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PROJECT #5: MINZY’s 20th Birthday Bash Project ★ Send in your gifts & wishes of love for Minzy!

Hello everyone ^_^

Minzy’s 20th Birthday is coming up fast! Our dearest maknae will be turning into a legal adult in a few  months time. This coming 18th January, our girl is turning 20 and to us, this is a big deal and a special event ᄏᄏ She’s growing up so fast  ᅮᅮ

Minzy has always been such a sweet dear to those who support her and she is ALWAYS giving fans her 100% bestest in everything  she does. We’d like to return her our love and support by making this 20th birthday of hers an unforgettable one. Especially since this is a special once-in-a-lifetime event! It’s not every birthday she’s gonna be turning 20 eh? So, we’d like you guys to join EROMAKNAE in making her 20th birthday to be an amazing one from fans ^^


We all know that Minzy has a MYRIAD of interests that she is passionate about! She loves to draw, read, sing, dance, take photographs, compose, write lyrics, is interested in fashion and many many more – her interest list is ENDLESS! After receiving suggestions from you guys, we’ve come up with a list of presents that represents and suits Minzy best, based on her hobbies and interests.

We chose the gifts that caters to her creative, intellectual and fashionista side with the aim of encouraging her to pursue her dreams and passion. We hope these gifts we wish to gift her will help her hone her skills in all her areas of interest and help her grow as an artist ^_^ Additionally, we also want to include body & bath goodies that will help soothe her aching muscles and body from 2NE1’s hectic schedule!

Here is the birthday gift list:

  • Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pen Set + Sketch Pads – USD $46
  • Personalized Engraved Butterfly Bookmark – USD $40
  • Chachimomma Dance Pants – USD $50
  • “I Shoot People” Tee – USD $20
  • Juicy Couture Banter High Top – USD $105
  • Lush Handmade Products – USD $40

Total: USD $301

Remember when Minzy folded stars that contained her love for all of us and was also wishing the best for New Evolution Concert? Well, we thought we should do the same for Minzy and wish her love and support in return, since this year (2012) has been a really tough year for her. We will write down our wishes onto a strip of paper and fold each into a little lucky star for Minzy in hopes of giving her happiness, strength, fortune, love and plenty more.

So, go ahead~ Make a wish and leave those wishes on the comment box below! The more wishes we get, the more lucky stars Minzy will have heading her way this coming 18th January 2013! ❤❤❤

*All wishes should only be one-line long.
**You can leave more than one wish per person if you wish to. 

Deadline of wishes is on DECEMBER 25, 2012 KST

If you have any gifts (personalized, customized, or whatnot) that you’d like Minzy to receive, you can send it to us and we’ll include it in our gifts list! For the details on where you should send your gifts to, please email us at ^^

All gifts should reach us by DECEMBER 25, 2012 KST

Total Target: $500 + Lucky Stars (Shipping Fees included)


To make this project happen, we will of course need donations. Just like our previous projects, we will really appreciate every amount that is contributed because even the smallest contribution helps make a difference! Do send in your donation and help us make Minzy’s 20th Birthday EPIC!


  • Paypal
    *Click on the ‘Donate’ button below to donate to us via Paypal!

  • G-Cash, Western Union, Bank Transfer (For Filipinos only)
    Please tweet @94O118 or @YGLkhiza for details. You can also email
  • Bank Transfer / Meetups (for Singaporeans only)
    Please tweet either @theEROMAKNAE, @YGLzeelisious or @soh0712 for details. You can also email

Once you have donated, please e-mail us a notice at and we can personally give you a confirmation that your donation was successful.

  • Name/Usename
  • Paypal Account / Bank Account No
  • Amount Donated

If you have any questions regarding anything about this project, feel free to leave your comments below, tweet us @theEROMAKNAE or email us at with your queries!

So come join us, donate, and spread the word about this project to all other Blackjacks out there who wants to give Minzy an unforgettable 20th Birthday!

Let’s gogogo Blackjacks! Spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7!! ^_^

EM Staff


87 thoughts on “PROJECT #5: MINZY’s 20th Birthday Bash Project ★ Send in your gifts & wishes of love for Minzy!”

