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[INSTAGRAM] 160130 Minzy with Luna & Amber at f(x)’s 1st solo concert

With Luna and Amber having attended 2NE1’s concert a couple of times to lend support to Minzy, it is of no surprise that Minzy does the same back when f(x) held their 1st ever solo concert in Seoul in January this year.


Minzy: “Ah, our pretty Sunyoung-ie. My heart is beating ‘Sunyoung, Sunyoung’ haha @hermosavidaluna So pretty♡ #dimension”


Luna: “My dear friend, kkong-kkong Minji😘The one who postponed all her schedules and the first one who came to my first solo concert, Minji… (She) gave me the most beautiful flowers and presented a heart.. I will work harder in order to repay the people whom I am really thankful to…… I love you Minji💕And to the fans who were together with f(x) today, I love you!”


Amber: “Thanks for coming out everyone!! LAST DAY TOMORROW LET’S GO! #dimension4”

Source: Minzy, Luna & Amber’s Instagram
Translated by: EROMAKNAE


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