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[INFO] 140820 Minzy receives a scholarship amidst her busy schedule of promotions & concerts

NOTE: Minzy’s sister, Minyoung, shared the good news to everyone about Minzy receiving a scholarship from her university! It’s certainly an admirable achievement considering Minzy had full-scale promotions for CRUSH Album & 2NE1’s All Or Nothing Tour during her first semester! Not only that, she also received A’s on her final exams. Admirable Mingkki  We’re so proud of her!


기특이가 또 기특한 일을 해냈네요..진짜 콘서트다 투어다 많이 바빴을 텐데..언제나 응원해~!! 기특이

“The admirable worked admirably again.. Although she was very busy with concerts and tour.. Always cheering for you~!! So admirable

Source: Minzy’s Sister’s Twitter
Translated by: LENA@EROMAKNAE


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