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[VIDEO] 140530 DJ Dara & Special Guest CL mentions Minzy on Volume Up Radio

NOTE: Dara became a special DJ for Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio from May 26 – June 1st as a replacement for Yoo In Na who went to China to film for a movie. On May 30th’s radio show where CL was a special guest, the two unnies mentioned Minzy when a listener sent in a question asking if Minzy was going to guest on the radio too.

@29:52 onwards

@WeLoveDara: Aww, listener asked whether Minzy would come since Bom & CL have come too. But since Minzy is too busy with classes lately, she can’t 😦 Dara said, if there is another opportunity, Minzy should come too. Besides it’s the last watching day >.<

@MyPeas_: Minzy, or maknae is really busy these days. With school. She leaves really early in the morning. But she’s well.

@TheBaddestGZB: The 2 unnies said Minzy went to school early in the morning and come back late at night.

Source: lotsquared t.
Translations by: WeLoveDara, MyPeas_, TheBaddestGZB


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