[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-1 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers


We’re back with our EM Staff for our final round table discussion, centered around our amazing maknae as we gear up for her big day. Just one more day guys, ONE MORE DAY TILL MINZY OFFICIALLY TURNS 20!! We’re starting to tear up already knowing that the day is nearer than ever, but at the same time, we’re all excited too ㅠㅠ

Before we kickstart this last discussion, we want to notify everyone again to ensure that as many people joins in tomorrow to help us celebrate her 20th birthday by trending #2ER0MINZY (that’s a numerical zero on the hashtag, not the alphabet ‘O’) on Twitter!  The party will start on the 18 January at 12AM KST sharp, so make sure you come join in the fun!

And with that, we’ll dive right as we discuss how Minzy’s changed, and what we loved most about in the past year as well as what we had hoped to see from her.

Onwards, readers!

Question 1 – Do you think Minzy has grown in a specific area this year, and if so, in what? 

Eron: Definitely a yes. We saw more of her singing this year, which only meant that she improved a lot when it comes to vocal.

Haruna: I think she improved a lot this year. I’m a really new Minja and a Blackjack; I found them just last year so I can’t really point out specifically, but looking at their interviews and old videos, I think she’s become more outgoing.

Liam: I believe Minzy has improved in her ability as an independent performer. Seeing her develop her skills on MinzyTV is proof of that. She is truly becoming a prettier, cooler star!

Tyler:  To me, I always see Minzy improving in some way every year, be it through singing, rapping, etc. She is constantly working to improve herself. This year I noticed that she improving in how she communicates with the audience; not just in a concert setting but in general. She’s been adding her own flare in her facial expressions and eye contact (especially with the camera – she can always find that thing now), there is more depth/reach to her voice, and she seems even more at ease on stage.

Lena: Minzy is still young, so she only can improve. I think she improved in everything – dancing, singing, editing, picturing, everything.  She’s at the age where you can only improve. I wish for her to improve more in English so she can interact with international fans even more!

Overall: Singing, performance & dancing are three key aspects that Minzy has clearly developed over the year, likely due to the multiple performances with the New Evolution concerts.  But what has helped all these areas has been Minzy’s growing confidence in herself and her abilities – she’s able to sing & dance better because she’s able to connect with fans even more, which we are truly happy to see. We hope she will be able to continue improving in all aspects of her life and career as well and to always believe in herself ^^


Question 2 – In the past year, there have been made proud Minja moments. Was there a specific moement where you felt extra proud of her and if so, what was it?

Lena: Why are those questions so complicated? ToT lol I’m always very proud of Minzy. As I said already, I look at her like a big sister would look at her little sister. I can’t pick one moment in particular – I’m always really proud of her, even when she does something people would ignore.  I see it as a reason to be even more proud haha

Hiyori: Dance performance of all shows.

Liam:  On top of feeling proud of Minzy whenever she busted a dance move, I felt especially proud when she continued to release MinzyTV episodes. It’s nice to see her taking her own initiative.

Haruna: MinzyTV of course! But in one of the Japanese TV shows (Shabekuri 007), Minzy was asked to dance and all the people were mesmerized.  It made me really proud of her.

Zak: I would say her Missing You performance with GD on Sketchbook. It was her first ever public featuring onstage, and that moment when I saw her standing on that stage and hearing her sing with perfection, my heart swelled with so much pride.

Tyler:  There are so many, but if I have to choose one…When she still decided to perform during the ‘I Love You’ promotions even though her grandma’s funeral had taken place not too long ago. It showed her strength, her love for what she does, and the love she had for her grandma whom supported her so much in her dreams. I believe that Minzy feels that even though her grandma is not physically in this world anymore, that she will always be close to her heart and forever an inspiration to her.

Overall: First, we want to apologize to staff for making the questions so difficult by only letting them choose one answer.  It’s just, if we didn’t, we’re pretty sure the answers would go on for pages keke ^^  That said, her improved vocals/dancing, initiative to launch MinzyTV and first feature with GD were very proud moments for Minjas. The way Minzy continued to perform even after the loss of a loved one also showed us how much strength this young lady has behind her quiet exterior, which makes us feel even more proud to be her fan. Gong Mingkki♥

Question 3 – Though she has done quite a bit in the past year, is there something that you wished that Minzy had done/achieved that wasn’t?

