[NEWS] 130430 Gong Minzy’s heartwarming date with little angels from Holt’s “She’s not different from an angel”


2NE1’s Gong Minzy spent a meaningful time doing charity.

On the 30th, Sean uploaded onto his own Twitter a message saying : “Minzy who became a present today for our Holt’s little angels. I saw them holding onto her hands and bringing her to this room, that room and asking to play ^^ These two’s date time ^^”

To this, he also added “I hope that all children are receiving love at home and growing up well…” with a picture of 2NE1’s Gong Minzy who came to help in the charity.

On the revealed picture, Gong Minzy is wearing a white t-shirt matched with black skinny jeans, and on those normal clothes that she’s donning, she puts on an apron and is playing with a kid.

Gong Minzy‘s bob-haired and black horn-rimmed glasses especially becomes the point of the picture. Instead of showing off her stage charisma, she is showing off her cute charms while smiling brightly, attracting all the attention.

The Netizens who saw the news of Gong Minzy’s charity activities reacted : “Gong Minzy’s charity activity is so heartwarming”, “Gong Minzy got used to charity activities and is doing well”, “Gong Minzy is getting ready for their comeback and really busy and she even does charity work… She’s not different from an angel”, “Sean led Minzy to charity activities? That’s cool”, “She’s not different from an angel”, “YG family are all contributor angels”, “Of all days, Minzy looks pretty doing charity today”, “Her smile is so bright”.

Meanwhile 2NE1 are working on their comeback aimed for a 1st half of the year release.

Source : NateNews
Translated by: pab0sarang@EROMAKNAE


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