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[AUTHOR’s NOTE] 130215 #UNITEDMINZYFANS Mango Tree Wreath Support reaches South Sudan

It looks like the mango trees that have been donated by various 2NE1 fansites for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert in Seoul has reached and been planted in South Sudan. Here, you can see the mango trees that have been planted for the villagers there, forming the ‘2NE1 Forest in South Sudan‘. Check out more information about the charity run here ☞

Photos of South Sudan villagers at the location of the ‘2NE1 Forest’


Photo of #UNITEDMINZYFANS Mango Tree Wreath at New Evolution Concert in Seoul

Three different Minzy fansites, KONGMINZY.COM, theEROMAKNAE & WeLoveMinzy, raised donations together for our #UNITEDMINZYFANS Support for New Evolution in Seoul, enough to plant 130 mango trees there. All together, there are 1210 Mango Trees in the 2NE1 Forest. Good job Blackjacks!! ^^ ♥♥♥♥♥

Source: Star Forest Facebook 
Info Credits: YGLadies


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