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✮ Various Celebrations For Minzy’s 22nd Birthday! #MinzyIs2NE2


Happy Birthday to this amazingly talented young lady named Gong Minzy (공민지)


The moment it turned January 18 in South Korea, celebrations for Minzy’s 22nd birthday kicked off too! The birthday hashtag that was chosen by most, #MinzyIs2NE2, was enthusiastically used by so many people this early morning! The hashtag trended at No.1 Worldwide 30 minutes after 12AM KST, lasting for more than a couple of hours on the Worldwide Trendlist! The term ‘Happy Birthday Minzy’ also made it into the Worldwide Trends during the trending event, evident of how many people were wishing our darling girl the happiest of birthdays.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.54.08 pm

Many were also using the DP that GlobalMinzy designed for Twitter & Instagram while leaving birthday wishes for her and while spreading the Minzy love. It is to our pleasure to see that Minzy also liked the design on Global Minzy’s Instagram!! We really hope she felt all the love that was pouring in from all those who love her on this special day of hers ❤

Take some time to check out the completed results of the joint birthday support by GLOBAL MINZY  & EROMAKNAE for Minzy’s 22nd Birthday on this post, and meet the puppy named after Minzy, “Minzi”, too!



There were various celebrations going around the world too in celebration of Minzy’s birthday. Before the trending event started at January 18 12AM KST, the Singapore Blackjack Crew (@sgbjcrew) organized a 3KM run for Blackjacks! Inspired by our forever fit maknae, these Singapore Blackjacks came down to run a total of 3KM together at the Singapore Sports Hub. They presented the runners with a special #RUNforMinzy badge & even did the signature Hwangssabu Rules pose keke. Check out their Twitter page (@sgbjcrew) for more photos! Such a meaningful event held together in lieu of Minzy’s birthday. Good job Singapore Blackjacks!


kongdotbirthday1 kongdotbirthday2 kongdotbirthday3

Minzy’s Korean fansite, KONGDOT (@kongminzy_com), held a birthday party celebration on January 18 too to celebrate Minzy’s 22nd Birthday together. Minzy is currently in L.A, but this precious sweetheart actually prepared and sent down pizza, chicken & cake for the Korean Blackjacks who attended the party! She might be far in distance from them, but definitely not far from heart. Gong Minzy, the artist who always has fans in her heart ♥



Mexican Blackjacks also came down together to celebrate Minzy’s 22nd birthday in a club, in representative of our Dancing Machine’s power. According to @ASLADIES2NE1MEX, the Blackjacks who came down “do know how to have a party” and that despite the heat inside the place, the atmosphere at the party “made it impossible to leave it“. We hope you guys had a fun time Mexican Blackjacks!!



If there was a party held in South Korea and Mexico, there was one held in Vietnam as well. Vietnamese Blackjacks held their own birthday party to celebrate Minzy’s 22nd birthday too and they even made this beautiful cake with Minzy’s face on it! Check it out on @minjasvn!

Vietnamese Blackjacks blowing out the Minzy cake at their birthday party!


It was so lovely to see how so many people were celebrating Minzy’s 22nd birthday to the fullest. Even up till now, we can spot various individuals still celebrating it and still wishing Minzy a happy birthday. We truly hope Minzy enjoyed her birthday to the fullest, and that she felt all the love that was pouring in for her.

With another year that has gone by since her 2NE1st birthday, Minzy is now welcoming in another year at the age of 22. We wish for her another year full of happiness, success, good health and lots of love always. We, Minzy Fans, will always be there supporting her. Will you too? Let’s all always continue spreading the Minzy love everybody!

Spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7!



3 thoughts on “✮ Various Celebrations For Minzy’s 22nd Birthday! #MinzyIs2NE2”

  1. That’s awesome! I wish I had a party too, too bad I don’t know any Blackjacks ㅠㅠ
    Anyway, happy birthday to our baby girl ♥

  2. Hello there..Can I be an admin on twitter please?? I am blackjack since 2009 and One of my favorites members are Minzy. I am active everyday..Also I am the owner of many 2NE1 addict and 2NE1 blackjack that have already +290K.
    I hope you can reply back to me..thanks💖

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