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[FANCAMS] 140628 2NE1 at AON Singapore (MINZY Focused) – Full + Fanaccount

NOTE: We  posted Part 1 of the fancams out last week, here is the full set of all the Minzy focused fancams. YT playlist of all the fancams here. Do watch all the videos in 1080P. Minzy ❤



Clap Your Hands

Pretty Boy + Don’t Stop The Music

Missing You

If I Were You

Talk + Come Back Home Unplugged

Talk + Ugly Remix

I Love You

Come Back Home

Gotta Be You + Do You Love Me

Minzy, Dara, Bom Talk before CL’s Solo


Talk + I Am The Best

Talk + I Don’t Care Rock Version

Go Away

Encore – Gotta Be You + Talk + Can’t Nobody

Just a small fanaccount about the concert from us: we just want to say that we think Minzy did really really well throughout this concert in Singapore, as she always does! Personally, we felt that although her vocals were still great the entire time, this concert in Singapore was actually not Minzy’s best vocal performance ever for the All Or Nothing Concert series – her vocal performance during the China concerts were exceptionally great – one of her best ever! However, her facial expressions were utterly AMAZING for this Singapore leg, which was so nice to witness live. Minzy was also radiating her utmost 110% 120% 150% confidence every time she was on that stage, it made us feel so proud seeing her perform in that manner. Special mention to Crush, Pretty Boy, Don’t Stop The Music, Scream, I Love You,  Gotta Be You & Do You Love Me performances for this as these are the fancams where you can see it most especially. Nevertheless, Minzy was still just amazingly awesome as always. We loved how the concert reviews for this Singapore concert especially picked out on her stronger performance and improved stage presence as compared to New Evolution in Singapore two years ago, which we totally agree with. It is always such a pleasure to witness Minzy always bringing her all on to the stage, and this concert was no exception. Y’all truly gotta catch the concert if the tour ever comes to your country ^^

Also, although we managed to capture almost everything else, we were unable to capture Lonely in video-form as that was when the girls unexpectedly entered the stadium via the audience entrance at the back and walked around the moshpit area to shake hands with the fans – it was a bit chaotic at that time. However, we did see that Minzy was continuously shaking hands with the fans in the moshpit area as well as waving to those who were not which was really heartwarming to see ❤ There is also some missing footage for some of the videos due to some security problems, which we apologise for. We hope you enjoy them all still nevertheless (:



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