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[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 on Taiwan’s CHOC Magazine – Full Interview (w/ HQ Scans)



Q: The sense of clothing varies differently whenever 2NE1 comes out, what kind of clothing concepts are to be portrayed for this album?
A: Although the four of us like street styled clothing, we still keep our own kind of style. For me, I dyed my hair red, wore red clothing bringing out a strong impression for everyone. CL was inspired by ferocious beasts such as Lion or Tiger and dressed in a queen-like street style dressing.

Q: Do you have any hobby or interest in private (off screen)~?
A: I have always loved to collect Gundam models!  I am devoted to collecting RC cars lately! My RC car knocked onto Dara’s leg by accident once when I was playing with it!

Q: With receiving the enthusiastic anticipations by fans and coming back again to perform in Taiwan, are there any preparations made that are different from last time?
A: In the promotional poster, 2NE1’s like four people staying in the universe and taking steps together to head to a place where we can shine. It’s like representing a fresh start! This promotional picture is the theme for the world tour as well as our new album! For the world tour this time round, the most special thing is that we are working with the world renowned choreographer, Travis Payne for our stages!!

Q: We have heard that you are really good in culinary. Please tell us the dish that you cook the best?
A: Due to the busy schedules, I have not been able to cook often. However, I am best at cooking Korean Cuisine, for example, Korean hotpot dishes or bean sprouts soup etc. Since I do not have a partner that I am dating, I will always cook for the members!

Q: Are you the type who will take the initiative to confess?
A: According to my personality, I am one who is energetic, so I think I will take the initiative to confess! However, I will not confess directly by saying “I like you”. Instead, I will use other methods to let the person know!

NOTE: Minzy has recently said that she’s donated her Gundam figures away, to those who loves Gundam but can’t afford to purchase it^^



Q: What was your reaction when you saw the dance choreography for the title song for the first time?
A: When I first saw the dance choreography for the first time, I thought to myself “Wow! How long will I need to take to memorize all of that?” However, seems like we practiced from 12am to around 3-4am and we were done! The dance for ‘COME BACK HOME’ is definitely fresh and unique that when people see the dance, it’s hard for them to forget it!

Q: Among the songs that are included in this album, which of the song is your most favourite?
A: To be honest, it is really hard to choose one song which is my favorite~ If you really want me to choose, it’ll be ‘GOOD TO YOU’ as the lyrics to the song allows people to relate and connect to! I really like the lyrics for this song too!

Q: If you could have a type of superpower, what superpower would you want to have?
A: There is a superpower that I would like to have but I am afraid that I’ll be mocked at if I say it out~ Actually, I want to have the power to become invisible! But people mocked me by saying that I wanted to sneakily go to the public bathroom!

Q: Do you have any thoughts on wanting to be an endorser for any type of branding?
A: I feel that I am an expert in driving! Although other people don’t seem to think the same way (laughs)~ Therefore, if you want to shoot any car-related commercials, you’re welcome to approach me!

Q: What kind of behavior/actions that a guy did will make you feel that this guy is really charming?
A: As it has been a long time since I’ve last dated… Therefore, when it comes to this kind of things, my reaction time is a little slow. I’m so worried that one day, if I really noticed a guy’s behavior/actions that’s really charming, I will not even feel anything (Laughs)!

Q: For this Taiwan trip, is there any food that you guys ate that made you want to eat it again or any tourist attractions that you’d like to visit?
A: That’ll be the pearl milk tea that I am drinking right now~ I also ate Ding Tai Fung’s fried rice just now! This time round, I really want to visit the place, Jiu Fen, which was featured in the animation ‘Spirited Away’. The scenery in the animation looks really beautiful so I would definitely visit Jiu Fen personally to have a look!



Q: What are your thoughts after releasing an album after four years or what is the specialty of the album this time?
A: CL is involved in composing the lyrics and melody for five songs in this album. In particular, our title song ‘COME BACK HOME’ is really nice to hear! We hope that everyone would like this album ‘CRUSH’ as it is filled with 2NE1’s personality and spirit!

Q: What is the best part of being one of the members of 2NE1?
A: Firstly, I feel the best part is that the relationship between the four of us is really good! Although each of us has different personalities and is different from one another, however, whenever we are together, it’s the best as I feel a sense of unity among us that we could sing and dance together!

Q: What is the most difficult part that you face as an artiste?
A: Because of the anticipations received from our fans, I have to frequently come up with new ideas and learn new things so that we will not disappoint the anticipation that our fans have given! For me, due to the high anticipations from fans, other than having the power to sing, I will also pay a lot of attention on my dressing and upgrade my fashion sense anytime!

Q: Is the performance costume similar to your type of style in private (off screen)?
A: Recently, I’ve felt that it is becoming more and more similar? Comparing to the past, I have grown to like clothes that can capture people’s attention now, therefore, it has become more and more similar to our performance costumes~!

Q: Your ideal type of guy?
A: Someone fashionable or is very serious in his work. Once I meet someone I like, I will not hesitate and pursue my love!!

Q: Do you have anything that you would like to say to the Taiwan fans?
A: Releasing our album ‘CRUSH’ after four years, all the songs are really nice! All of you in Taiwan thank you for your support! I hope everyone will continue to support us!!

Q: Talking about makeup techniques, the other members all thinks that Bom is the expert. When you are doing makeup, are there any parts that you particularly concentrate on or focus on?
A: As I pay more attention to the eyes, therefore, I will draw the eye line to make it more obvious. In Korean makeup, you can also focus on blusher too. Like Dara, she focuses more on blusher which looks more natural and allows the makeup to have the feel of appearing indistinctly.



Q: Upon receiving high anticipations from fans and coming to Taiwan again to perform, are there any preparations or feelings that are different from the past?
A: The most special is that we have prepared performances for our new songs, we will also have a brand new stage design and performances that are different from last time. We hope to bring out a new appearance for everyone!

Q: Among the members, is there anyone with any fun or weird habits?
A: Um…it’s really difficult to choose as there is too much~ All of us are not normal (laughs). Like Bom, she has this unique hand gesture when she talks, her hands will be doing a wave dance while she’s talking~!

Q: Heard that people feel a little afraid after seeing your charismatic appearance?
A: I think so~ But I don’t think I’m like that~? I actually love doing aegyo but doing it in a unique way. It’s similar to how guys does ageyo, that kind of feeling.

Q: There is a wide variation for the age and personalities of the members, as the leader, what is the aspect that you think you have to take care of the most?
A: Everyone’s age is very different but I am considered the middle among the ages, so I will gather the opinions of everyone, as I think this is the thing that I should do!

Q: Other than music, is there anything that you would like to be?
A: I would like to become someone’s wife and give birth to children. But I also feel it is something that I could do in the future, therefore, other than that, I don’t think there is anything special that I want to do. For now, I think that music is my all!


Source: Demon_Bom Weibo
Translated by: Mingkka@EROMAKNAE.COM


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