[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-4 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers


D-4 to Minzy’s 20th Birthday! Only four days away till she officially turns 20. Let’s go cry over in the corner… Just joking. But on a more serious note, we are back with another round of Q&As with our EM staffers.

Minzy wouldn’t have gotten where she is now without having her immense passion for her craft. So this time around, we’re going to take a look back at her dancing stages and also one of her new ways of connecting with fans – MinzyTV.

Without further ado, here we go!

Question 1 – What do you think of the various dance stages that she has had this past year?

Hiyori: She is a more than a great dancer and she is getting better and more powerful. Unbelievable talent!

Liam: Seeing Minzy break out her dancing skills has always been one of my most favorite things about her, both as a blackjack and a fellow dancer myself. She has really improved on her stage presence, and is definitely shaping up to be a very great dancer! Also,I’d like to add that she’s been living up to the nickname “Ero Maknae” quite well! ^^

Haruna: Dayum girl! I wish I could dance like that 😦

Tyler: Even though she didn’t have many stages, I think they still showed that Minzy still has a passion for dancing. She lights up every time she has a dance break and opens up when dancing is mentioned or in need of being displayed. Even though they weren’t laced with a lot of complicated dance moves, she made them enjoyable for whatever audience she performed in front of. I really wish she had more – I love watching her dance.

Margarida: It’s incredibly good how she got to dance so much by herself and evolve as an artist who can fill people with joy when she’s not around the girls! Minji’s just got the right energy and stage presence to make someone go crazy *remembers her solos from NECONs* and say “ah, I feel proud of her!”

Lena: She is definitely a great dancer But sadly, I still think that those dance stages (except Ne Evolution concert’s solo) were too short. I really would like more dancing from Minzy, and maybe in another style? I’m really curious about the ballet class she was said to have had. Also I’d like to see her dancing some jazz or… Yeah you see other dancing styles. But don’t get me wrong I loved all of those stages. New Evolution’s dance solo was really, really amazing. It was an explosive stage!!

Overall: Our maknae definitely had more opportunities to showcase her awesome dance moves this year, particularly with her solo stage at New Evolution Concert, which showed she could hang on and keep up with the boys. However, our staffers definitely felt the stages were a wee bit short, and would love to see Minzy show off more of her newfound dancing moves (potentially a ballet stage?!). Regardless, she never disappoints with her passion as always – a trait of hers which we all absolutely love.

Question 2 – Minzy has also been very active with MinzyTV in the past year. What do you think of her starting and progressing even more with MinzyTV?

Eron: Like what I’ve said in D-5, it’s really a great way to show-off her skills. To be honest, we only get to identify her in 2NE1 as the main dancer but with, MinzyTV, we also get to see her amazing vocals. It also shows how her love for Minjas, and we really can’t say no to that. In fact, we would love to see more of MinzyTV.

Haruna: Honestly, I was touched. She thought about us, asked people to help her out, took her time in making her video, just for us.

Liam: I think Minzy’s initiative to start her own little TV series in which she can showcase her talents is nice. It shows that she’s not shy, and that she is confident in herself and in her talents. She knows who she is, and what she’s capable of. On top of that she also knows what she wants to become and how to get there. MinzyTV is just a representation of that.

Hiyori: With Minzy’s TV, she can show not only her dance talent but also her singing. What a wonderful voice. And she sings with great feeling. It’s amazing!

Lena: Let me cry in a corner for some minutes thinking of how awesome this is and then come back to reply to this question, okay? Lol. So as you can guess I love, no, I LOOOOOVE MinzyTV. Do you remember the very first MinzyTV ? It was a compilation of Dougie. And look at the MinzyTV Christmas Special? She improved so much in the editing, and creating the video itself – like filming, probably scripting it… And come on, who else does this for fans ? MinzyTV is actually a compilation of Minzy’s talents and Minzy’s love for her fans.

Margarida: It’s pretty amazing how she got to do all this stuff by herself just to gift us fans with something! She does make all of us feel terribly special, she spoils us so much and we get used to it it’s no good!!! (loljk) But really… it’s rare to find someone who will take their precious resting time to do such generous thing like she did. And I really appreciate and respect that. She’s such an amazing person!

Tyler: I think it’s wonderful. In YGE she hasn’t really had a chance to show so much of herself so I believe that she set the whole ‘Minzy TV’ up so that her fans could see more of her. You can see the effort she puts into Minzy TV from gathering outside people to help her, to taking the time to record, etc., And through it we see many different sides of her. I hope one day she uses Minzy TV to showcase the songs and lyrics she been working on. I’ll cry when she releases something like that…I really want to see them.

Overall: So we all agree that it is an amazing way for Minzy to connect with fans AND showcase her talents & growth. The Christmas Special especially caught our attention as the time it took to plan, film and edit shows how much Minzy wanted to give back to her fans. We REALLY hope she continues in the new year with many, many, many more episodes. MinzyTV Fighting!!

