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[NEWS] 140506 Minzy garners attention with her rising beauty ‘Lively cutie’ (w/ Netizen Comments)


Girl group 2NE1’s Gong Minzy reaveled her rising beauty with her cute style.

On the 5th (May), Gong Minzy uploaded onto her own Twitter a message saying “YG Family concert, 2NE1, New hair style, Tokyo Dome” together with a picture. In the picture, we can see Gong Minzy with her hair styled into a high pony tail and a cute make up. Her style is completed by her great V line and her cute pose, showing off the cuteness of a girl group.

Netizens who saw this picture reacted : “Gong Minzy’s beauty is like rising water“, “This hairstyle suits her well too“, “What is her recipe of becoming prettier day by day?”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 participated at YG FAMILY concert in Tokyo, Japan, on May 3rd and 4th.

This article on Naver had 600+ comments with the top comment having 2722+ upvotes. Here, we are translating the top 10 comments by netizens on this article.

Netizen Comments (Naver)

  • (+2722 -313) If you look at stars, before they had work done, they didn’t upload selcas (T/N: Minzy uploaded a LOT even before though lol), but every time they change something, they upload selcas very often keke
  • (+1972 -166) She really became prettier
  • (+1408 -64) Sometimes when I see this kind of article, I think they’re Gong Minzy’s anti.
  • (+1276 -51) She even put hair extensions, looking greatly feminine
  • (+1277 -135) Whoah what she did really work out
  • (+327 -23) Your face changes that much by doing your nose??? Anyway she’s way prettier than before, you did well!!
  • (+309 -20) She is not only attending her class,  but I heard she is also really studying hard. On the day of M Countdown, she even went to all her classes, it’s sad she get bad comments just because of her looks.
  • (+305 -49) Gong Minzy is really kind. Not only on TV, she is really kind in real life. You can’t attack her on anything but her face… So you should go look in the mirror and come back because in my eyes she is pretty.
  • ( +244 -21) She’s not doing like those stars who don’t even attend their university, she’s a humble star who goes to class
  • (+230 -23) Some comments are scary! Be strong. You’re still so young, don’t read the comments.

Another similar article on Nate had 83 comments, with the top comment having 500+ votes. The comments have been translated by The Blackjack Table, a site that translates Netizen Comments on 2NE1.

Netizen Comments (Nate)

  • (+508, -64) Gong Minzy is my favorite in 2NE1. Her voice is so relaxing and niceㅎㅎ And when she dances. Her stage presence is just as good as CL. She can rap, sing, and dance, daebak
  • (+415, -53) It’s true she really got prettier and cuter. Personally, I like Gong Minzy’s voice, too. She dances very well and even though she’s young, she’s so charming! There are many pretty celebs but Gong Minzy has her own style of personality and charm
  • (+28, -19) She got a lot prettier but honestly, some girls in the streets are prettier
  • (+20, -8) I love seeing you get prettier as time goes by! Fighting Gong Minzy!♥♥
  • (+17, -10) You all look like Gong Minzy
  • (+16, -14) Sorry… she’s ugly… So-so…
  • (+15, -3) If you compared Gong Minzy when she just debuted and the her now, she really did get prettier; but as you keep looking at her, she gets prettier.
  • (+14, -5) I think as long as the surgery gave her confidence and she doesn’t overdo it, then it’s fine
  • (+14, -6) Pulling her bangs back is better. Much prettier

Source : OSEN & NATE
Translated by : LENA@EROMAKNAE & The Blackjack Table


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