    1. My wishes for Minji:

      – Continue being an inspiration.
      – We will always support you no matter what.
      – Continue having the sweetest smile.
      – I’m wishing you to have a great strength.
      – Wishing you to become the best dancer.
      – Wishing you that God will always be at your side always lifting you up when you’re down. ♥

  1. My Wishes for Mingkki:

    – I wish you won’t let the world change your smile but let your smile change the world.
    – May you continue to become someone who shines whenever they dance.
    – May you continue to awe and inspire people at everything you love to do.
    – I wish to see you smile heartily more often.

  2. My wishes to our baby who’s growing way to fast ! lol

    – 계속 미소를 하고 살아 가길 바래
    – 음악에 항상 새로운 걸 배우고 무대에서 재밌게 놀길 바래
    – 밍끼 항상 행복하길 바래
    – 눈물이 흐르면 행복한 눈물이길 바래

    1. Here some more haha

      – 가족이랑 항상 건강하고 즐거운 기간 지내길 바래
      – 꿈이 꿈만 아니고 실제로 꿈을 살수 있길 바래
      – 계속 사랑을 받고 사랑을 주길 바래
      – 갈 나라 마다에서 아름다운 추억을 만들길 바래

  3. My wishes/thanks for Minji:
    – Thank you for inspiring me through your love for God.
    – I hope you’ll continue to shine so brightly.
    – Keep on smiling – your beautiful smile makes us smile too 😉
    – Stay healthy & strong. Blackjacks will always support you!

  4. My wishes to Minzy

    -I wish that you continue to love what you do.
    -I wish to hear the lyrics and songs you make.
    -Whatever hardships you face, don’t face them alone.
    -For you to continue being the person you want to be.

  5. My wishes/thanks for Minzy:

    – A little bud has bloomed to be a wonderful flower, the name of flower is Minzy.
    -Thank you for being thoughtful to your fans!
    -Just stay as you are and we will support you always.
    -You’ll always be a smiling dancing machine.
    -Continue inspiring us with your unique talents.

  6. My wishes ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

    -Thank you for making my life worth living.
    -Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love.
    -I wish for you to always be happy.
    -Don’t ever change, always be who you are!
    -Remember that we all love you.

  7. My wish for mingkki unnie!!!!

    -Do your best in everything and let the world know about your awesomeness.

    -Live your life to the fullest and enjoy your young life!!
    -If you cant do something,please note in mind,dont force yourself!!!!

    I loveeee herrrr

  8. My wish:
    -Be a shining star, cooler star, beautiful star like you would expect
    -Minzy you are my inspiration, so please don’t stop working,don’t give up even though it’s very difficult
    -If you are having a difficult thing to work,just remember your fans we are always here to support you.
    -Don’t force yourself too hard, stay healthy and gorgeous as always
    -Minzy just enjoy your life,and remember live is never flat^^
    -Here come to Indonesia! you must visit my country with your eonni(2NE1) here so many interesting thing

    Sorry admin my wish too much hehe ^^v

  9. My wishes for Minzy:

    I wish for Her to grow and develop more as a dancer. Don’t be afraid to branch out! Hip Hop is fun, but Jazz dances are nice too you know!

    I wish for her to continue to mature with an open mind and a clear vision of the world. The only opinion that truly matters is hers.

    I wish for her to be imbued with perseverance and determination. So that she can always find away around, or through, the obstacles in life. Hwaiting~!

    Last but not least.

    Above all else, I wish for Minzy to be happy with, and for, herself. She’s put so much effort into her passion, and she deserves to be happy.

  10. My wishes for Mingkki:
    -Wish you all the best in your life~ you’re the best!!
    -Wish you’ll always smile brightly~ it makes us smile brightly too! ^_^
    -Wish you an unforgettable Birthday!
    -Wish you the happiest year ever! Keep on brightening our days with your beautiful face!
    -Live your 20th year Happily & Amazingly! you’re so pretty & you deserve it ^_^
    -Wish for you to continue being the person you want to be.
    -More Happy years to come~

  11. my wishes and message for Minji

    – May you have another blessed year unnie.
    – May you have a very HAPPY life because when you're happy, we are happy too.
    – I wish that you will achieve all your dreams.
    – I wish that you will continue to try new things, just remember that we will always support you.
    – I wish to share another 2ne1 (21) years with you.
    – Work hard, Pray harder!
    – Once you were just a simple star, but now, I can see that you're becoming a sun-the Brightest and Nearest Star in our hearts.

    saranghae~ thank you eromaknae

  12. I’m confused about minzy’s age. isn’t she supposed to turn 19 and not 20. I thought she was born in 1994. anyhow! I love minzy!!!!! she’s so young but so wise. I’m so proud of her!! 🙂

    1. By Korean age, she is 20 ^^ By International age, she is 19. Koreans always add one year to a person’s international age 🙂

      We love her and are super proud of her tool!!! 😀

  13. My wishes for Mingkki:

    – Thank you for the courage you gave to me!
    – I wish that you will reach every dream you desire
    – As a BlackJack, I will stay be your side forever!

