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[NEWS] 140403 2NE1’s leader CL reveals Minzy talks loudly when drunk


2NE1′s leader CL chose Minzy as the member who drinks a lot.

On April 3rd, 2NE1 appeared as guests on MBC  radio show ‘FM4U’.

On the radio broadcast, DJ Kim Shin Young asked the members if they drink alcohol well and Sandara Park jokingly said “I feel like drinking alcohol lately. Bring out the alcohol!” causing everyone to burst into laughter. When the DJ asked who among them drinks a lot, CL replied “It’s Minzy who has good stamina”.

Kim Shin Young continued “Was there a time that Minzy acted weirdly because she’s drunk?” and CL answered “Nothing special. Her voice just gets really loud. I don’t normally drink. I’m the style who drinks just when having fun” while Minzy added “I drink just when President Yang Hyun Suk advise us to”.

Source: Nate News
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