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[PHOTOS] 130623 MINZY @ Incheon Airport (Back from Singapore) + FANACCOUNT

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[FANACCOUNT] 130623 MINZY @ Incheon Airport (Back from Singapore):

Minzy was seriously looking super cute and pretty at the airport today, despite looking a bit tired (probably because it was an early flight in from Singapore). Her hair was up in such a cute updo and the black and white outfit with the red necklace she had on was so simple yet sooo pretty and lovely! It was so Minzy if you can put it that way 😛 The half ponytail she had on suits her soo well! And the whole look completed with the shades she had on, kya~ She just looked really lovely ❤

Not only that, Minzy was being such a sweetheart too today at the airport! But according to fans who usually see her at the airport, Minzy is always a sweetheart to fans haha. At the airport today, there were quite a number of fans around Minzy asking her for an autograph and Mingkki took the time to sign for each and every person who asked her for it. She accepted all the gifts that were passed to her too such that her hands were overflowing with them and she had to pass the gifts to the manager just so she could continue signing for the fans who were still asking her for autographs. As she was passing the gifts to the manager, the flowers that EM gave to her for our Coming of Age Day project almost fell too and she helped to catch it before it did. Here’s her doing that in action kk. Check out her complete look while you’re at it. Pretty right? ❤

Minzy really signed for everyone she could there, she was so busy signing that I couldn’t really talk much to her >.< It seemed as if she was walking slowly too so she could finish signing for everyone there. The whole thing was such a sweet gesture to me and because of all the signing she had to do, Minzy ended up being the last one to enter the van keke. Our darling sweet Minzy~ ^^ She is really such a sweetheart to fans ❤

Photos and Fan account by: zeelisious @ EROMAKNAE


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