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COMPLETED PROJECT #9: UMF 2014 CRUSH Comeback Support


Congratulations 2NE1 on a successful and still ongoing comeback with the amazing CRUSH Album!! To celebrate the girls’ success, the UMF organizers (KONGMINZY.COM, EROMAKNAE & WeLoveMinzy) organized another round of UMF to send some love and support to our favourite girls, especially our Minzy. We have done the same thing previously before during 2NE1’s 2013 Do You Love Me Comeback ^^

In this round of UMF, thanks to all the amazing donors, we managed to organize a Food Support, made support message cards, bought some school supplies for the new college student Minzy, a tea set, and a basket of flowers too.

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the entire Comeback Support:






food1 food9 food16

For the 2NE1 members, we prepared for them Teriyaki Sandwich, Shrimp Salad, a box of crafted fruits & a bottle of VITAMINZY Water each. For the staff of about ~30 people, we prepared for them a Sandwich, a cup of fruits and a bottle of VITAMINZY Water each. More pictures of the food support can be seen here:

On that Inkigayo day, the girls had their pre-recording of Gotta Be You before the live show and then another pre-recording of Come Back Home after the live show for the next week’s Inkigayo. During that 2nd pre-recording, Minzy was asked by the Kongdot master if she had eaten anything yet, and Minzy answered “Yes, a sandwich” kk ^^



Because Minzy is our own vitamin source, Glaceau Vitamin water became Minzy Vitamin water – VITAMINZY Water! We wanted to give Minzy and her unnies some energy drinks as the girls have been having very long days of pre-recordings, a fansign event and interviews the last few days. Not to mention, Minzy has her own schedule of classes too. Hence, VITAMINZY Water was born ^-^ The labels were made by KONGMINZY.COM.



In addition, a bunch of bananas and four bottles of VITAMINZY Water was packaged to be given to Minzy’s family who’re always looking out for their own health too ^^



For our new college student Minzy, we got her some school supplies that every student needs – notebooks, pens, memo pads & files. In fact, after the whole support was delivered, a 2NE1 staff came out to inform Kongdot’s master that Minzy said thank you and that the school supplies were just what she needed keke. On the files & notebooks are also some cute stickers that were personally designed, printed out, and pasted on. Take a look at the designs of the stickers below:


teaset2 teaset


A tea gift set especially for Minzy. Minzy enjoys drinking tea, and hence we got for her this so she can have some sips of tea after a long hard day of either school or work. There are 30 teabags of different flavoured teas in total.





Messages of support and love for Minzy from fans were also collected to encourage her as she goes on and about with her career, school and personal life this year. The messages sent in from fans were extremely heartwarming to read, and hopefully Minzy finds them as heartwarming and encouraging as we find it too ^^



My one and only Minzy~♥ A basket of flowers can’t be missed out, and Minzy loves flowers anyways, so we got one especially for her ^-^







All of the support and gifts packaged and ready to be delivered at SBS Inkigayo on March 16th! A huge shoutout of thanks to Kongdot’s master for organizing and arranging all these ❤ ❤ ❤




confirmationshot3 confirmationshot3-1

Minzy, being the sweetheart that she is, also gave a confirmation shot, assuring us that the support has been safely delivered to her, thanking UMF in the process too ^^. According to the Kongdot master, Minzy was really quick in posting these out on her Instagram.  A few minutes after the Kongdot master saw Minzy’s update, the 2NE1 staff had just came out to relay the message of thanks from Minzy kk. Dougie also posted up a confirmation shot, assuring us that the support for the Gong Family got to them too ^^

KOREAN Version of the Comeback Support Notice:

On behalf of the UMF organizers, a huge thank you to ALL of you who’ve participated and supported us in this Comeback Support in one way or another. Thank you for always being there to help us spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7. Let’s always continue to do that  ❤

Much love,
EM Head Admins


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