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[PROJECT #7] ‘UNITED MINZY FANS’ makes a return for a 2013 2NE1 Comeback Support! ★


Hello everyone!

Last year, when 2NE1 made their comeback, a couple of Minzy fansites including EM, joined hands to do a #UNITEDMINZYFANS Support for our dearest girl as a sign of support from both her Korean and International fans. We collaborated together for both a Comeback Support & a New Evolution World Tour Support. After being on a long one year hiatus, 2NE1 has finally made their 2013 comeback and #UNITEDMINZYFANS will be making a comeback too in uniting Minzy fans from all over the world to show Minzy our support.

This time round though, there will be more fans from different parts of the world participating in it together. EROMAKNAE, 공민지닷컴, SnazzyMinzy, Baidu MinzyBar, GlobalMinzy & WeLoveMinzy, will be uniting as one to collaborate for this round of #UNITEDMINZYFANS. Together, we are uniting to show Minzy the support and love that she has behind her from fans from all over the world as she ventures in this round of comeback together with her unnies.

‘UNITED MINZY FANS’ are hoping to do as many supports as we can for Minzy during 2NE1’s upcoming promotion period, from August until October. The 1st round of the support would be for 2NE1’s upcoming song in August!

While we are not able to fully reveal our plans for the comeback support, we will be requiring your help in terms of Donations to help us make this Comeback Support a success. Please be assured that your contribution will be made use of fully and only for this project and not for any other purposes. In addition, we will also be collecting Support Messages for Minzy from you guys too! In these Support Messages, you can send in words of encouragement and love to Minzy to give her strength for this round of comeback, so don’t forget to send yours in ^^ We do hope you guys will be able to participate in this #UNITEDMINZYFANS support as a show of unity among Minzy fans from all around the world as we come together to show her our love and support.

As time is running out for the 1st Support, we would greatly appreciate for your DONATIONS & SUPPORT MESSAGES to come in latest by 2nd August, 10PM KST! The deadline for the next few supports are still not fixed yet but you can still send in your messages/donations from now until whenever that deadline is.

Please read on for more details:


Please leave behind your Name & Country when you leave your support message for Minzy. Please also do not leave too long a message! These are the following ways you can leave your Support Message:

  • Leaving a comment on this WordPress Post
  • Leaving a message on our Facebook Message Inbox
  • Sending in through email to


The target donation goal for this Comeback Support is USD $180-260. A note to our donors from the previous project, as we have mentioned in our Completed Project Post, there was a bit of leftover donation from that project, so no worries as we will be bringing over those to this project. These are the following methods for donating:

  • Paypal: Please send in all your donations via Paypal to
  • Western Union: Please send in an email to or mention @zeenatix on Twitter for further details.
  • G-Cash (Philippines): Kindly tweet our Philippines Staffer (@lanegeee) on Twitter for further details
  • Bank Transfer (Singapore) – Kindly mention @zeenatix on Twitter for further details.
  • Meetups (Singapore) – Kindly mention @soh0712 on Twitter for further details.
  • Bank Transfer (Indonesia) – Kindly mention @mitews from GlobalMinzy on Twitter for further details.

NOTE: If your country does not have any of the above options and you would still like to send in your donations, please contact us at or @theEROMAKNAE on Twitter and we will try to find a way to help you out. For any other enquiries or if you’re not able to contact us through Twitter, feel free to email us.  

So what are you waiting for? Come join us in this union to show Minzy the love and support her fans from all around the world have for her! You can be assured that even if you can’t donate, leaving behind a support message would be more than enough! Remember when Minzy said that she is grateful for what she has and for the very simple things? We’re pretty sure a simple message of support for her would be most appreciated by our sweet girl. ^^ For those who can donate, we would also like to say, do not worry about the amount you are donating. Even a USD $5 can bring this project a step further to being a successful union 🙂

Let’s go everybody! Let’s go show some Minzy love!

