[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-5 Counting Down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers

It’s that time of the year again! As of today, right this very moment, we’re 5 short days away from the 18th of January…which happens to be our beloved maknae’s 20th birthday!!  *cough*MINZYISLEGALNOWOMG*cough*

Do you guys still remember how we did a few get-to-know-Minzy articles as we counted down to her 19th birthday last year? This time round, while counting down to her 20th birthday, we’re going to change things up a bit and reminisce with our fellow EM Staff on this past year.  For the next 5 days we’ll be posting answers to questions related to Minzy that was posed to the staff, with topics covering what she’s done, what we loved the most and most importantly, what we hope for our lovely maknae in the new year.

We are also inviting YOU, our wonderful readers, to join our conversation and post your answers to the questions that were posed, especially if it differs from the EM Staffers’ answers!  Just type in what you think in the comments section, and we’ll highlight a select few in the next Q&A post.

So, are you all ready?  Let’s get started!


Question 1 – Minzy’s turning 20 – the legal age in Korea to be considered an adult. How do you feel about this? 

Liam: As someone who’s not that far from Minzy’s age, I feel ecstatic for her. Although I myself haven’t reached that point in life just yet, I have friends who have. It is indeed a time of great celebration, especially when you have friends with you! I really hope that the girls take Minzy out to someplace special to celebrate her becoming of age. However, no matter how old she gets, she’ll always be adorable baby Mingkki to me.

Lena: I feel like a proud mum, a proud big sister who sees her little baby becoming a beautiful and talented woman.  I’m really proud of her now, and I can’t believe she’s legal already! Am I the only one who still remember how cute she was when they debuted? Haha and now… Look at her! Wonderful and beautiful Minzy.

Margarida: It’s crazy to be honest! It just feels like yesterday she was turning 19 and we, theEROMAKNAE, were planing our first ever project. It’s touching to retrieve all past years’ happening. Both for us, a growing and hard working team, and for Minzy, a growing beautiful and enchanting girl.

Eron: I feel very happy that Minzy can finally go to clubs. Lol. But we can’t really hide the fact that Minzy is growing up… and can I just add that she’s growing really pretty? 🙂 Anyways, it does not really make me sad to see her grow. Yes, she’s turning to be a little more mature (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) but I think it is still the same Minzy we fell in love with, the girl whose smile can brighten up our days, the one who captures our heart whenever she’s on stage (especially when she dances) and most of all, the one and only maknae of 2NE1.

Tyler: Being that I’ve been a fan of Minzy’s since even before her debut, when she was the baby of YGE, I have mixed emotions.  I’m happy seeing the wonderful woman Minzy has grown up to be, yet sad/excited as a proud parent would be of their baby not being considered a baby anymore.  I’m excited to see the new sides we are going to see with the ‘adult’ Minzy but feel even though she’s an adult, some part of me will still at times see her back to being the baby Minzy.

Kai: Honestly, I feel really ambivalent about this. I am happy she’s turning legal, I mean 20. She can do the things she wants the most, (e.g. driving, dancing in the clubs, drinking responsibly) but at the same time sad because she’s growing up. Well, being an older sis is like and feels like that, trust me. Now that she’s an adult in South Korea, she can broaden her horizons as an artist and not be restricted by her youth.

I’ve also been waiting to say this without sounding like a pedo.  Minzy is legal now.  YG, can you shed the few layers of clothes that you always make her wear now?  Covering her up doesn’t hide her ero-ness, it makes it exude more than usual. Thank you. Lol.

Overall: EM staffers are definitely excited for our maknae to turn legal (AND finally get to party with the unnies AND maybe even shed off the jacket!), but there’s definitely a bit sense of nostalgia as we’ve watched Minzy mature over the years.  Having debuted at 16, to witness how much Minzy’s grown is amazing, from her vocals to stage presence to just how she handles herself.  But at the end of the day, she will still be our wonderful maknae ^^


Question 2 – How do you think 2012 has been for Minzy in general? Are you happy with it?

Haruna: It must have been tough for her, because of her grandmother’s death, but she’s achieved so much! She should be proud of herself. I think all Minjas are proud and happy.

