she talked about a book she read ‘La Fille de Papier’.

We also noticed that Minzy has recently followed him back on Twitter.

Although we may not know what’s their direction connection, it is cool that Minji’s getting recognition for her artwork ^^

Source: Mike Watt’s Hoot Page | Mike Watt’s Twitter | Minzy’s Twitter | Wikipedia


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