  14. my message/wishes for minzy:
    – hey minzy, we were born in the same year (1994) that’s why I feel the connection with you, I wish I could meet you someday and talk with you 🙂 –

    – but in this special day, in your birthday, I wish you all the best!!!!! whatever you want.. (^_^)
    I will always be on your side, as a proud blackjack, yay! I’m so excited, that you probably read my message to you……hehe XD love you! ❤ stay strong!!!!! and smile!! ;]

    ~aleksandra marzec from poland

  15. My wishes for Minzy:

    – I wish that you can always follow your dreams
    – I wish that you’ll never give up even if something goes wrong
    – I wish you lots of success in everything you do
    – I wish you a lot of happiness and that you’ll always be able to smile
    – I wish that you’ll be a singer for a long time, I’ll look forward to hearing a lot from you ❤

  16. My wishes for Minji Unnie
    – I pray that you’ll never lose your smile and dedication, Both inspire many.
    -I wish always that you’ll find happiness and comfort In even the smallest things!
    -I wish for your renewed strength everyday and for you’re continued passion of all things ARTISTIC
    -I wish for you to always find strength in God, he is the rock, and he does not mind any of his children clinging to him.
    -I wish that you’ll always be passionate and happy.
    – I wish that no matter what challenges and difficulties come before you, that you remember all your fans and family are with you. Always.
    -I wish that you’ll always be confident and exude that confidence outward into the world!
    -I wish that you’ll always remember to laugh, it’s good for the heart.
    – I wish that happiness and unexpected joy find you always.
    – I wish that God will continue to bless you on this birthday, next birthday and all the birthdays of your life.

  17. Here are my wishes 😉

    – 항상 행복하길 바래
    – 올해도 새로운 것도 곳도 발견하길 바래
    – 건강이 많이 안 아프길 바래
    – 항상 팬의 사랑을 잘 받길 바래
    – 이쁜 추억을 많이 만들길 바래
    – 너의 꿈을 살아
    – 나중에 너의 선택을 아쉬워하지 않길 바래

  18. My msg for mingkki unnie:
    – be our forever aegyo mingkki unnie
    – tnx 4 bringing joy to us
    – tnx for being my inspiration and to others too.
    – poopin’ all ur worries
    -give all ur stress a wings and let them fly..
    – i wish that someday you will find d perfect man to dance in d rhythm of ur life.
    – saranghe, mahal kita (philippines)
    – i want to greet u in philippine language –> MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN.. MAHAL KITA!
    – tnx for the light u bring u made our life brighter.

  19. My wishes:

    -Smile everyday, do know that every smile of yours is precious!
    -Dance to your flow, just groove with your best~
    -Composing is a hidden forte of yours perhaps? Unleash it with time!
    -Love with all your heart, we are all supporting you!

    (I sound extremely corny probably lol)

  20. My message to Minzy ^ ^
    We see hope in your eyes.
    We want to see you growing up to become the greatest dancer.
    We want to be as you are only.
    We want to know that you have many Arab fans.

  21. Minggki unnie, happy 20th birthday! I hope you have a great birthday ^^ My wishes for you:
    – First of all, I hope that you will stay as His loyal disciple because He is the way of everything.
    – I wish that all of your wishes can come true and that God will always bless you, your family and the people you love.
    – I wish that you can stay as the cutest maknae, the best dancer, and the amazing person you are forever.
    – I hope that you will always find your passion in art and be an inspiration for your fans.
    – I just want you to know that there are many Blackjacks and Minjas here in Indonesia ♥
    – And the last, I hope that you will be playing with all of the Blackjacks and Minjas 🙂

    2NE1’s maknae Mingkki unnie hwaiting!! 😀

  22. Thank you for being an inspiration. ♥
    Thank you for being a role model. ♥
    Thank you for being a reason for us to smile. ♥
    I love you maknae!!♥ -11BaddestFemale of Philippines
    Lets stay together for 100 more years.
    Lets grow old together. (2NE1 and Blackjacks)
    More blessings to come your way, this coming year.♥

  23. I have some wishes for her, too:

    – I wish you health, happiness and a long life;
    – Whatever it may be, do only what you love to and you’ll be successfull;
    – Don’t ever think of changing your personality, because we love you in all your perfection;
    – You can always count on us!