Liam:  No, actually. In fact, I’m surprised at the amount of things she has done this year! I can only hope that 2013 will be even better.

Hiyori: She did already so much and she will do more!

Eron: I think it’s the solo song we all Minjas are waiting for. It’s never too late for that, right? I think we all still are hoping for that to come true. 🙂

Lena: Like a lot of people, I’m wishing for her to get a solo album, or at least a solo song where she can show us how beautiful her voice is and how talented she is. I also wish for her to, in the future, be able to compose/write her own songs so she can express even more what she feels through the music.

Tyler:  YouTube account!!! I want her to get her own YouTube account. She might have one already, but I want her to have a public one. I kind of went into this on D-4, but I really want Minzy to do a sort of ‘mixtape’ . She has expressed interest and as actually been working on producing and song-writing, I want her to use social media to her advantage in this case. She could upload samples of the things she’s working and get feedback from opinions all over the world.

Haruna: Hmmm Probably wear clothes that made her look like her age, and not older.

Overall:  We don’t think it’s a secret that Minjas are waiting for Minzy to finally have a solo.  Especially given how well she featured with G-Dragon on Sketchbook & MinzyTV, we think a chance to shine on stage with her very own song isn’t too much to ask, right? But no matter when that happens, we’d still be supporting her every step of the way as she carves her way to her goals and dreams through her own way.

So, with our last Minzy Birthday Countdown special, we took a look back on what makes us so proud of Minzy and how much we know she still can and has to grow.  It’s been a very fast four years, watching the young 16 year old maknae from debut to now being 20 and a fully legal adult.  And we’ll continue to be with her as she moves forward in her career. Fans forever!

We’d love for our readers to share with us your thoughts on today’s questions as well! Simply leave your comments in the comment section below!

One of our favorite responses from yesterday is from mickki21 once again who highlighted that his favourite Minzy SNS Update is Minzy’s Mention Parties on Twitter – “HER MENTION PARTIES!! ENUFF SAID! Although I didn’t get any replies T.T it was super exciting and touching” – Those were definitely the most exciting moments for us too! Although Minzy mostly replies to the Kfans (which is perfectly understandable as it seems that she still has a bit of difficulty communicating in English, and especially at a fast pace conversations like Mention Parties), it still is exciting for us Ifans as well just like what mickki21 said. Which one of us does not start spamming our Tlist with endless tweets to her when she starts her mention parties? Keke. It really is a treat for fans ^^


D-1 to Minzy’s 20th Birthday!!! Are you ready to party with us and start wishing Mingkki a VERY HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY?! Get your tweeting fingers ready at 12AM KST, 18 January to trend #2ER0MINZY with Blackjacks all over the world who are also wishing our maknae the best 20th birthday ever on Twitter!

Let’s work hard to make the hashtag trend worldwide, ayt? Ah gogogo Blackjacks!  Don’t forget, and make sure you make it!!!

Write-Up By: EM Writers
GIF Credits: Respective Owners 


1 thought on “[WRITE-UP] An EM Special: D-1 Counting down to Minzy’s 20th with Staffers”

  1. Question 1 – Do you think Minzy has grown in a specific area this year, and if so, in what?

    The subtle thing that she had always been doing, becoming more and more beautiful. Everything just keeps getting better but specifically her singing and dancing because her voice is really so sexy filled with emotions and her dancing is dangerously intoxicating.

    Question 2 – In the past year, there have been made proud Minja moments. Was there a specific moement where you felt extra proud of her and if so, what was it?

    There’s so many to name! I’d just say the ones ppl haven’t mention I guess. When she came out of “be mine” and “I love you” mvs looking so fabulous is one where ppl were saying that minzy’s so pretty haha! When she did her solo at necon and everyone cheers her on, going wild! Her professionalism.. it’d just go on and on I guess -.-

    Question 3 – Though she has done quite a bit in the past year, is there something that you wished that Minzy had done/achieved that wasn’t?

    I was hoping minzy tv would be about the songs she’s been working on and I almost freaked listening to hosanna for the first time cus of the misleading title “song by minzy” hahhahahah but I guess it’d take some time for the solo she’s still young ^^
    What I really wished that she should have done something along the lines of is to do some rapping D: I love ESP the way she raps at “stay together” and feel that the rapper part of her isn’t showing up enough

    #2ER0MINZY eh? Sounds good ^^ 13 hours left to counting down in my bunk T.T

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