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[NEWS] 140224 Minzy enrolls into Baekseok University & attends the Freshman Entrance Ceremony today


On the 24th at 10am, the president of BaekSeok University held a freshman entrance ceremony in Baekseok Hall together with new students, parent teachers, professors, and university staff.

During the entrance ceremony, Baekseok University has a total of 3100 students for year 2014. There’s 220 freshmen majoring in Christian Studies, 270 in Language and Literature, 360 in Social Welfare, 190 in Law & Public Administration, 330 in Mass Communication, 240 in Tourism, 210 in Education, 300 in Information & Communication, 283 in Health Science, 265 in Design & Image, 220 in Fine Arts, 160 in Sports Science, and 52 undecided students.


What caught the attention of many is, among the freshmen who attended the ceremony, 2NE1’s Gong Minzy (20 years old) is entering the college too. In 2009, when she started her activities as a singer, she had to halt her studies but was able to obtain her GED just recently.

After much thoughts whether to enter a Christian university, in 2014, she enrolled in one as a freshman.

The university president promised, “I will cultivate and educate the students’ healthy mind with principles and foundation in order to prepare them carry out their roles in the society as the students go out and pursue their dreams in whatever area (of studies) they’ve chosen.

Author’s Note:
Baekseok University is a private Christian institute of higher education located in the city of Cheonan, 90km south of Seoul. Although it wasn’t announced what Minzy will be majoring in, to give you an idea, you can take a look at the various majors that the school offers on their school website here. Examples of the academic divisions in the school include Music, Language & Literature as well as Christian Studies.

We’d like to wish Minzy the best of luck in her higher studies and wish her good health as she copes with her studies alongside with her career as 2NE1. Especially as of this year, 2014, where she will be going around the world not only with 2NE1 on their AON tour, but with YG Family in the second half of the year too. Good luck Minzy & congratulations for getting accepted into college!! We’re so proud of you ♥

Baekseok University Philosophy
The Baekseok University is designed to contribute to the development of the country and human society through nurturing talented students who can pursue truth, study with eager and lead the Information-centered society and globalization in the 21st century by advanced research activities and globalization in the 21st century by advanced research activities and customer-centered education based on Christian ideology and education philosophy of Republic of Korea. (

Source: The Issue
Info from: Baekseok University Website

Translated by KellyJane@EROMAKNAE


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