This past year, Minzy has really matured through both her dancing and how she thinks about connecting with fans. We have loved seeing her solo stages, and can’t help but want to see more. Just can’t get enough of our maknae, right? ^^

Before we ask you, our wonderful readers, what you think about the questions from today, yesterday, we asked you to give your answers to questions posted in our D-5 write-up. One of our readers, mickki21, sent in a really long and heartwarming response to the questions! Here’s an excerpt from his response which we found highly enjoyable to read! He is one superbly lucky fanboy as he seemed to have made eye contact with our maknae and even see her upclose in person! Kya~!

Question – What was your most memorable Minzy moment of 2012?

“When she came over to Singapore for NECON definitely. The concert was mind-blowing and even making the slightest eye contact with her sends me to heaven but I got trolled by her as well during the concert(some people might know LMAO) and then I saw her in person but I was so astounded by her beauty that I was too damn scared to really approach her and can’t think of words to say or how to react T-T but had to give her space and kept my distance :(

While we prepare our D-3 Q&A, let us know what you thought about Minzy’s dancing stages & MinzyTV from this year. Did you have any specific favorite? Respond in the comments section below!

And don’t forget, it’s D-4 to Minzy’s 20th Birthday now!!

Write-Up By: EM Writers
GIF Credits: Respective Owners


4 thoughts on “[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-4 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers”

  1. Whoaaa thanks for the awesome gifs they’re amazingly made! Makes me wanna get back to dancing again hahahha! She’s so beautiful.. T.T

    Question 1 – What do you think of the various dance stages that she has had this past year?

    Any stage where she dances is special because that’s what she specialize at and she does it so well. What I love the most are her eyes when she’s dancing.. that intense look which leaves me gasping for oxygen which I guess is what gives her that ero nickname. But in addition to this, she can be so cute at the same time which further sets her aside from other dancers ^^

    For her solo at NECON she was totally dominating ESP the first time I watched it. Kinda wished she wasn’t in that cheer leader outfit but rather, in some bad ass attire like maybe the one in her “thriller” or minzy’s TV ep5 or even her “imma be” dance hahah! The choreography was something they can take to battles and I just love that last few seconds when she was kinda crazy and “knocked” the guys out and then COMPLETELY has her “ero”ness gone, becoming sth else with her super cute shrug and went off like she was possessed when shes dancing HAHAA

    Question 2 – Minzy has also been very active with MinzyTV in the past year. What do you think of her starting and progressing even more with MinzyTV?

    Minzy’tv is why I’m so biased about her. 2ne1tv season 3 ended and we’re all left hanging hoping for season 4 but then she came up with this whole series of episodes which I can’t see any celebrity doing by simply showing who she is, her talents, what she loves doing, her dance buddies, her precious dougie, the songs she listens to, her family and friends and I’m sure she’s gonna do so much more because I’d be anticipating, black jacks will be anticipating! That connection that she’s trying to make with her fans really makes me wanna love her more than I can give and shower her with so much affection and appreciation. Minzy wishing her fans merry Christmas and happy new year through videos she makes is enough to justify how lovely she is.

    Hahaha didn’t really expect y’ all would quote me like that but anyway I’d share how I got trolled I guess LOL!

    I was at the moshpit and she knows I was there because I was like holding 2 minzy fan boards I made and she saw me a couple of times then there comes this moment she was wiping off her sweat with her towel and I knew right off that she’s gonna throw it to the crowd. Here’s the catch:1) I was probably the only minzy fan in a 10m radius there. 2) I was shouting, waving frantically and feeling as though I can fly, wanting to jump over the barricade and 3) we had eye contact.

    She then started approaching me in my direction for a good 3-4 seconds then turned and take a couple more steps and flung that towel somewhere else into the seated area.

    And then my fan boy heart kinda shattered. So trolled T-T but that’s for the concert!

    Thanks y’all again for doing this and bringing up the hype I can’t wait for this DDay ughh x.x

  2. I’m here to share my thoughts 🙂 love your site by the way…
    *Question 1 – What do you think of the various dance stages that she has had this past year?*
    + great… the dance stages she had were great… she showed her skills well but i feel she can show better dance stages this yr:-)
    *Question 2 – Minzy has also been very active with MinzyTV in the past year. What do you think of her starting and progressing even more with MinzyTV? *
    +she can be a film maker or a producer in the future if she plans to pursue her wondrous hobby of taking film:-) minzy tv is a treasure kkk

  3. 1.) She had a lot of dance stages last year but I find that the performances were short. I want to see her show longer dance stages this year and have more variety in choreography. 🙂
    2.) MinzyTV is very special. A celebrity like her doing her own series of videos for the fans is touching. She is beautiful inside and out. Her Christmas special is a big leap from her first episode of MinzyTV and it makes me anticipate her future MinzyTV episodes more.

    I cannot stop looking at the gifs! Thanks for the write-up for Minzy, again.

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