Lena: I think 2012 was a kinda like roller-coaster year for her. There were great things like the “I Love You” comeback, the New Evolution Tour, traveling everywhere through the year, receiving awards –  so yeah, definitely there were great achievements for Minzy and for 2NE1. For our sweet girl, I do think there were difficult moments, and the one coming to my mind is the loss of her beloved grandmother. I won’t write about it a lot, we know it was painful for her. But I do think her faith in God and her passion for what she does and all the love she received from fans helped her a lot.

Liam: 2012 was a year with a lot of changes for Minzy. There were a lot of events, good and bad, happy and tragic, that strengthened and prepared her for becoming a better, more mature adult. While a lot did happen this year, I can only say that I’m glad that Minzy got through the year in one piece!

Kai: 2012 for Minzy is a blessing as an artist but also a year that she has to go through some hard time for her family. She toured the world with their concerts which I’m happy to say were sold out (mostly). 2NE1 had I Love You live performances that she rocked with those ‘rocking my mind with those sexy hip thrusts’.  She also featured for a live performance for G-Dragon’s Missing you in which she showcased that awesome vocals I’ve been missing for quite some time. Yeah, there were achievements here and there so in any case I’m happy, but at the same time not ecstatic either. I want to see more of her yet YG is hiding her from me, from us.

It saddens me that she lost one of her most beloved part of the family, her grandmother, who was her inspiration. It was hard for her yet she stood up with  grace and elegance in front of the media to honor her grandmother. It’s one of her beautiful moments. You might say, I’m crazy but when I see a person in her worst times yet she acts mature and graceful when she could act like a three year old toddler, that is beautiful. All in all 2012 is an awesome year for her. ^^

Hiyori: I feel that it was a very successful year for Minzy and 2NE1.  Even with some of the ups and downs, they’ve achieved a lot.

Eron: Overall, I think 2012 has been good for both 2NE1 and Minzy. Basically since they had their first world tour and also some awards to wrap that up. 🙂 And when it comes to Minzy, we can say that we saw more of her this year through her MinzyTV. It’s really a great way of showing her talents both in vocals and dancing which she proved that she’s really good with, right Minjas. And with that said, why would we be not happy, right?

Overall: 2012 was definitely a year of change for Minzy, as going on a global tour, coming back to the Kpop scene with a more mature image, and having her very first solo featuring performance feature were all highlights.  However, losing her beloved grandmother definitely had an impact on our maknae, though she was able to move forward with grace.  Yet it seems as if change does suit Minzy, as she’s only been able to grow stronger with every situation.  We hope in 2013, the word for her will be “success”.


Question 3 – After witnessing all that she had to offer to us in the past year, what’s your most memorable Minzy moment of 2012?

Haruna: So many to choose from. But MinzyTV was a shock to me. I didn’t expect that coming.

Eron: Definitely, it is all the MinzyTV moments and also her “Missing You” duet with G-Dragon.

Liam: I have to say, hands down, my favorite memory of Minzy in 2012 was when GD hugged Minzy from the back during Strong Heart’s YG special! That was so cute!

Tyler: That’s a hard one. Everything Minzy did was memorable. *laughs* No, I’d have to say…it’s not a moment but how she appeared doing the NE Tour. Even though I could only see through videos, seeing her improve so much and be so open with the fans throughout the concert was just amazing to me.

Hiyori: World Tour and her purple hair!

Margarida: I have to choose not only one, but two moments. And both showcase how much of a sweetheart this girl can be to her fans, it’s indescribable. Firstly, it was when KONGDOT held their fansite gathering. It was so sweet the way Dougie and Minzy’s Mom personally made an appearance gifting the fans with cake and personally autographed cards and letters written by Minzy herself. Little did we know, Minzy had not only gifted her Korean fans but, she also signed something for EM! It was so moving. Secondly, who can forget her beautiful gift to Minjas during the festive season?! The much awaited Episode 6 of Minzy TV was revealed and it shown something any of us were expecting: Minzy singing not one, but two songs for us in a chapel; with her own band; stylist; camera operators and make-up artist, just like in a real M/V! The dedication and love she continues to show to the ones who support her is more than enough to fall from head to toe with this genuine sweet and caring human! What’s not to love about Mingkki?!

