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[ARTICLE] 140521 American Billboard highlights 2NE1’s ‘Top 5 Must See Music Videos’ in celebration of 5th Anniversary

美 빌보드, 2NE1 데뷔 5주년 기념 '뮤비 톱5' 집중 조명

Billboard, an Anglo-American music website, has selected top 5 must-see music videos of 2NE1, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of 2NE1’s debut.

2NE1 has celebrated the 5th anniversary of their debut on the 17 this month. Billboard covered 2NE1 and said, “The quartet mixed hip-hop and dance, blended diva belts with quick-spit rapping, each single always accompanied by an incredible visual.” Billboard went on to say, “2NE1′s high-quality tunes and videos have resonated with viewers in America too with the group currently holding the U.S. record for highest-charting and best first-week sales for K-pop albums”.

The first music video ranked in Top 5 is “FIRE”, 2NE1’s debut song released in May, 2009. Billboard introduces the video, saying, “” Fire” opens with leader CL donning futuristic, LED-display sunglasses before the pulsing synths and rumbling percussion kick in. With costumes that straddled the line of sexy and bizarre”. It goes on to highlight the visual of the video, “see CL’s cutout catsuit, Bom’s Playboy-bunny look”. Also, Billboard is giving a rave review to 2NE1’s style, saying, “2NE1 shone not only for their fearless video style, but as a fun alternative to the glamorous and cutie-pie female acts”.

Then, No.4 among Top 5 is “DO YOU LOVE ME”, a single released in August last year. Billboard is introducing the video of “DO YOU LOVE ME”, saying, “No ridiculous sets or costumes, just the girls goofing off at a pool party, in the car and inside a club. Filmed with its Instagram-esque filter, it felt like the viewers were hanging right there with the band. It was a fun, rare experience for fans to see the quartet stripped of the gloss and display their personalities at the forefront”.

No.3 is “CAN’T NOBODY”, which was released in September, 2010. Billboard refers to the video, “When “Can’t Nobody” hit YouTube in 2010, fans saw 2NE1 up their swagger to the next degree. The visuals were more detailed…. It also felt like we could get to know the members’ personalities more…..”

Top 2 is the video of “MISSING YOU”, a single that was released in November last year. According to Billboard’s expression, “Again in 2013, the outfit revealed their softer side via this winter ballad single”. Billboard explains, “While 2012 electro-ballad “I Love You” also ranks high on 2NE1′s top visuals, the simplistic style of “Missing You” trumps for making an emotionally jarring experience”. It also catches eyes by saying, “The climax of the video undoubtedly when CL bares all for the camera, covering herself with only her arms and legs, as a stunning visual metaphor for the track’s stirring raw sentiment”.

Lastly, the No.1 selected by Billboard is the video of “I AM THE BEST” which was disclosed in June, 2011. Billboard says, “Throughout all the looks, styles and sound, none seem to define 2NE1 as much as “I Am the Best.” Then, it adds, “The visual to what might arguably be their signature song has more than 90 million views on YouTube… If the “Fire” video was the initial promise to fans that 2NE1 would always bring it visually, “I Am the Best” is perhaps the girls’ best fulfillment of that…so far.”

Meanwhile, celebrating the 5th anniversary of their debut, 2NE1 holds a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 24 this month, to meet local fans.

Source: My Daily News
Translations from: YG-Life


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