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[VIDEOS] 140403 2NE1 performs ‘Come Back Home’ & ‘Gotta Be You’ Live on MBC Radio Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song

Come Back Home

Gotta Be You

Some Translations to part of the girls’ talk during the radio show:

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?  Do you want to work or vacation?
CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.
Minzy: I do want a vacation, but… I want to travel the world. Go to Europe or US…
BOM: I like working for now. Trying new things like variety show (Roommate).

Last keyword is “Goo Hara.”
KSY: Minzy? Same hometown from Kwangju?
Minzy: Yes. We are both from Gwangju and went to the samedance school. She says she remembers me but I don’t remember her much in school… I don’t remember her much because I was little/young back then.

KSY: You were famous before huh?
Minzy: A little? *everyone laughs*
KSY: I bet you were.

Dara: Minzy is a member who got casted (didn’t audition).
KSY: How’d you get casted?
Minzy: Someone uploaded a vid of me dancing.

KSY: Who drinks alcohol best?
CL: Ofc, well-fit maknae, Gong Minzy.
KSY: What are her drinking habits?
CL: Her voice gets louder.

Minzy’s Drinking Habits
CL: Her voice gets louder.
Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

CL: I actually have a lot of aegyo.
KSY: Even on 2NE1TV.
CL: But my aegyo is different. I like to scream…It’s like a baby boy’s aegyo.
Minzy: She has her own way of doing aegyo.
KSY: Can you imitate?
CL: CL: People think we’re weird.. People tease us coz of our aegyo.

I am the best at ____ in our group!
Minzy: Dance!

CEO’s favorite group is 2NE1, yes or no?
Bom: No! These days he focuses on Winner, and there is Big Bang too.

CL: Can we do this again?
Minzy: Can we have a rematch?
KSY: Come back next week.

Idol group that you want to collaborate with?
Minzy: Focus on 2NE1!
CL: It’s only our 2nd album, I think we need to focus on 2NE1.

KSY: What about Minzy Gong?
#2NE1: *laughs* Minzy Gong?
Minzy: Time went by so fast, I’ll remember grandma.
(referring to a segment Kim Shin Young did at the beginning of the radio)

Uploaded by: EROMAKNAE
Translations by: @kjop21_ @kristinekwak


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