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[SCANS] 131015 2NE1 in KUREASUTA Magazine October 2013 (w/ Interview Trans)

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Qn: You have also performed for a big Korean Concert for Psy in April ,who is in YG entertainment. How did you feel then? 

CL: I felt very happy when I was invited to perform for Psy oppa as a guest. It was a great experience to stand in front of such a big crowd

Qn: Other than promoting as 2NE1, is there anything you would like to do? 

Dara: I have an interest in acting,and have done it even if it was for a short period. I would love to act in a romantic comedy drama. Even if nothing has been confirmed so I don’t have anything.Because I can’t even experience love in real life, if I was to act in a romantic comedy, I would like to act with Kang Dongwon? Even though it is a dream within a dream (laughs)

Minzy: I would like to release a solo album. I have also always wanted to do musicals, so if I had the chance, I would like to be in one. 

CL: Releasing a new single, I found out that I was able to showcase myself to many fans. If had a chance to release an album, I would love to. We have relased a new CD as 2ne1 after a long time,and I am focusing on our promotion.

Qn: You all don’t have boyfriends…do you have any ideal types? 

Dara: Even if we don’t have the no-boyfriend rule anymore, I am embarrassed of myself of having one. If I can contact someone, I would like to try. If I can actually experience love, I think I can express the pain (it said spiciness but…i think it also means pain and stuff?) of love. Also people say you become more beautiful when you love. I would like to go on a date on a rainy day.

CL: Dara and Bom no longer have the no-boyfriend rule, but Minzy and I get the rule taken away next year. My ideal type is Johnny Depp

Minzy: Since I have become 20, my ideal type has changed. I used to want to be with someone who is very muscular who can protect me, but recently I might prefer someone I can protect over 

Qn: Minzy,this will be your first song since you have turned 20

Minzy: Different from the past, my new song is slow and it has a nice sweet 20 year old feeling to it 

CL: Now we can do a 19+ concert so it’s good (laughs)

Qn: Finally, is there a aim you would like to achieve? 

Dara: I would like to show to show a more emotional side and we want to grab the male’s heart. We love performing, so we definitely want to do a concert. Please support us.

Source: @BJN_21
Reuploaded by: EROMAKNAE
Translated by: Haruna@EROMAKNAE


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