Minjas Unite ♥


31 thoughts on “[PROJECT #7] ‘UNITED MINZY FANS’ makes a return for a 2013 2NE1 Comeback Support! ★”

  1. Wassup dear Maknae? Congratulations in 2NE1’s success this comeback. I’m so happy to be part of this awesome fandom and to witness all hardships of you girls. Giving you up more Blackjack힘 if you need heads up. We will just be here. I really love the challenge and improvement you have showcased in this Falling In Love. So amazingly perfect baby girl ^^ (Goosebumps) . Again, congrats and fighting!! Keep on smiling and surprising yourself Mingkki ♡

  2. anyeong minzy!! i’m a huge fan from the philippines! i love you for your beautiful heart, your amazing talents and personality. i wish to see more of you on this comeback. i know you prepared hard. i will forever support you and im dying for a solo! i love you so much lady mz! fighting!


    You sound so good in Falling In Love and all your hard work is paid off! I love seeing you in action and how you matured throughout the years since debut. Please don’t be disheartened whenever you had setbacks or hit a block, because no matter when, Blackjacks will always be there for you, always. I LOVE YOU!


  4. Inès from france
    Hello minzy!! Congrats for 2ne1 comeback! You’ve become such a beautiful and mature lady. Please don’t work too hard!! I’ll always support you and 2ne1. 2ne1 fighting! (and please for your next world tour come to france) love you.

  5. Keke from the U.S.
    Hello Mingkki ^_^! Congrats on the 2NE1 comeback. It has been AMAZING so far. I loved your voice so much on this song. It was meant for your voice. Hope to see more great things from you. You are the B E S T in every aspect. Gong Minji, 2NE1 FIGHTING!!!!

  6. Gong Mingkki!!! So excited and happy to see you on stage again, smiling and having lots of fun. Seeing you continue to grow and chanllenge yourself makes me so happy and proud. Looking forward to seeing more and more of you. Saranghaeyo!

  7. 안녕하세요 our dance machine 막내 민지 언니! You’re getting mature and cuter day by day, your determination inspires me much! Blackjacks and Minja can’t wait for your next comebacks! 2NE1 and Gong Minji 화이팅!! ♡

  8. Hello Minzy! ☺ My name is Diana and I’m from Romania. Can you believe that you have fans here? You have.
    I really want to tell you that you are my inspiration. You are the one who make me like dancing and working out to have a healthy body.
    2NE1’s work is worth. You girls gave us such an amazing song! It’s the best summer song ever. I know that you worked hard and I’m sure that 2NE1’s new album is going to be epic.
    I love you Minzy! ♥ I want you to be happy, to stay healthy, to take care of yourself and Dougie & to have some good rest when you are free.

    With so much love, Diana Pancu, from Romania

  9. Hey there sweet darling princess minji I hope that you’re feeling superb and fabulous because you are indeed so ^^ oh my.. I fell for you and lost my mind kekeke alright alright alright alright ❤ Singapore loves you as much as I do 😀 minzy'sTV pleasee! -mickki21

  10. Mingkki!!! I’m so so happy every time I see you smiling so much on stage! When you smile, I smile!!! You did very well for Falling In Love, your hard work has paid off! Can’t be any more prouder ❤ always here for you, Gong Mingkki fighting!!!

  11. Helllo Mingkki .
    I love you so much. Every time i hear your voice I fall in love. Minji-ah, please continue to sing and dance on stage forever. You’re the most beautiful when you are on that stage and I am mesmerized by it. And that smile , please alway smile. – forever your fan EmDi

  12. Hi my love, You have grown into a such gorgeous and talented lady. Thank you for wholeheartedly sharing us your incredible talent. Continue smiling for you are always a reason for somebody else’s smile. This unnie totally looks up to you! Hugs and kisses, Nikai

  13. Hi Minji!

    can you believe its already the 4th year for 2NE1. You have shown has so much of what you are capable of and every time you do it, it blows us away. I’m so happy I have been a fan of you noona for the past four years and forever will. Please always remember your stage presence and you always happy is the best thing and don’t forget to always take care of your health. Forever watching over you Adam!!