Heizen: The moment when I met her. It was the best and memorable Minzy moment so far, because I was able to say to her how much I love her, how pretty she is, and I even got her signature!  🙂

Lena: This moment is really personal – Since I lived in South Korea for a while, I had the luck to see her several times. Several days before I left Korea, I had the chance to see her again and told her I was going back to my country. And she signed me a picture of her saying “don’t go” and yeah… It’s really precious and memorable for me.

Overall: Aside from the VERY lucky ones who have had a chance to meet Minzy *cough*Heizen&Lena*cough*, EM Staff definitely feel that her individual performances were most memorable this past year.  From her stage with GD to her amazing MinzyTV clips, our maknae continues to surprise us with all that she can do, and we believe that she will continue doing it. We can’t wait to see what new side of her she will present this year^^


So that’s a wrap for the very first EM discussion.  Aside from thinking about what being an adult means for our maknae *tears*, we went back down memory lane to look at how 2012 seemed to be for Minzy as a whole as well as what were the most memorable moments for us.  Stay tuned for the next questions we posed to our lovely staff as we countdown to Minzy’s 20th birthday!  There might be some dancing  and MinzyTV involved.

And remember to write your thoughts on our questions!  We can’t wait to see what answers our lovely readers will share with us ^^ It’s D-5 people! *dances around in excitement*

Write-Up By: EM Writers
Picture Credits: Respective Owners


4 thoughts on “[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-5 Counting Down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers”

  1. Thank you EROMAKNAE people haha!
    Minzy stans R AWESOME! 😀

    Question 1 – Minzy’s turning 20 – the legal age in Korea to be considered an adult. How do you feel about this?

    A1: Am I the only one who is feeling uneasy about this? I feel conflicted with myself as I’m eager for what “erominji” has to show but yet I’m at the same time feeling overprotective and do not want her to do too much sexy stuff or worse, wear revealing clothes(Am I’m a guy for goodness sake x_x)

    She’d definitely be able to handle all the responsibilities but she could be more vulnerable at the same time as she can hide how shes feeling quite well. I hope she’d keep going at the things she’s passionate about and be even more carefree and maybe start doing more Minzy’s TV episodes to showcase her singing, dancing, anything there is and I’m super anticipating the songs she wrote if there is any and all the other amazing things she’s going to do this year!

    UGH I can’t stand the thought of her at clubs I need to be her personal bodyguard HAHHAHA!

    Question 2 – How do you think 2012 has been for Minzy in general? Are you happy with it?

    A2: The same as what most people think, 2012 seems to be quite a roller coaster ride for her as going on a global tour can be tiring with a lot more pressure and family issues but she also get to show more sides of her with her featurings, dance solos, song covers, drawings, her fashionista puppy as well as her devotion to God and she’s making good progress in expressing herself so I’m quite happy with it 😀

    Question 3 – After witnessing all that she had to offer to us in the past year, what’s your most memorable Minzy moment of 2012?

    A3: When she came over to Singapore for NECON definitely. The concert was mind-blowing and even making the slightest eye contact with her sends me to heaven but I got trolled by her as well during the concert(some people might know LMAO) and then I saw her in person but I was so astounded by her beauty that I was too damn scared to really approach her and can’t think of words to say or how to react T-T but had to give her space and kept my distance 😦

    and then she made me cry so bad on Christmas day

    The End!~

  2. 1.) I am happy Minji is turning 20! It means she can explore and progress as an artist. That is what I am anticipating rather than her going to clubs and getting a driver’s license. However, clubbing & driving is something exciting, too. 🙂
    2.) In general, yes, I am happy. A lot has happened in the past year that not only brought good blessings but there were also some tribulations. But amidst the sadness, Minji still stood strong and continued to show her resilliance. She rocked the I Love You stages and sacrificed her body to show great performances at the concerts. (et cetera) C- She faced the audience, her fans with a strong and happy demeanor and that is something I am proud of.
    3.) The most memorable moment for me was when Minji went to the I Love You pre recording after her Grandmother’s burial. I was greatly worried for her but she stood on stage and smiled at the fans just to show that there is nothing to be worried about. At that moment, I knew.. Gong Minji is a VERY strong girl.

    Thank you The Eromaknae! 🙂
    Thanks to all your staff for doing such a great job at representing the International Minja Community. Kudos and keep it up.

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