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[NEWS] 140630 Channel News Asia: 2NE1’s Singapore gig a feast for the senses


SINGAPORE: Pyrotechnics, dazzling costumes and the singers’ strong vocals made for a spectacular show that had the 7,500-strong audience on its feet for nearly the entire duration of K-pop group 2NE1’s concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday.

2NE1’s CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom kicked off the evening with an energetic performance of their new song “Crush” followed by “Fire” and “Clap Your Hands”.

The ultra-enthusiastic audience continued to cheer when 2NE1 launched into ballads like “Missing You” and “Come Back Home”.

So many concert goers kept trying to get closer to the action that after a while, the ushers just gave up trying to herd them back into their seats.

The audience went absolutely crazy when 2NE1 brought four male fans on stage and danced suggestively around them in a special segment.

Screams of excitement erupted from the audience when Dara sat on one participant’s lap and held him close.

It was actually quite funny to see the men try their best to keep a straight face as CL and her group mates got up close and personal with them.

Unlike most K-pop concerts that often conclude with large amounts of stage effects and pageantry, 2NE1 ended their gig with a whole lot of fan interaction instead, after belting out a series of fan favourites like “I’m The Best”, “Gotta Be You” and “Do You Love Me”.

Dressed in comfortable T-shirts and pants, they made their way around the venue, shaking hands, waving and signing autographs for concert-goers, before returning to the stage and ending the night with “Can’t Nobody”.

2NE1’s Singapore concert, which was part of their All Or Nothing world tour, was a well-balanced show with a good mix of fast and slow numbers.

The K-pop group also kept things fresh by changing the tone of the show after every few songs.

Yet, the one thing that remained constant throughout the concert was their high energy level.

All four members performed with such passion and vigour that the audience could not help but sing along or even dance to the music.


While group leader CL is definitely the best showman of the group – she knew just what to say and do to create an electrifying atmosphere at the concert – Minzy also deserves praise for her amazing performance during the show.

She was quiet and reserved at the quartet’s media conference earlier in the day, but Minzy was like a completely different person when she got on stage.

The singer was full of youthful energy, seemed much more confident than she was when the group performed here two years ago, and flaunted her powerful vocals every chance she got.

Those who missed their show need probably won’t have to wait too long to see them again.

2NE1 said they would return “very soon” and dropped numerous hints they may be bringing their YG Entertainment label mates with them.



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