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[ARTICLE] 140902 Minzy is turning heads with her new pink ‘do & chic style


2NE1’s Minzy has been turning heads lately, not only with her pink ‘do, but also for her new, feminine style. One particular post on Nate under the title, “The amazing Minzy who is not the Minzy I used to know,” is gaining interest as it features pictures of Minzy’s sophisticated look at the Incheon International Airport on August 29.

Photos from:

With her long, luscious locks, cute, A-line blue dress, chic black and white purse, and studded black and white sandals to match, Minzy ditches her old hip hop image for something girlier, while still maintaining that classic 2NE1-badass aura. The results are cute, but the change itself is definitely a great surprise.

Here’s some more eye candy of her new look from fan-taken pictures and Minzy’s ownInstagram.

Dayum girllll… #TransformationTuesday anyone? 



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