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[PHOTOS] 140608 More Fantakens of Minzy at 2NE1’s AON Concert in Indonesia

NOTE: Fantakens of 2NE1 at AON Indonesia found here. Batch 1 | 2 of HQ Press Photos found in respective  links. Batch 1 | 2  of MQ/LQ press photos found in respective links.


pressroomid2jakartapost SONY DSCbloshitup5bloshitup1bloshitup2bloshitup4bloshitup6bloshitup7bloshitup8bloshitup9bloshitup10bloshitup11bloshitup12hellosasyachi.1 hellosasyachi.2 hellosasyachi.3 hellosasyachi.4 hellosasyachi.5 hellosasyachi.6 hellosasyachi.7 hellosasyachi.8 hellosasyachi.9 hellosasyachi.10 hellosasyachi.11 hellosasyachi.12 hellosasyachi.13

Source: anyaparamita, bloshitup, ellys_tan, haviezali, hellosasyachi, pressroomid


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