  24. – I wish you lots of happiness in your life
    – I wish you success
    – I wish you the best of health
    – I wish to see you achieve all the things that you want to achieve
    – Stay true to yourself because you are amazing just the way you are
    – I hope you’ll always look at the world in the eyes and never stop running forward^^
    – I hope you’ll continue to pursue all your multi-talents
    – I hope that you’ll never stop dancing to your hearts content
    – I hope that you would find a man who’d love you for who you are
    – Never lose the passion that you have in you
    – Always believe in yourself and never give up
    – Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours
    – Always be happy
    – You’ll always be the prettiest, shining star to me
    – May you have the best 20th birthday ever ❤

  25. My wishes for Minzy:
    – I hope you get to experiment in all the things you are curious about.
    – I hope that you never lose your spontaneous nature.
    – I hope that that people who haven’t realized yet, see that you are beautiful, inside and out.
    – I hope that I get to see your smile, your dancing and listen to your voice in real life.
    – I wish for you have more confidence in your abilities because you really are special.
    – I wish you lots of success, in whatever pursuits you choose to uptake.
    – Most of all, I wish you happiness.

  26. Wishes for Baby Mingkki (You’ll always be Blackjacks’ baby you know that right?)
    – I wish that you get a solo single better yet a solo album coz you deserve it
    – I wish that you continue what you do best. Giving out positive energy to all Blackjacks.
    – I wish that 2NE1 friendship will continue until whenever ~~ FOREVER !! (The four of you really fit together.)
    – I wish that you know how beautiful being you are!!
    – I wish whatever your heart desires.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  27. My wishies for Minzy:

    I wish you all the best for the upcoming year.
    I wish all your wishes come true.
    I wish you never change and always stay as true as you are now
    I wish your for your Gundam collection to get bigger and bigger !

    (thank you)

  28. Wishes for our maknae:

    I wish you a wonderful birthday
    I hope that you continue to love what you do
    I hope all your dreams come true
    I hope you continue to smile that beautiful smile
    I wish that you never forget your childish enthusiasm
    I wish you all the luck for your first year as an official adult

  29. – I wish, and most important than everything: for you to never stop doing what really gives you passion, no matter what it is!
    – I wish for you to keep working hard and blowing everyone with your undeniable skills.
    – I wish that you always try to always smile and see the bright-side of things, even if it looks really dark in the time being.
    – I wish for you to continue on being the sweetest girl. And a big thank you for always caring so much about your fans and treating them like your friends.

  30. My wish to minzy:
    -I hope you have a lovely birthday but be safe
    -I wish for you to keep being the most amazing maknae ever
    -Hope you know we are here for you no matter what
    -I wish for you to always be happy
    -I wish for you to keep working hard for your dreams- but don’t over work yourself!
    -Stay healthy

  31. My wishes for minzy!
    – Don’t grow up too fast :’) because you’re still our cute maknae!
    – Stay true, sincere to yourself.
    – I wish for Minkki to rap more!
    – DJ Gong to reveal herself in MinzyTV 😛
    – I wish for your happiness and health
    – I wish for Minzy to always remember that minjas and blackjacks are always there supporting and loving her.

    Happy Birthday Gong Minzy 🙂

  32. For Minji:

    -Thank you, dear Minji, for inspiring me to do my best and reach my goals
    -Thank you for your voice
    -Thank you for your kindness
    -Thank you for your laughs and for amused me
    -Thank you for being such a cute and lovely maknae
    -I wish that you never change and you’ll be the same kind girl
    -I wish that 2NE1 will continue to chase their dreams and become great artists
    -I wish that 2NE1 will come in Italy (South is better!!)

    -So Happy Birthday Minji, We LOVE You! ❤

  33. For Minzy:
    – Happy and sweet birthday dear maknae!! You are role model for me. Thanks for every moment shared with us, you’re so special, dear Minji. Please never change, you’re beautiful in your own way! A big hug from a your italian Blackjack! I LOVE YOU! ❤

  34. Aigoo. .our Lil maknae has grown up to a beautiful lady..
    My only wish for her..
    Girl..juz keep on SMILING. .it look GREAT on YOU!!

