[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-2 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers

Welcome to the second to last installment of the Minzy 20th Birthday Countdown Special with EM’s Staffers! It’s just two more days till Minzy’s birthday – Are you guys excited!!?

Before we go into the Q&A, we wanted to let our wonderful readers know that we will be trending #2ER0MINZY (that’s a numerical zero on the hashtag, not the alphabet ‘O’) on Twitter for her birthday. Do join us for the Twitter Party on 18th January, 12AM KST!

But back to the article at hand, let’s get back to this round of discussion with the EM Staffers. After covering her memorable moments of 2012 and her wide array of interests over the past few days, we’ll now be posing more fashionable questions to our staffers and take a look back on Minzy’s interesting, inspiring, beautiful and sometimes funny updates on her SNS accounts.

Ready? Let’s begin!


Question 1 – What was your favourite Minzy outfit in 2012?

Tyler:  This is a hard question… Umm, this one – her airport fashion heading to the Kpop Paradise Concert in Japan. The baggy sweater coupled together with the shorts, tights and knee high boots are perfection.

Margarida: My favourite 2012 outfit for her would have to be this, which was on the 1st of October when 2NE1 came back from Japan. I LOOOOOOOOOOVED how she rocked that Givenchy shirt with them Crome Hearts knuckle belt. Also black nails + black trouses = BADDASS. Totally a favourite!

Haruna: As for me, it will probably be the blue dress she wore in the US with her leopard print vans! Oh or the long pink/red summer dress she wore in Japan! It was those few rare times we see Minji in a dress so it was really cool!

Lena: Do I have to choose one? Just one? Okay, let’s go for two! I liked the one she was wearing at Seokyung University(?). I forgot the university name, but it was at a university festival.  This was the outfit she wore then! I really loved it! And this one recently at the airport!

Zak: Like Lena, I’m having a seriously hard time choosing this and I want to go with two choices too! One would be this outfit at Silla University earlier this year.  It’s the typical Minzy onstage look, but I love the combination of her white jacket and the red flower printed top. Another one would be this black sleeveless outfit she wore at Kansai Airport – love the vest which accentuates her figure nicely, the shades are gorgeous and the Chrome Hearts necklaces are the perfect accessories to top it off. Wish we could have gotten a HQ picture of her in this outfit.

Hiyori: I would go with the FAULT Magazine picture spread. All her outfits there looks so good on her!

Eron: The ones where she was in dresses 🙂 It’s really rare for her to wear skirts and I think it suits her well. Calling all 2NE1 stylists, more of Minzy in dress please? Haha.

Overall: It seems like most of us are in love with her airport fashion, and how couldn’t we be, right? Minzy’s airport fashions are indeed very likeable, and it’s mostly through them that we can see her personal fashion preferences. Blackjacks have also been treated with ‘Minzy-in-dresses” moments quite a bit this year when the 2NE1 girls were travelling out of country for New Evolution. From the short blue mini-dress to long maxi dresses she wore while she was in the US, it’s no surprise us EM Staffers love to see her in dresses too because she looks amazing in them.

Question 2 – Minzy has had quite a few changes to her hair in the past year. Which of those is your favourite hairstyle?

Haruna:  I love the purple hair on her! The color is really unique and suits her so well!

Hiyori: I like the purple one from this year! But another of my favourite, which is not from this year unfortunately, would be her long black hair haha.

Tyler:  Definitely the ‘Twilight’ hair, where her hair was blue on top and then turned into a greenish/yellow at the ends. I found it looked so pretty especially when it’s curly. But I also love her very short purple hair that she’s rocking now….and her brownish shoulder length hair like here

Margarida:  For me, it has to be this one, which she showcased during April. Brown and blonde put together totally goes well with her! Minzy usually goes really well with dark colors for her hair, and so this one was a fresh look which I really enjoyed it \o/

Lena: Ah! I do have a favourite for this! It was one of the days where I was at the airport sending off the girls in Korea, and Minzy came out of the car showing off this hairstyle for the first time. The hairstyle made her have this “star” aura… She was… Whoah! Really, she was a like a superstar getting out of the car.

