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[NEWS] 141119 Block B’s Zico expresses wish to do a duet with 2NE1’s Minzy


Rapper from group Block B, Zico has revealed his wish to collaborate with 2NE1′s Minzy through an interview with Star1.

When he was asked if there is any female singer he wants to collaborate with, Zico answered it without any hesitation.

I want to have duet with 2NE1′s Minzy,” he said with a fixed look on his eyes.

The idol who was once famous as underground rapper also revealed his tiredness from the stalker fans.

“They adding my stress level. They brings trouble not only to us, but their act also affect people around us,” he expresses when he asked about his recent concern for his stalker.

The full article with BlockB and their life will be released on November 21, through the December issue of Star1.


Block B once again brought out their playful and goofy nature during a photoshoot with ‘@star1’!

In addition to the preview cuts released for the upcoming issue, the magazine also shared some snippets from their interview with the boys. When asked, “Do you have a female artist whom you want to do a duet with?“, Zico answered, “2NE1’s Minzy,” without hesitation. According to the magazine, other members chimed in with varying answers like IU, Byul, and no comment.

When also asked about the growing voice of warning against sasaeng fans, Park Kyung shared, “We receive stress to the point that it inhibits our personal lives… There is also the possibility of them causing harm or inconvenience to those around us.”

The December issue of ‘@star1’ will be released on November 21st, and it will contain more from their interview and their full pictorial, so get yourself a copy!



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