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PROJECT #5: Suggest Ideas & Donate for MINZY’s 20th Birthday Bash Project!!

Hello there everyone ^_^

It has been a few months since our last project (#UNITEDMINZYFANS), which was a success thanks to all of your support and participation. Now, theEROMAKNAE is back with our 5th Project armed, with more fresh ideas to make our Mingkki happy ^^ This project is being planned a few months in advance – her birthday is in January – but, there is a reason why we’re planning this early. This project is for an extra, extra, extra special occasion – Minzy’s 20th Birthday!!

Why is Minzy’s 20th Birthday extra, extra, extra special (especially to us)? Well, Minzy is turning 20 in Korea this coming 18th January, 2013, and if you don’t already know, 20 is the legal age in Korea! Our girl is finally going to be officially legal in her home country! *parties & cries at the same time* She’s growing up so fast ᅮᅮ Turning 20 in Korea is technically just ‘officially’ turning legal but to Blackjacks, this can be considered quite a big deal, right?  No explanations needed ᄏᄏ *winks*

While we wait for the day to approach, let’s all do our part as fans to make Minzy’s 20th Birthday an unforgettable one! EROMAKNAE has some big plans in store to make this birthday a huge bash from fans, BUT we need you, our lovely visitors & supporters, to help make these plans possible!

While we are not able to fully reveal the plans yet, here is what you guys can do to help this cause:

Because we want a varied opinions on what we should gift Minzy for her 20th Birthday, EROMAKNAE is opening up this project to the public for suggestions! Chip in your ideas on what you think would be the perfect gift(s) for Minzy’s 20th Birthday! All sorts of ideas are welcomed!

You can do this by: 

1) Leaving a comment on this post

2) Tweeting us @theEROMAKNAE

3) Leaving an ‘Ask’ on our Tumblr (

4) Email us your ideas through our Project E-mail (

Deadline for suggestion: 31st October 2012

Along with present ideas, we will of course need donations. Just like our previous projects, we really appreciate every amount that is contributed because even the smallest contribution helps make a difference!

As we’ll be receiving suggestions for gifts from the public, we do not have a set goal for donations yet, so for now, please donate what you are able to. The final deadline for donations is still TBD, but try to send in your donations by 15th December 2012 if possible so that we can start purchasing the gifts as early as possible!

HINT: We will need lots and lots of suggestions (and donations) for this project so do keep them coming in! 


  • Paypal
    *Click on the ‘Donate’ button below to donate to us via Paypal!

  • G-Cash, Western Union, Bank Transfer (For Filipinos only)
    Please tweet either @940118 or @YGLkhiza for details. You can also email
  • Bank Transfer / Meetups (for Singaporeans only)
    *If you do not have Paypal and wish to contribute your donations via Bank Transfer or Meetups, please email us at and we will give you the details from there on.

Once you have donated, please e-mail us a notice at and we can personally give you a confirmation that your donation was successful.

  • Name/Usename
  • Paypal Account / Bank Account No
  • Amount Donated

If you have any questions regarding anything about this project, feel free to leave your comments below or email us at with your queries!

So come join us, suggest ideas, donate, and spread the word about this project to all other Blackjacks out there who wants to give Minzy an unforgettable 20th Birthday!

Let’s gogogo Blackjacks! Spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7!! ^_^

EM Staff


15 thoughts on “PROJECT #5: Suggest Ideas & Donate for MINZY’s 20th Birthday Bash Project!!”

  1. i think we have to tweet usher to greet our dearest maknae on her day..:)) a greeting from her crush..:)) that’s just a simple gift.. i’ll think for more..:))

      1. yes its hard but if we all minjas will cooperate and tweet usher every minute until the very end maybe it wont..:)) im so excited..

  2. Unfortunately I can’t donate. :,( but I think Minjiah would love it if we made a video with a birthday message. Not just a simple message with her pics but with more meaningful things that we could think about later. In my opinion it’s a simple gift and easy to do, if we all tweeted its link to her she’d definitely see it. I also like Kheynxie idea. Even if I cant donate I will coperate with what I can. Let’s give our best to make our eromaknae happy in many ways on her birthday. We can make it unforgettable. 🙂

    1. I like the idea of a video compilation too, but will need video whizzes to help out. Maybe we could intercut videos of people saying happy birthday will pictures of people holding up “Happy birthday” in different languages/various forms? Because i don’t think everyone is comfortable being on camera too 😀

  3. A video is nice , but since she’s turning 20 ..
    i was thinking of something like a notebook ..
    Or both .. ?
    well .. a notebook she can keep forever ..
    and a video fans can do more stuff ..
    but i think both won’t be hard ? 🙂
    wat u think ?

    1. Hi~ ^^
      On her birthday, Minzy is turning 19 years old internationally but, she’s turning 20 years old in Korea. To explain Korean age, here’s a quote from a site ( ) :

      “Korean age” creates a lot of confusion, but there really are only two simple rules involved:

      1. Everyone, at the moment of birth, is one year old.
      2. Everyone adds an age at New Year’s Day. (Either on the solar one or lunar one, depending what people celebrate.)

      So there, we hope this will help you understand! ^^

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