Eron: I really can’t choose. O.O I really like all of them in her, may it be long or short cuts.

Overall: The EM Staffers basically covered almost all of her hairstyle changes this year with our different preferences. Ever since her debut, and especially so in 2010 & 2012, Minzy has experimented with different types of hair cuts and hair colours, and we love every single one of them. She is able to rock any style – be it a long cut, shoulder cut, side swept bangs, front bangs, pixie cut, orange hair, purple, red, blue, brown, blonde, black etc. So cool!


Question 3 – Minzy has also made many SNS updates this past year, be it through her own Twitter or through Dougie’s Twitter. Which one was your favourite?

Eron: Her selcas definitely. Lol. She’s really pretty in all of those 😀 Selca-queen!

Haruna: All the SNS updates with her selcas hehe. But my favourite out of all would probably be the bare-face selcas and this one!

Margarida: Favouite SNS update from this past year would definitely be this one, simply for the reason that I love the thoughts contained in it. I like how Minzy always inspires us with her quotes and thoughts. It’s cool that she shares them with us. We can somehow know what she’s thinking and what she’s feeling. It’s also nice that she keeps a positive thinking – that’s how you should live in my opinion. ^_^

Tyler:  The one where she tweeted the letter she wrote to CL in 2008, asking CL to be her Otter-Unni.  it was just so cute. You can read it here

Lena: I have no particular favourite update… I like all of Minzy’s updates! The updates she does when she posts up MinzyTV are really awesome and the reactions are always explosive lol. So yeah maybe those ones, but not a favourite one really.

Overall: For staffers, while there are some tweets which made us go “awww” or “ohhhh” more than others, at the end of the day, all of Minzy’s updates were precious.  Seeing as the girls were traveling for so much of the year, through Twitter, we were able to get a glimpse of our favourite maknae was doing and what she was up to.  We hope she’ll continue to share with us her wise words, awesome artwork/creations, and of course, beautiful selcas.


Did your favorite Minzy outfit, hairstyle and SNS update for 2012 make it on our list? If not, let us know what your faves are! Just post it on the comments section below ^^ Also, here’s another answer highlight from one of our previous questions “What do you think of Minzy starting and progressing even more with MinzyTV?” by shei. Like what shei said, Minzy TV is truly a treasure to us fans. It’s such an amazing production and we hope we’ll get to see more of it in the future^^

“Minzy has also been very active with MinzyTV in the past year. What do you think of her starting and progressing even more with MinzyTV?”

shei: She can be a film maker or a producer in the future if she plans to pursue her wondrous hobby of taking film:-) minzy tv is a treasure kkk


So that’s a wrap for D-2 till the big day.  Minzy’s 20th birthday soon, so don’t forget to join us for trending on Twitter on 18 January, 12AM KST with the hashtag #2ER0MINZY!! And make sure tocome back tomorrow as we continue to chat about some of our other favourite maknae moments of 2012^^

Write-Up By: EM Writers
Picture Credits: Respective Owners + Minzy’s Twitter


1 thought on “[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-2 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers”

  1. Question 1 – What was your favourite Minzy outfit in 2012?
    The one she wore for minzy’s TV
    Simply because it was so awaited for and she looks so angelic at the chapel wearing that.

    Question 2 – Minzy has had quite a few changes to her hair in the past year. Which of those is your favourite hairstyle?

    Minzy at sbs gayo! I couldn’t bring myself to finish watching that performance because of how beautiful she is at that point of time but eventually I did and I gotta say that hair makes her look extraordinaryly sexy

    Question 3 – Minzy has also made many SNS updates this past year, be it through her own Twitter or through Dougie’s Twitter. Which one was your favourite?

    HER MENTION PARTIES!! ENUFF SAID! Although I didn’t get any replies T.T it was super exciting and touching

    Ahhh it gets more and more exciting for the countdown <33

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