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For the past one month, GLOBALMINZY & EROMAKNAE have been coming together to organize a birthday support for Minzy. This year for Minzy’s 22nd birthday, instead of the usual gifts-giving, we were raising donations for a dog shelter – Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (BAPS) – who are a privately run independent dog sanctuary that has been providing a home for abandoned dogs in South Korea since 2008. As explained much further in detail in the project post on GlobalMinzy’s website, all of the donations made goes towards helping to save these abandoned dogs from being euthanized.

Our targeted donation goal for this project was USD $500. However, thanks to all the generous Blackjacks out there, we managed to surpass our target goal, with a total of USD $583 accumulated. And just earlier today on January 18, we have successfully sent the donations over to BAPS under Minzy’s name.

BAPS are also officially acknowledging this project by naming one of the dogs that we have managed to help, after Minzy’s name. Everybody, meet Minzi!


About 6-9 months old, Minzi is “cheerful & happy all the time!” – BAPS Founder

Minzi just went home to a foster family today (January 18) so she will be in good care from now on. We have also been informed that she will be getting spayed in a few weeks too. You can see more photos of Minzi in this Facebook album (Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary). Below are a few photos of Minzi with her new family.



Minzi with her new family

Earlier today (January 18), BAPS was also holding one of their regular volunteer dog walking sessions. Together with the volunteers & the dogs, they took a picture holding up an acknowledgement banner thanking Minzy & us “United Minzy Fans” who have all come together for this meaningful project.


Can you spot Minzi in this picture? She’s the one at the top right corner!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary (BAPS) for giving us this opportunity to do a meaningful deed on behalf of Minzy who is a huge dog lover herself, and for all the communication & help they have provided us.

This project would also have not been a success if not for all those who have contributed your donations to help save the dogs at BAPS. So, from the bottom of our hearts, a huge sound of thanks to all you amazing people! We cannot thank you enough.

  • Fadilah Jusu Nur
  • Samantha Mercado (@smsisita)
  • Philip Gee (@NoljaBlackjack)
  • Chandrika Pangtey
  • Thelma Liongson (@mama_wowa)
  • Brenda Villegas
  • Karen Cabalquinto (@2yene1)
  • Justine Pirotte
  • We Love Dara (@WeLoveDara)
  • Sandra Marie Llarenas (@minzylicious)
  • Ngoc Anh Le (mooniexxi)
  • Tyler Ford
  • @omgminzy
  • @teddyoppar
  • @just2ne1_

You might also be pleased to know that Minzy is fully aware of this project, and has acknowledged it in her own way too by liking various Instagram posts about this project! Great job everyone!


It has been a pleasure for us to organize this meaningful project in lieu of Minzy’s 22nd Birthday. Let us all always continue do good deeds, just like how Minzy does too!

Minzy’s 22nd birthday has been celebrated meaningfully and in high spirits! Do check out this next post about all the celebrations that were going on when we were celebrating Minzy’s 22nd birthday!




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