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[PROJECT #9] ‘UNITED MINZY FANS’ 2014 2NE1 Comeback Support

Hello everyone!!

KONGDOT & EM are planning for another round of United Minzy Fans Support, this time round for 2NE1’s 2014 Comeback!  Just like the previous Comeback Support, we are planning for a food support yet again, where we will be providing a healthy and nutritious lunch for the girls and their staff who are all working tirelessly hard for 2NE1’s CRUSH comeback.

To have an idea on what a food support is, these are some shots of the previous food support that we did (more here):

Lunch for 2NE1

Sandwich & Drinks for Staff

If you would like to join in with this support for the girls, and letting Minzy know that her fans have all come together to do a support under her name in the process, you can contribute through donations that can help to fund this support. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and of great help, no matter how big or small. Do check out the methods of donations below (:


Shoutout to all other Minzy fansites: If you would like to join us for this round of United Minzy Fans, please contact us as soon as possible! You would need to be able to raise USD $250 within 2 weeks. If this is possible for you, please contact us quickly either via Twitter (@theEROMAKNAE) or by commenting on this post.


  • Paypal –  Please send in all your donations via Paypal to
  • Western Union –  Please send in an email to or mention @theEROMAKNE on Twitter for further details
  • Bank Transfer (Singapore) – Kindly mention @zeenatix on Twitter for further details

UMF have previously conducted joint supports for  2NE1’s I Love You Comeback, 2012 New Evolution Concert, 2013 Comeback & Minzy’s 21st birthday too. Do join in with us again for this round!

Minjas Unite ♥


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