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[NEWS] 141113 2NE1 wins 2 awards on Melon Music Awards 2014 along with fellow YG Labelmates

YG ENTERTAINMENT won 7 trophies at ‘MelOn Music Awards (MMA) 2014.’

At the MMA 2014, which took place at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul in the afternoon of Nov. 13th, TAEYANG, WINNER and AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) won two awards each, demonstrating the power of the entertainment agency. 2NE1, a girl group produced by YG, was also selected as one of the Top 10 artists, getting 7 trophies into the hands of YG.

TAEYANG’s song was selected as the Song of the Year, which is the 1st prize for soloist albums, and was included among the Top 10 artists, proving his presence and popularity as a musician. “I am so happy to receive these valuable awards,” said TAEYANG. “Many people around me have helped me produce this album and the songs in it. I would like to extend my gratitude to YG’s main producer YANG HYUN SUK.” TAEYANG has been recognized not just as a member of BIGBANG, but also as a soloist.

Two new groups produced by YG have stood out as well. WINNER was given the Newcomer Award and was selected as one of the Top 10 artists. “We are really grateful to receive the award that is given only once in lifetime,” said the boy group. “We appreciate our main producer YANG HYUN SUK, who created WINNER, and we are also thankful to our fans. Actually, we dreamed of saying thank you to all these people at an award ceremony. Now our dreams have come true. We thank our agency and fans. This year has been a golden year for us. Thank you.”

AKMU was also selected as one of the Top 10 artists and received a Music Style award for the folk genre. “We are thrilled and happy to be able to perform on this stage,” said the member of AKMU. “We are going to do our best to write good songs. We hope that you would find comfort in our songs.”


2NE1 was not able to attend the ceremony, but was included in the Top 10 artists. AKMU received the trophy on their behalf and offered their congratulations. Soohyun: “Ah, 2NE1 seniors, we sincerely congratulate you and we’ll be sure to deliver this award well. Congratulations!timthemolecule They also won the Best Electronica Award for Come Back Home, although there was no award presentation shown at the award ceremony.

YG’s artists who made a comeback or debut this year have all dominated the local music websites. TAEYANG, 2NE1 and newcomers like AKMU and WINNER all have done very well with their albums on major music charts. The MMA 2014 was an opportunity to demonstrate the power of YG ENTERTAINMENT, which has produced a number of quality albums and songs this year.

Source: YG-Life
Screencaps by: AKMU_news & WeLoveBom


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