  35. i wrote these while i was in camp on 12/12/12 haha

    keep smiling, you’re too beautiful
    never lose faith in yourself
    believe that your fans are always behind you
    spread your wings more, lil angel, and fly even higher
    stay fit and healthy
    wish for your family to remain healthy and loving
    do not be afraid to love
    keep your passion burning stronger than ever
    have a trouble-free and problem-free year
    take good care of yourself, you are too precious
    have more confident in your english you sound amazing
    stay safe and do not hurt yourself
    do not be afraid to make mistakes but do your best
    don’t let anyone bring you down ever
    we have faith in you that you won’t disappoint us
    we anticipate your works and the side we’ve yet to see
    take the stage that’s made for you
    every smile you make helps thousand others smile too
    you’re the prettiest star in the galaxy
    i love you minzy so much be happy always

    thank you EROMAKNAE!

    can’t help feeling so overprotective that she’s getting older

  36. My wishes for Minzy:

    -That you can achieve everything you want.
    -That you are healthy.
    -That you have a wonderful year.
    -That you continue to be your amazing self.
    -That you find someone who loves you and respects you.

  37. minzy sis happy bday i looooooooooooooove

    my wishes for minzy

    – I wish for your happiness and health and all the best
    – I wish for Minzy to always remember that minzy and blackjacks are always there supporting and loving her.
    don’t let anyone bring you down ever cuz ur amazing
    I wish for you to always be happy
    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u

  38. -Minzy-ah, happy birthday! Your pure heart is the one which inspires us. Stay with it! Weloveyou! ♥
    -We wish you and 2NE1 all the very best! Stay beautiful inside and out! ♥
    -you’re still our and the YG’s aegyo princess! Happy birthday!♥

  39. -My wish for you mingkki unnie is that youll find eternal happiness that your heart desires ♥ Happy 20th Birthday!
    -My wish for you mingkki unnie is that youll have a healthy body to inspire more people.
    *Thank you for everything! God bless and I love you!

    m aazes frm india .. heartcore fan of 2ne1. my wishes to minzy.. is keep simle n happy alwyz.. may u get all the success as nw u got bt more thn thiz. became a amzing artist tat world knows.. thnQ u fo being great to us .. frm ur music.. luv u .. i’ll alwyz support u..
    once again happie 20th bornday keep smile n shine 🙂 ❤

  41. happie bornday minzy the cuttest n amazing maknae ever in kpop..
    my wishes to minzy to stay healthy n smile alwyz.. n nathing coz u got a greatest unnies at ur side.. to concern abt u.. luv 2ne1 alwyz.
    plz stay lke thiz .. never change be with ur unnie coz u luk too cute b/w thm..
    thnq fo ur hard work.. n great
    music/dance/ songs. we (bj) alwyz at ur side .. luv frm pamma flying kiss frm india to korea.. 🙂
    thnq u eromaknae..

  42. My wishes to Mingkki:

    Mingkki-ah, you don’t know how much inspires me so much. Happy Bday! life is short so pray hard. I love you so much!

  43. My wishes to the lovely Minzy:

    1. Stay strong and keep on smiling, even through the hardest times.

    2. Wish for happiness to always be around you and for you to continue to stay healthy.

    3. Stay happy and keep doing your best. Me and all the other BlackJack’s will be there to support you to the very end.

  44. wishes~

    -Our maknae is grows fast!! I hope never forget the child in you :3
    – that you achieve all that you set your mind
    -you and your family are always together
    -that love for your blackjacks grow even more! (this is more a prediction haha)
    -and never stop dancing, singing, drawing, and all the things you love to do, do it with heart!

    always proud of you~ >w<

  45. My wishes for her:

    -Don’t stop chasing your dreams
    -Keep being faithful in God and spreading His word
    -I wish a lot of love, peace, money, health and success in this year that’s beginning
    -Never stop doing all you love with all your heart
    -Stay strong, we will always support and love you
    -Happy birthday! Enjoy it a lot because you’re becoming an adult woman
    -God bless you :3

  46. My wishes and messages 🙂

    -I wish for all your dreams to come true this year! ❤
    -I wish for your birthday to be the best birthday you've ever had!
    -I wish you eternal luck, health, and happiness!
    -We're all very proud of you, and all your hard work!
    -You're the prettiest, sweetest, most talented woman in the world! ❤
    -Thank you for being awesome!

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