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[NEWS] 141109 2NE1’s Minzy performs ‘Happen Ending’ with Epik High on Inkigayo + KNetizen Comments

On the November 9th episode of SBS InkigayoEpik High performed their hit track, “Happen Ending,” with their new featured female artist, Minzy from2NE1!

After the original artist Joe Wonsun, AKMU’s Suhyun, and Lee Hi all performed the song alongside Epik High, it was Minzy’s turn to feature on Epik High’s “Happen Ending”!

Before the song started, Tablo told Mithra Jin, “Let me summarize ‘Happen Ending’ for you in three words. Hello… Goodbye… The end” which evoked emotion for the song before it even began to play. Then, Minzy of 2NE1 appeared showing off her beauty along with her emotional vocals that added to the atmosphere of the song. Their performance was touching, and grabbed the attention of everyone present in the audience and those watching live at home.

Epik High has been receiving acclamation for their recent album, rising to the top of the charts and winning first on M! Countdown, their first win in six years!

“Happen Ending” is a song about a break-up, and contains lyrics that seem blunt but serve to console those who feel hurt by saying farewell to their loved ones.

After the performance, Minzy trended on both Naver & Nate real-time searches, reaching No.1 on Naver’s Real-Time search. The keywords “Epik High Gong Minzy” also trended on Nate.

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KNetizen Comments

Article: ‘Inkigayo’ Gong Minzy supports Epik High ‘mature new beauty’
Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+11,079, -125] Wow, thought she was someone else ㅋㅋ
2. [+11,283, -488] Didn’t she honestly get prettier, though? Not that she’s pretty but she’s prettier compared to before.. ㅋㅋ..
3. [+7,599, -132] Didn’t realize that was Gong Minzy…
4. [+7,625, -1,443] Does she use the same clinic as Park Bom
5. [+5,817, -941] What happened to her face.
6. [+1,138, -59] I think she got just the right amount of work done. I hope she doesn’t get more.
7. [+1,135, -185] So much bad press on Gong Minzy because of association to Park Bom. She’s always been known to be a hard working student at school and she’s got great vocal talent. Why is it so hard for people to just say she got prettier after she got her nose done and lost weight? She really did get prettier.
8. [+930, -44] Looks so much better with the work done… just don’t get anymore~
9. [+790, -44] Seems she just lost some weight after getting her nose done
10. [+743, -19] Anything in moderation is okay… let’s not get any more work done

Source: MyDaily
Translated by: Koreaboo & NetizenBuzz


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