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Celebrate Minzy’s 22nd Birthday together with us on January 18 @ 12AMKST! #MinzyIs2NE2

Hello Blackjacks & all Minzy lovers!

January 18 is fast approaching – the day our dearest girl is turning 22 (Korean Age)

For those who have been with Minzy since the moment 2NE1 debuted, or even before that when she was a trainee, it is hard to believe that our baby girl is all grown up now eh? The young gangly-looking 16 year-old who was seen giving some pop&lock in “Lollipop” and fierce charismatic chest pumps & splits in “Fire”, is now a mature & beautiful 22 year-old young lady whose talents are still growing & wow-ing us all to this very day. Minzy has grown up so much the past 6 years, and oh boy, she has grown up well wouldn’t you agree?

In lieu of Minzy’s 22nd birthday, there are a few ways in which we are going to celebrate this day. Read on to find out and come join in with us!!



Join us in trending #MinzyIs2NE2 at 12AM KST on January 18 on Twitter!  Be it whether you are an old or new fan who have discovered the treasure that is Gong Minzy, let us all come together on this day to wish our girl the best of birthdays! Take this moment also to spread the Minzy love & bask in it together.

All those with private Twitter accounts, remember to unlock your accounts so that your hashtags will be considered for the trending. Include the hashtag in every tweet you make, but do not spam it in one single tweet. Continue tweeting till we manage to get it trending! Have fun!

“Twitter & Instagram DP Event”


If you are on Twitter or Instagram, do switch your display pictures to that of the design above at 12AM KST too! That way, when you leave birthday wishes to Minzy on her Twitter (@mingkki21) or Instagram (@_minzy_mz), she will be able to see how we’re all celebrating this birthday of hers.

“Paws Up For Minzy”


The birthday project to help save abandoned dogs from being euthanized, jointly organized by GLOBALMINZY & EROMAKNAE, has also successfully come to a close, with us hitting more than our targeted goal of USD $500 in donations. All the donations made will be forwarded to Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (BAPS) under Minzy’s name. In commemoration, BAPS will also be naming one of the dogs that everyone has helped to save, after Minzy. We will be revealing photos of the puppy, named “Minzi”, on this day too. Do be on the lookout for it.

So, don’t forget to join us in doing these few things in less than 24 hours’ time:

  • Use the hashtag #MinzyIs2NE2 on January 18 @ 12AM KST for trending purposes. Online Countdown Timer [x]
  • Change your Twitter & Instagram Display Pictures
  • Most importantly, wish Minzy a happy 22nd birthday & spread the Minzy love!

Always continue spreading the Minzy love everyone!


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