  14. Wassup!!! you guys had finally come backed and I am sooo excited and soooo proud of you! I always love your charm and your awesome dance moves on stage!!! 2NE1!! MINZY!!!! FIGHTING><♥

  15. Hello Mingkki! ❤ Falling In Love has been such a fun comeback ^^ It was nice to see 2NE1 try out a different concept! I loved that all of you smiled so much during this comeback. Please keep on smiling and working hard~ Looking forward to your new song! 🙂 Minji fighting! I'll always be supporting you and of course 2NE1~ Love from Singapore ^^ ❤

  16. Annyeong Minji-ah.

    Congratulations on the comeback! The song was brilliant and you, you were simply awesome. It is always heartwarming to see how much you have grown and matured. Continue going forth and keep going strong. Remember, should there come a day, that you hit a block or a wall, look around you and know that wherever and whenever – Blackjacks will always always be there for you.

    Minji FIGHTING!!^^

  17. Hello minzy! you are simply the best! you are always on my mind, hope you are doing great there! we will love you forever

  18. Name: Emilce
    Country: Argentina

    Gong Minji, Gong Minji!!! WOW!! You are really incredible Mingkki!! Our maknae has grown up so well!! I’m a proud unnie TwT snif snif~ You were great in RM, I loved to watch 2NE1 laughing and playing like that xD So funny kk, Hope to see more of you and the girls with the new song!! Do you Love Me? Of course I do!! How can I not love you?? I love your dancing, your smile, your voice, everything!! Haha Ok unnie, calm down!! <.w<

  19. Hello Mingkki^^

    Falling in Love, Falling in Love, everyday I fall more and more in love with you!! ❤ You're working very hard for 'Do you love me' right? So looking forward!! I know you'll do great ㅎㅎ Remember to take care of your health too ok?

    From: another 94-liner Amanda c:

  20. Annyeong Mingkki!!!!~~~
    Thank you for all your hard work throughout these years. I’m so proud of you as you did really well in Falling in Love. Though you’re officially an adult now, but you’re still the precious little maknae in Blackjacks’ heart. Kkk~ Take care of yourself and be happy<3 Fighting!!!! Love you lots!!! Heart heart^^v

  21. Hello minzy.
    I just wanted to congradulate you for your comeback and tell you that your my hero .
    I love you so much <3.

  22. Hello Minzy!
    Its me again! you are my inspiration and my idol, Hope you will continue to work hard too! fighting! Your just the best, love you . Your dance moves really makes me fall in love with you. My wish is to take a photo with you!

  23. 우리 밍끼 안뇽 ♥
    드뎌 컴백 했넹 !
    Falling In Love 대박 였는데 8월 새곡도 대박됄거야 ! 9월도 10월도 !! 다 대박이네 ! ㅋ
    민지 이쁜 모습과 잘 하는 모습을 많이 볼수 있어서 진짜 좋아 !!
    노래들을 많이 응원하고 잘 들을게 !! 빨리 9월에 오면 한국에 가서 무대들도 정말 열심히 응원할게 !
    이젠 어떤 말을 해야하지 잘 모르겠네… ㅋㅋ 민지 화이팅 !! 2NE1 화이팅 !! 사랑해 ♥
    Helene from France

  24. Alicia from Spain
    Hello Minzy! Comeback is finally here and with it everyone can appreciate the beautiful and charismatic Minzy on stage once again. Whenever I see your selcas I’m shocked. Girl you’re gorgeous! Me and all the Blackjacks around the world are supporting you and giving you a lot of love. Let’s enjoy these following months with new 2ne1 songs!
    Minzy fighting! Don’t forget to take care of your health. I love you! Thank you for inspiring me everyday.

  25. Hello Minzy!! The comeback was awesome! You look so beautiful. You always look beautiful. You are all grown up *wipe tear*. You grown into a beautiful woman. Minzy keep you head up. Blow us away with your dancing too. Girl, you can dance. You are my role model <3<3<3
    P.S Keep smiling like you always do. I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

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